After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Zhang Zhiyin went to find Shang Si to report on the progress of Team 2’s work in the past week.

“Street 7 to 11 has been cleaned up, for the next phase, we will focus on checking the interior of the buildings on both sides of Street 7… At the junction of Street 7 and Street 10, there is a large commercial area with a high density of zombies. It is necessary to seek for support…”

Shang Si had been staring at him all the time, who knew whether he had heard anything or not.

Zhang Zhiyin said, “Do you still have anything, Deputy Manager? If there is nothing, I’m leaving.”

Shang Si: “… Tell me about the person you like.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…” A horrible idea popped up in his mind — this person couldn’t have fallen in love with boss because of his description, would he? That’s why he had been constantly asking him to tell him.

Seeing that he wasn’t talking, Shang Si asked in more detail: “For example, if you were with him in the future, what color pajamas would you prepare for him?”

Zhang Zhiyin looked at him doubtfully. “Are you all right, Deputy Manager?”

Shang Si: “Fine.” He was just curious, so he was asking in advance.

When Zhang Zhiyin left for dinner, Shang Si quickly took off the coat and hung them on the hanger before following after him. He continued to persevere in his inquiries, “Zhiyin… Will you cook for him?”

Zhang Zhiyin really thought about it this time: “I can’t cook, but if he wants to eat, I can learn.” He ate his own lunch in the company every day, and for dinner, he would just buy some food to eat. At most, he knew how to cook instant noodles, scrambled eggs and porridge.

Shang Si stopped talking.

When Zhang Zhiyin turned his head over, he saw his strange and secretly happy expression— his whole face still looked blank, but his head was quietly raised, the corner of his mouth also arched a little upward, looking like he was very proud.

As he approached the canteen, Shang Si said, “If he goes to see you… Would you let him sleep in bed with you…?”

For some reason, Zhang Zhiyin heard a faint inquiry and nervousness in his flat and calm voice.

But how did this had anything to do with Shang Si?!

He couldn’t help it any longer. He wasn’t even going to eat anymore. He turned to Shang Si and said, “Come with me, Deputy Manager Shang.”

Shang Si didn’t ask anything, he just followed.

Baiyi Battlefront Station 7 was built on the outskirts of the city. They were small in scale but highly mobile. All the personnel could be transferred quickly at any time. Baiyin Station 5, 6, and 8 could also provide support when necessary.

At present, the task of Station 7 was to gradually clean up the long-abandoned Muwo City from the south while Baiyin Station 3 would clear up from the north until both of them met. Station 7 was now stationed closely to Muwo City, if you walked along the highway for ten minutes you could see the ruined toll station.

The interior of the city was a restricted zone.

But Zhang Zhiyin didn’t care about this. Recently, he had brought his team here many times. The area near the toll station had long been cleaned up by the ability users from Station 7 who repeatedly came and go to this area.

If he were to fight with Shang Si, he should certainly choose a place far from the base.

Following along the main road after entering the toll booth and then turning right would be Street 7, which was the area Zhang Zhiying and his team was in charge of. With the shelter of the buildings here, he did not think anyone would discover their fight.

Zhang Zhiyin threw two ice sphere directly at him: “This is to return you for that first time.”

“Also, I hope you can make it clear what you really want to do, and I, I will not let you play with me as you wish.”

Shang Si stood there not knowing what was happening, he just let him throw the ice spheres at him. He replied, “Oh.”

Zhi Yin got angry… How cute…

He looks so cute even when he is throwing ice spheres around.

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t know what the other party was thinking. He said straightforwardly, “Let’s have a fight. If I win, Shang Si, please listen to me in the future.”

I’ll listen to you even if you lose. Shang Si nodded and he did not fight back, he just continued to be beaten.

Zhang Zhiyin frowned: “fight back.”

Shang Si shook its head and tried to put on what it thought was the most sincere expression: “I can’t beat you.”

In the face of such a stubborn opponent, there was nothing Zhang Zhiyin could do. So, he abandoned the usage of his ability and directly lifted his fist. After all, abilities were powerful. If Shang Si insisted on not fighting back, he could get seriously injured if they were careless.

If he knew that they wouldn’t be using their abilities to fight, he wouldn’t have come so far in order to conceal the effect of their abilities.

Shang Si was happy to receive his punch and fell to the ground. He even pulled Zhang Zhiyin along with him to his embrace.

He looked at Zhang Zhiyin in silence with those black eyes that looked very pure. His gaze met his and he asked, “Zhiyin, don’t you all have a sentence called ‘Hitting is spoiling, scolding is love’?”

Zhang Zhiyin was completely discouraged. He got up by pressing his hands on Shang Si’s chest, turned around, and then left.

In fact, after so long, he realized that Shang Si was not bad, in fact, he was simply excessively innocent and he gave a sense of ignorance of the society ⁠— whoever made him unhappy; he would send a Thunderball, whomever he liked; he would obediently let them hit him.

But some of his actions really upset Zhang Zhiyin ⁠— he thought he was Yin Nian ah?

Suddenly he felt alarmed, and a vague idea flew into his heart.

Zhang Zhiyin looked back unconsciously, and the man had already stood up. He stood behind him with his head down slightly. His figure was tall and slender, his facial features remained unclear.

It seemed like he had been waiting there for a long time.

Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t help but voluntarily walk back to him.

Shang Si looked up. Their eyes collided.

Zhang Zhiyin awkwardly shifted his eyes and scolded himself for thinking nonsensically. How could he suddenly feel that Shang Si was Boss? Besides, Yin Nian himself probably didn’t know that he likes him, let alone coming here to amuse him so idly.

“Let’s go back and eat.” When Shang Si remembered that time where Zhang Zhiyin was a cat at his base, because he disliked the fish soup, he didn’t have anything else to eat. He was so hungry until he cried bitterly. His heart immediately went soft that he quickly reminded him to go back to eat.

Zhang Zhiyin nodded and was turning around when he suddenly felt something was wrong.

Shang Si instinctively protected him.

In the shadows of the streets, ten mutants showed their deformed and ugly shapes.

Just from their breathing alone, he could sense that one was Level 7, one Level 6, one Level 5.

Don’t mention about him and Shang Si, even if all the ability users of Baiyin Station 7 came, they still might not be able to deal with so many high-leveled zombies.

Hierarchical repression was evident. Maybe it was still easy for them to deal with a Level 5 mutant. But it’s hard to deal with a Level 6, and let’s not even mention about Level 7. Now, on the human side, only Yun Lietian, Yang Fu, and several other top figures had risen to Level 7. Majority of the people were still stuck at the edge of Level 6.

Something was wrong. When they cleared up this area in the morning, everything was all right. How did so many high-level mutants suddenly appear here?

Zhang Zhiyin had already prepared the flying flag. He hadn’t tried whether this item could carry another person, but even if he was exposed, he had to try it.

He must take Shang Si with him ⁠— he couldn’t let this person die here. If there was a problem, just push it to ‘that person’.

Shang Si’s face sank.

He even wanted to walk back sweetly, lovingly, stickily with Zhiyin, although the three adjectives were what his brain imagined. His Zhiyin would not agree to carry out the aforementioned acts with his current disguise.

So Lord Boss could only give up on his strolling plan and bowed his head at Zhang Zhiyin. “I’ll blow up a gap in a moment and you’ll leave. Don’t worry about me. I have a way to deal with them.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “?!”

Shang Si enjoyed the feeling of being stared wholeheartedly by Zhang Zhiyin. He couldn’t help touching his head and said, “I am telling the truth. Remember to ask the canteen master to leave me a bowl of spare ribs soup.”

The Item Store had not been fixed since the last time Zhang Zhiyin tried to buy a thunder pistol. Zhang Zhiyin also returned to reality twice in the middle of the journey and checked the situation of the Item Store. As a result, he saw that the company’s President issued a statement saying that the company had just discovered a bug that had been latent for eight years and was in the process of repairing it. It was expected that it would be repaired in three days. They believed that the game and reading experience would be better after the repairs. Everyone, please take it easy.

Zhang Zhiyin did not give up and tried, he indeed saw the familiar “found”.

Seeing that he wasn’t moving, Shang Si thought that he was distressed and reluctant to leave him, his heart felt sour and sweet at the same time. Two purple lightning pythons tied Zhang Zhiyin and dragged him away quickly.

If Zhiyin stayed here any longer, he would be exposed.

The lightning python was so fast that Zhang Zhiyin was dragged to the toll station before he could even respond.

When the lightning python disappeared, the Item Store opened.

Zhang Zhiyin held the flying flag in one hand and hesitated for a moment. He did not go back immediately, but quickly bought an item called “Thousand Miles Eye”. He thought about Shang Si and Street 7 before opening it.

The sight reflected in the Thousand Miles Eye was far beyond his imagination.

Shang Si floated calmly in mid-air, the mutants that were originally baring their fangs, brandishing their claws shivered on the ground.

His hands turned upward and his palms were filled with purple light. The purple sparks gradually converged and overflowed the whole area. Then he buckled his hands at will, and instantly, the purple light poured down—

Those mutants could only struggle in this flickering electric sparks, without the slightest ability to fight back.

The plain-looking man was above everything, he looked down slightly at everything under his feet with indifference eyes. The purple light shone on his face like he were the God who created everything.

Zhang Zhiyin was completely stunned.

Shang Si… What on earth was his origin?

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