After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

As usual, Zhang Zhiyin conversed endlessly with Yin Nian.

“You didn’t expect me to be the cat you have raised those two days right?”

He suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly typed: “Nowadays, animals might be transformed from something else. Never mind about me, don’t you pick up any small animals and bring them home! Not to mention sleeping with those little things of unknown origin and… taking a bath in front of them…”

“But I didn’t expect you to like small animals… I have a cat. You can raise it with me if you like. Don’t think of me as a cat anymore, or call me Mimi! The only real cat in our family is called ‘Dr. Y and Zhang Zhiyin’s son’, and its nickname is Yin Xiaoxiang.”

“It’s so annoying. I still don’t know how to deal with You Kun and the rest…”

“Today a client came, the boss wanted me to receive him instead of collating materials and copywriting all day, but Xiao Li took the client away in the end… but it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter…”

Zhang Zhiyin suddenly stopped typing and opened his backpack in the game. He looked at the ring that had been placed in the first box of the backpack’s storage and silently closed the backpack again.

He saw the real Yin Nian. The real man did not seem that bad to approach and he was rather good to himself? Although he was probably only a cat in his eyes.

With tightened lips, Zhang Zhiyin lowered his eyes and typed, “When I’m happy, I’ll give you the ring.”

If one day, we… I’ll give you the ring.

The originally lost heart that was astray of its path, as if suddenly, a sliver of hope that did not seem to be hope had emerged from nowhere.

“Y, I miss you so much…”

He steered the character forward and gently gave the quiet little man a hug.


When Zhang Zhiyin woke up, it was 5 p.m. at <Tomorrow>. Warm, orange sunlight slanted into the room, quietly rendering a halo.

He pushed the door open. The base was quieter and more orderly than usual. Everyone rushed by and occasionally talked in a low voice.

Zhang Zhiyin went to look for Dadao and saw him, Old Zhu, and Xiao Jin drinking boiled water together.

After the end of the world, instead of gathering to chat and drink tea or alcohol, it was changed to drinking boiled water together.

Seeing him coming in, Old Zhu poured him a cup and greeted him, “Captain, let’s drink together?”

Zhang Zhiyin nodded and sat down, asking them, “Why is it so quiet today?”

Xiao Jin said, “That’s because of the important guests I’ve told Captain before. The leaders and all those high ranks all went out to greet them, and so the small fry must all know one’s place so as to not offend any of them and cause bad luck to oneself.”

“Oh.” Zhang Zhiyin responded and heard that Li Zhun was injured.

“Today, Li Zhun and I were borrowed by another team and we came back at noon. Li Zhun was injured, but it isn’t serious. He broke his arm. He is recovering in his room at the moment.” Dadao said.

“I’ll go see him.” Zhang Zhiyin stood up.

“I’ll follow too.” Xiao Jin and Old Zhu also wanted to go together. Dadao felt tired after half a day’s work, so he did not go. He opened the door and sent them out.

Li Zhun lived in another building on the other side of the public square. Zhang Zhiyin would have to walk through the public square if he wanted to visit him.

Old Zhu who was walking in front stopped suddenly. He turned around and pointed to a group of people not far away: “Those are the new guests, Captain, let’s wait for them to pass before we go.”

Zhang Zhiyin nodded.

Compared to ordinary people, the five senses of the ability users were more improved. In particular, Zhang Zhiyin had a precision ability. His eyesight was excellent and he could see their faces clearly.

The first one was the base leader. Before that, Zhang Zhiyin had only seen him once. There were other high ranking leaders in the base, including the leader of each squadron. The other group was all unfamiliar faces. Apparently, they were the so-called guests.

A seemingly young man was talking to the base leader as he walked. He had a gentle face and was engaged in a pleasant conversation with the base leader. In front of them, there was another person who seemed to be walking at will under the guidance of another person. His face was like frost, and even more so, his black eyes divulged a coldness that could repel anyone a thousand miles away. The person that was leading the way, the base leader that was in a conversation and the young man peeped at this man’s face from time to time.

Zhang Zhiyin was stunned and his mind was blank. At this moment, nothing was going through his mind.

In extreme surprise, even the idea of “how could he appear here so openly and freely” did not surface.

They walked closer to Zhang Zhiyin. Zhang Zhiyin listened to the young man quietly reassuring the seemingly nervous base leader: “Mr. Lian, Dr. Yin has always been like this. You don’t have to… take offense.”

Leader of Hope Base quickly and politely said, “No, no, Dr. Yin has made great contributions to the renaissance of humanity, I have always extremely admired him. Today, I found out at first sight that he is still so young. He really is a talented person.”

When Zhang Zhiyin heard that surname, he couldn’t hold back anymore. Before they went far, he already asked Old Zhu with his head slightly sideways, “Brother Zhu, what’s the name of Dr. Yin?”

Old Zhu shook his head and said, “This, I don’t know either.”

Xiao Jin interposed: “I know, I heard them say, it seemed to be Yin Nian.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…”

Boss, he really is capricious enough not to change his name or his surname ah!

The setting of Yin Nian was a full-fledged ability user, so he should also have a special ability called “heteromorphism”, which enabled him to assume the appearance of another thing, animal, or human for a period of time as accordance to his level with its own characteristics; for high-level heteromorphism, appearance change was extremely simple and it would not be easily seen through by others.

But Yin Nian changed nothing at all! He still had his excessively perfect face, parading himself around ostentatiously throughout the base.

Zhang Zhiyin thought it over carefully. Even in the current game scenario, no NPC on the side of justice knew what Dr. Y was called, what he looked like, how old he was, whether he was a man or a woman. The players knew only because they read the game materials on the official website in advance, and Y was often pulled out in various game promotional films and game animations. So, in theory, even if Yin Nian appeared as he was, there would be no problem.

But… “Dr. Y infiltrating the justice side by disguising himself as the star of the future revered by all”…

Zhang Zhiyin dared to bet with the ring that such a dramatic scene had never appeared in the game!

Zhang Zhiyin was lost in his thoughts.

Xiao Jin pushed him: “Captain, Captain, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhang Zhiyin shook his head. “Nothing.”

Xiao Jin nudged him, “Captain, you don’t know that man, do you? I mean, Dr. Yin.”

Zhang Zhiyin shook his head. He did not lie. Now, as Zhang Zhiyin, he really shouldn’t know him, either as Dr. Yin or as Y.

Xiao Jin speculated: “I knew it, the captain does not know him. But when you were in a daze just now, that person seemed to have looked back at us deliberately.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “… Oh.” It did not matter. He was staring at the boss and it was definitely not just one glance, he had nothing to lose.

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