After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Under this Zhang Zhiyin’s three-day of observation, he had concluded that— Boss Yin was not doing his job properly.

First, Yin Nian did nothing for the whole day, the only second thing he did was to play the cat or play with the cat.

And so Zhang Zhiyin was tossed and turned by Lord Boss for three days.

Yin Nian was really patient towards him. At noon, when he was fed up with his paws getting pinched, he rushed up to bite Yin Nian’s face with his gums. Yin Nian wasn’t angry though. On the contrary, he was very happy? He calmly changed to the other paw to continue his pinching.

By the third night, Zhang Zhiyin could no longer sit still.

In theory, he should had transformed back in the day at the latest.

Just because Yin Nian could tolerate a foolish cat who looked like it knew nothing, that did not mean that he would be able to tolerate Zhang Zhiyin. It would be terrible if he was caught.

Thinking about this, Zhang Zhiyin felt depressed. At the same time, he was worried about how to escape this place. In the end, he could only comfort himself; at most he would just die once more and then come back to life again.

Even so… he was still reluctant.

By this time, it was already dark, and Yin Nian was hugging him in the bed, ready to sleep.

Zhang Zhiyin restrained the faint melancholy in his heart. He crawled onto Yin Nian and quietly licked his exposed neck.

“Goodnight, Mimi.”

Zhang Zhiyin responded with a soft “Ao”.

The room suddenly darkened. There was only moonlight penetrating through the windows lattice and the whispers of giant laurel trees as they swayed outside.

A villain boss such as Yin Nian should be living in an underground base with incomparable technology where no mosquito could even fly in. But in reality, Yin Nian lived in a two-story building inside the base. His bedroom was located on the second floor. It was just in the right position, where the sun’s rays and moonlight were incomparably caring.

In this apocalypse, everyone lived in terror, even in those well-guarded base, every night before falling asleep, they would have to check their closed doors and windows again out of fear that there would be a zombie breaking in while they weren’t aware. And it was unfair that the culprit of this apocalypse to live such a simple and unguarded life at the end of the world.

This big bad wolf. Zhang Zhiyin muttered a sentence in his heart. How could he like such a person? But he just liked him, only liked him.

Sometimes, Zhang Zhiyin felt that if Y was a real person that had turned their world into such an apocalypse, he would surely hate him with trepidation and held tremendous fear of him like everyone else. But from the beginning, what Y did was all false to him. It was all made up by the game planner in order to develop the plot. So he liked him, and he didn’t care what he ‘did’. On the contrary, he found his character settings to be very attractive.

Even now, when he arrived at this real-world and saw the living Yin Nian, his feelings and perceptions of him that had already formed in reality were still very difficult to change.

Perhaps for him, the only real world was the one where he had to work from nine to seven, get out of the subway at eight o’clock every day, be on guard against his boss at work, check his bank card on time for salary, worked for ten years and still could not afford a house; maybe he could afford a car but then he wouldn’t be able to stand the traffic jam.

After about two hours, Zhang Zhiyin thought that Yin Nian should have fallen asleep, so he quietly leaned out of the blanket, moved out a little bit, and finally squatted beside the bed. He looked at Yin Nian again, boldly licked his hand, and then went to the bedside, ready to jump off.

As a result, he found out— he dared not jump.

Yin Nian had been carrying him up and down for the past two days, so, for him, this bed was actually very high.

Zhang Zhiyin looked gloomily at the ground and finally jumped down with his eyes closed.

He knocked his nose and hummed out wrongfully.

Yin Nian who had been persisting on pretending to be asleep felt his heart shook when he heard this sound.

He really wanted to help him rub his nose.

As for Zhang Zhiyin who knew nothing about all this, he touched his nose with his little paws. He couldn’t help looking back to take a last look at the Yin Nian who seemed to be sleeping deeply under the moonlight. He sniffled and strode away with his short legs.

He really couldn’t walk more than ten steps without having his legs going soft and thus, causing him to fall. Recently, he had been carried around by the boss, so he didn’t practice walking.

Yin Nian followed him quietly behind, deeply worried.

He really wanted to rush up and held him in his arms.

But if he appeared now, Zhiyin would probably be afraid or feel uneasy.

But he was still worried about him… He fell again… this is the seventh time already… look there’s wall… don’t hit the glass door in front of you, ah… sure enough, he knocked into it… it looks so hard for Zhiyin, trying to go down the stairs… but he looks so silly as he goes down with his butt twisting in the air… en, it’s cute too. If you begged me, I’ll carry you down…

But of course, Zhang Zhiyin would never have the thought of asking Yin Nian for help.

Yin Nian could only follow him in silence with dimmed eyes.

It took Zhang Zhiyin more than half an hour to finally move to the first floor. Then he ran out of the gate happily and rushed out of the base smoothly. It was incredible how smooth it went— it might not even be as smooth as this if he turned into a cat and tried to leave his house. It was impossible for him to open the anti-theft door in his current appearance now.

Unexpectedly, the Item Store was still not working. Fortunately, he had prepared a lot of flying flags in his storage space in advance. At this time, he could just take them out and use them.

Yin Nian silently watched the white lump of the kitten turning into a familiar young man. His eyes were full of complexity and of indistinguishable emotions. He was indifferent and alienated from the whole world, but because of this person, he was able to taste the different flavors of the world.

He watched him leave quietly, just like how this had repeated thousands of times.

Everything in the base remained the same, and there were no waves caused by the disappearance of Zhang Zhiyin.

In a world like this, where people like him disappeared every day, it really did not matter to Hope Base. Only the leader of Squadron 4 was considering how to arrange and send the people of Team 3 away after Zhang Zhiyin was gone. But Team 3 had insisted that their captain would be back soon, so he didn’t bother much.

Squadron Leader 4 had admitted that he was a person who only paid attention to his own interests and was afraid of trouble, so he didn’t want to exert even a little more effort for any others. He was totally self-centered and was willing to serve as a leader just because he would be able to get more convenient conditions and better resources. But in the apocalypse, he didn’t think he was the worst ever.

Therefore, as for Zhang Zhiyin’s return, he did not have too many thoughts, nor did he bother to investigate what had happened to him.

The attitudes of Team 2 were as bad as ever. They were slightly surprised to see Zhang Zhiyin reappear, and they intensified their efforts to continue seeing their faults and scorning them as ever. They did not seem to care at all that this man had almost lost his life when he was with the zombie boss because of their malicious intentions.

Zhang Zhiyin was also planning, he was thinking about how to deal with them. He did hate them, when he was attacked by You Kun’s psychic power and was being separated by the earth walls and vines on the same side of the zombie boss, he wanted them to die. But then he calmed down and felt terrible; because of hatred, because of revenge, because he wanted to easily deprive others of their lives since he wanted to safeguard his own security or interests. Even if the other party really deserved punishment.

Perhaps in his subconscious mind, he still belonged to the relatively peaceful, stable, and orderly society. A person should accept a fair verdict and a trial if he was absolutely wicked; he hated this person, and he would like to send him to the verdict platform to receive a fair trial and be punished as he deserved, rather than arbitrarily execute the other party on his own will.

So even when he saw You Kun and others, he was still indignant, but Zhang Zhiyin could not think about killing or retaliating cruelly. It’s not about kindness, tolerance, or kindness. It’s just that the thought itself that made him shudder in his heart.

He was flipping through all kinds of goods in the repaired Item Store, and next to him, Xiao Jin was telling him what had happened these days.

“By the way, Captain, I heard that this afternoon there will be a group of very important guests. One of them is the most outstanding researcher of our younger generation. It is said that before the end of the world, he had been on a par with Y and was regarded as the hope of solving the problems of the apocalypse. And he himself is also a Level 6 psychic ability user, very strong. He has been running for the establishment of the Alliance for Human Renaissance and has a great influence on the side of justice. He has visited Cloud Sky Alliance, Base No.1, and other major bases one after another. Now he is on his way to Renaissance Base. He will visit our base in the middle of his journey. In the afternoon, the leaders will go to meet him.” Xiao Jin said.

Zhang Zhiyin had been absent-minded and did not listen to this detail, so he sent them away to take a nap under the pretext of being tired.

When he returned to the real world, he did not have the curiosity to go to the official website to check the information of the distinguished guest who was hardly heard of in the game but listening to Xiao Jin, he seemed to be very “good”.

He logged into the game right after his work had ended.

After three days of interaction with each other, Zhang Zhiyin found himself yearning for Yin Nian evermore, and this short separation was simply unbearable.

He did not know what the other person would think. Falling back in front of the computer chair and looking at the landing interface of <Tomorrow>, Zhang Zhiyin thought with rapture.

At this time, Yin Nian would soon see through his actions— he had the same feelings as his own.

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