After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure

Chapter 375 - A cup of "green tea" for Ge Chunru too

Chapter 375: A cup of “green tea” for Ge Chunru too

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Initially, Mdm Niu had wanted to flatter Ge Chunru and take advantage of her.

Now that she saw this woman’s disdain and contempt for her, she knew that it was useless to flatter her.

It was better to do it according to her own temperament, so that she wouldn’t be bullied.

Anyway, as long as she coaxed Ge Chunyi, Ge Chunru could not do anything to her.

Ge Chunru was furious again.

She pointed at Mdm Niu and said, “You, you are shameless!”

Mdm Niu leaned against Ge Chunyi.

“Ah Yi, your sister said that I’m shameless. We are husband and wife, and she is also implying that you are shameless.”

As expected, Ge Chunyi’s expression turned ugly when he heard this.

“Sister,” he said to Ge Chunru, “Qiuhua and I have already been married and we had attended the marriage customs.

“We’ve already had sex. She will be your younger sister-in-law from now on.”

Ge Chunru was about to go crazy.

“She’s married, has children, and even divorced. She’s old and ugly. How can she be worthy of you?

“You must have been deceived by her.

“Come back with me. I’ve already picked out a few young ladies from the aristocratic families in the northern city. I’ll help you get a good wife.”

When Ge Chunyi heard this, he only felt that it was ironic.

“Sister, ” he asked Ge Chunru, “Do you think any girl from an aristocratic family will marry me when they saw my current state? ”

Not only did he lose a leg, but he also had nothing left.

He wasn’t trying to belittle himself, but he knew that no girl from an aristocratic family would marry him.

Ge Chunru choked, and his expression changed.

Recently, things had not been going well for her brother.

“Your elder brother-in-law is now the deputy governor of Northern City. As long as we’re sincere with him, there will definitely be a young lady from an aristocratic family who will marry you.”

First, he had to coax his younger brother to leave Mdm Niu.

Even if he couldn’t find a young lady from an aristocratic family to be his younger brother’s wife, it would be much better if he could find a pure daughter from a small family or a large merchant family to be his wife compared to Mdm Niu.

Before Ge Chunyi could speak, Mdm Niu laughed and said, “Sister, do you really think Ah Yi is an idiot?

“General Xiao is a senior general, yet he only married you who is from a small family with not much background. What status does Ah Yi have to marry a girl from an aristocratic family now?

“Do you think it is easy to deceive him?

“That’s why you and General Xiao came together to coax him to go to the northern border.

“Now that you’ve been forced to come to the northern border, you’re afraid that people will say that you’re cold-blooded and don’t care about your own brother. That’s why you came to Ah Yi.

“Why didn’t I see you sending someone to show concern for your brother before this?

“He almost died from the cold.”

Ge Chunru actually said that she was old and ugly and that she was not worthy of Ge Chunyi.

Then, she would not let this woman have an easy time.

She would not let Ge Chunyi’s heart to side with Ge Chunru.

Otherwise, what if he did not care about her?

Third Son Shi has already divorced her.

As a woman, how could she survive at the northern border without relying on Ge Chunyi?

Anyway, she was determined to stay with Ge Chunyi.

Mdm Niu had said these words to Ge Chunyi many times in the past.

Ge Chunyi really listened to her, especially when his sister questioned him with a dark face and asked him to abandon the person he shared the same bed with.

He also felt that this sister of his was too hypocritical.

She was only concerned about him on the surface.

After coming to the northern border, she was afraid of being criticized, so she sent him money.

Now that she heard that he had married Mdm Niu, she felt embarrassed and came to take him away.

“Sis, I can’t just leave Qiuhua alone. I almost died of hunger and illness before, but she secretly helped me.

“And I really do like her, so I won’t marry any woman from the northern city. I’m set on Qiuhua.”

Not only would Niu Qiuhua secretly give him food, but she also helped him when he was so sick that he felt like he was about to die with no one else caring for him.

Niu Qiuhua had taken out the hairpin she had hidden with her to bribe the supervisor and begged him to find him a doctor so that he could survive.

Usually, she was concerned about him, which was the only warmth he felt in his life, just like how his mother coaxed him when he was young.

Qiuhua said that she had no feelings for Third Son Shi at all.

When she met him, she was like an old house set on fire, she was unable to extricate herself.

That was why she was so good to him wholeheartedly and only cared about him.

He couldn’t help but feel happy, as felt that his existence was needed.

He didn’t think Mdm Niu was lying.

After all, before his sister had sent the silver, he was a man who couldn’t do his work well and couldn’t even receive a full meal.

When he was bullied by other miners, Qiuhua would stand up and scold those people until they left.

When the supervisor wanted to beat him up, Qiu Hua was the one who pleaded for him, so he wouldn’t continue to be beaten.

He had never been so protected before.

Therefore, he had been relying on her for a living and was very dependent on her.

A friend in need was a friend indeed, it was more valuable to have a friend who sent charcoal in the snow.

He was not like his sister, who only knew how to live a life of luxury, while leaving her brother here to suffer.

Moreover, Qiuhua was very liberal in that aspect, and he liked it very much.

After all that he had gone through, he only felt safe with Qiuhua by his side.

So it wasn’t that Qiuhua couldn’t leave him, but that he couldn’t leave her.

Ge Chunru almost fainted from anger when she heard her brother’s words. “You, you!

“What kind of drug did she give you?”

She really couldn’t see what was so good about Mdm Niu.

“She didn’t drug me, ” Ge Chunyi said. “I just like her. I really want to marry her. So, please don’t blame her.”

Ge Chunru wanted to vomit blood. She was so angry that her whole body was shaking.

She threatened, “If you want to be with her, then you can continue to stay here.”

Ge Chunyi’s face turned ugly.

Mdm Niu’s eyes flickered and she looked at Ge Chunyi with a face of reluctance.

“Ah Yi, go with your sister then. I’ll stay here.

“As long as you are well in the future, I will be satisfied.”

She was nice to Ge Chunyi because his sister was Ge Chunru.

She had heard before that Ge Chunru cared a lot about her brother.

She would definitely not ignore him.

In addition, she had been thrown into the mine and was all alone, so she wanted to find a companion.

That was why she got close to Ge Chunyi and expressed all sorts of care and concern toward him.

The heavens did not let down those who persevered, and she had caused his heart to waver.

She also had a good understanding of his personality.

In addition, Shi Qingluo had taught Taoliu how to serve green tea.

Although she didn’t know what exactly was that green tea, she had learned a little.

She also gave Ge Chunru a cup of “green tea.”

Therefore, she said this to Ge Chunyi on purpose.

This would not only show that she was loyal, but it would also show that Ge Chunru was a cruel sister.

Sure enough, Ge Chunyi was touched and held Mdm Niu’s hand tightly.

“I won’t leave you behind. We’ll leave together, and we’ll stay together.”

“Sister,” he said to Ge Chunru, “since you’re not here to pick me up, you should leave.

His eyes turned red. “When I die here, you can get someone to collect my body.

“Bury me with my parents. I’ll pay my respects to them in the underworld.

“Before our parents passed away, they kept telling you to take good care of me.

“Just pretend they didn’t say anything. You don’t have to care for me.”

He didn’t believe that this sister would really leave him alone.

Back then, she had promised her parents that she would take good care of him.

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