Chapter 31: Boar It Is Then!

Chapter 31: Boar It Is Then!

A youth could be seen sitting crossed leg on top of a boulder with his chest bare. He had a well chiseled body, which was a clear sign of training his body frequently. After some time, the youth breathed in deeply and stood up.

The youth stood at 5’9 in height, with a slender body and fair skin which looked like that of a baby. When he raised his face, a stunningly handsome face could be seen. He had short black hair and an inverted triangular shaped face with beautiful black eyes.

The youth was precisely Grey. It had already been one year since he got into the Lunar Academy, and he can say, it had been an amazing experience so far. He had not only started cultivating, but he had broken through to the Ninth stage of the Fusion Plane with this one year.

The entire Academy were shocked from how fast he advanced in his cultivation, this was by far the fastest anyone had ever broken through in the entire Academy.

“I should be able to break through to the Arcane Plane within a week” Grey said with emotions. He could still remember how he was still being mocked one year ago. But currently, he had already almost caught up with his peers.

It usually takes those with purple talent almost three years to break through to the Arcane Plane, while those with blue talents at least one year and eight months. But Grey had already defied all logic for the students that is, the higher ups in the Academy were all aware of the reason.

During this one year, Grey had attended class in both the Lightning and Earth Hall, although not much. He focused fully on his cultivation, ‘since this will be used up, it’s best I make fast work of it’ this was his thoughts whenever he remembers he has a huge amount of elemental essence in his body which was slowly dwindling away.

Grey was scared the essence would suddenly disappear, so he wanted to use it as fast as possible. He had also been able to upgrade his grade for his Earth element, this further increased his cultivation speed by a little.

“The Academy tournament is probably going on right now” Grey looked in the direction of the Academy. Blake had tried persuading him several times to take part in the tournament, but he refused every time.


Grey heard the sound of leaves moving coming from his west. He turned his head, looking at the direction with an interested look. He calmly listened to know the distance the noise was coming from.

After confirming where the noise came from, he walked towards the direction with caution. Although he was curious, he wasn’t stupid enough to charge there with knowing what was making the sound.

Fifty meters away from him, two magical beasts were in an intense fight. One was already lightly injured but had no thoughts of stopping. Because if it stops resisting, it will surely be killed by one attacking it.

A boar and a cat like creature were brawling fiercely, the boar was in the defensive, but it also counter attacked if the chance presents itself. The cat like creature was very nimble and was moving like the wind, hard to predict. The boar tried its best to try to hit the cat, but the cat was too agile for it.

Each of the beasts stood at a height of forty inches and thirty-three inches respectively, with the cat being the smaller of both.

Grey climbed a tree fourteen meters above the ground and watched them closely. ‘The cat is most likely a magical beast with wind affinity’ He guessed. It wasn’t hard to figure out seeing the quick movements of the cat.

But what caught most of Grey’s attention was the boar. Its defense was terrifyingly hard to break through. The cat had tried multiple times, but it was unable to cause any harm.

‘The light wound on its back must have been a result of the cat’s first sneak attack. Since it wasn’t able to one shot it or cause a lethal damage to it from its sneak attack, it likely wouldn’t be able to take it down’ Grey surmised after watching the battle for some time.

After another three minutes of fruitless struggle, the cat finally gave up on the boar and disappeared into the trees. It was already most likely getting exhausted from the endless attacks it was dishing out. The boar wasn’t overly exhausted, since it placed most of its time on defending.

“Boar it is then” Grey said with a smile. Since he saw the boar, the only he thought about was cooking it. He had even planned on stealing the kill if the cat was able to defeat the boar, who knew it was so weak.

Grey had already turned into a master hunter during his one year here. He hunts frequently here, although the beasts here aren’t too strong. With most of them being at the Collection Plane and few being at the Fusion Plane.

Grey speculated the boar broke through to the Fusion Plane recently. He could already smell the sweet aroma of the meat, he almost started salivating just staring at the boar.

After seeing it was all alone, the boar lowered its guard. This was the best time for Grey to make his sneak attack. The boar wouldn’t expect to be sneak attacked by someone after just fending off the cat.

Grey silently edged closer to the boar without it realizing. Because of training his body to a high degree, he had perfect control over it. He took out a stone carved knife which he made for himself.

‘Stupid rules’ Grey cursed in his mind. He had asked for a knife from Blake, but he was rejected. Blake said all students below the Arcane Plane are not allowed to wield weapons in the Academy. Grey was frustrated by the rule and almost cursed out in the presence of Blake.

After reaching his striking range, he calmed himself. Grey sprang out as fast as the cat, aiming his knife at the skull of the boar.


The sound of something hitting the ground resounded in the area. The boar fell down lifelessly with blood flowing out the back of its head.

Grey’s sneak attack was alarmingly effective. He was like a well seasoned hunter, bidding his time before giving a fatal strike. The boar didn’t even get a chance to raise its defense.

Grey had a huge smile on his face as he picked up his dinner before heading back to the Academy to prepare his meal.

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