Chapter 30: It Expires?!

Chapter 30: It Expires?!

Grey walked closer to Blake with a calm expression. He knew he didn’t have anything to worry about so he wasn’t worried.

“So, were you able to break through to the Collection Plane?” Blake asked with little hope, although still slightly expectant. Being just at the Collection Plane, the elements won’t be fully active in the body of the Elementalist, so although everyone present was already in a high plane, they wouldn’t know without inspecting personally.

Grey smiled and said, “Yes”. When they all heard his answer, they were all astounded. They never thought he would have been able to do it. “I was also able to break through another layer” Grey added unhurriedly.

The instructors were all visibly surprised when they heard his first reply. But on hearing the second part of his words, they were stupefied.

‘How’s this possible’ This was the only word resounding through their minds.

“Grey, this is not a joke. Are you certain of what you just said?” Blake had to be sure. He thought Grey was saying this without any seriousness.

“Of course” Grey affirmed. He didn’t know why they took it this way. ‘You were the one who asked me, why would I be joking with you’ Grey thought, feeling wronged.

“Give me your hand” Blake stretched out his hand. Grey placed his hand on the outstretched hand of Blake. When his hand was placed on Blake’s palm, he felt a mysterious energy going into his body.

It was a strange feeling, as this was something he had never felt before. ‘This must be what they call Spiritual energy’ Grey thought will feeling expectant. He thought of how it would feel like when he would also be able to use Spiritual energy.

After some time, Blake’s expression changed drastically. “Impossible, this…this” He stuttered with a voice filled with surprise. The other instructors looked at him with interest. Grey was also surprised by the sudden outburst from Blake.

“What is it?” Lynn asked. She had never seen Blake like this before. Her curiosity was seriously piqued by it.

“Check it out yourself” Blake said as he passed Grey’s hand over to her. She held Grey’s hands and, just like Blake, sent her spiritual consciousness into his body. After thoroughly checking, she was also shocked by the findings. Although, her reaction was not as excessive as Blake’s reaction.

“You truly are a very lucky boy” Lynn looked at Grey with glittering eyes. Seeing the look from both Blake and Lynn, Grey was beginning to get curious about what was going on in his body. Not just him, but the other instructors were also getting curious.

“What is going on?” Delia couldn’t hold it back anymore and asked. She saw how Blake and Lynn acted, she got curious and wanted to know what happened.

“He has a unique physique” Blake replied in a bland voice. Delia pouted when she heard how Blake replied her. When Blake saw her pouting, he was stunned and couldn’t take his eyes off her.

When Delia saw how Blake was staring at her intently, she quickly dropped her head down to avoid his gaze. Her lips curled upwards, with her face blooming with a radiant smile.

Lynn cleared her throat to try to bring Blake back from his trance. When Blake’s mind was clear, he felt awkward realizing he was staring at Delia shamelessly.

He thickened his skin and acted like nothing happened before explaining, “Well, it can’t be referred to as a unique physique per se. But for some unknown reasons, his body has a high concentration of both Lightning and Earth elemental essence in it”

Everyone in the office were surprised when they first heard Blake say the word ‘unique physique’ including Grey. Although Blake later clarified it wasn’t a unique physique rather it was a huge concentration of elemental essence, it was nevertheless a shocking thing to hear. For someone who just started cultivating having a huge concentration of elemental essence was unheard of.

Now they all understood what Lynn meant when she said he was very lucky, except for Grey. He still didn’t understand what having such a high concentration of elemental essence. He threw a questioning gaze at Blake, clearly wanting him to explain further.

“This simply means for the time being, your cultivation speed would be terrifyingly fast. We don’t know when it will be used up, but from the amount you have, it should be able to get you to the Arcane Plane without any issues. And you’ll also advance very fast” Lynn explained to Grey to clear up his doubts.

Grey’s mood turned sour when he heard this, ‘And here I was thinking I had hit the jackpot by having a unique physique, who knew this was a miracle with an expiring date’ He complained grudgingly. But he couldn’t hide the fact that he was also excited by the news.

With this, he wouldn’t have an issue with closing up the gap with his peers. Although not everyone his age is at the Arcane Plane, those with Purple or Blue talent were already in the Arcane Plane. Except for the ones who weren’t hardworking.

“Well with this, you wouldn’t be far behind your peers. And you might have hope in participating in the yearly tournament at the Academy” Blake said with a smile. He had already gotten over the initial shock and with what happened when he lost himself looking at Delia, he wanted to talk as much as possible, hoping to take everyone’s mind of it.

“What’s the tournament all about?” Grey inquired.

“Students from each Hall will get together and have a little combat with each other to determine how far they had grown. This is done every year, although not compulsory,” Blake calmly explained. The Academy always has an end of year tournament to see who the best student is for each class, although not all students participate.

When Grey heard the tournament was not mandatory and he could skip it, he was glad since he didn’t have any interest in battling and currently wanted to fully focus on increasing his Plane. He planned on going into the forest to train with magical beasts when he got to the Arcane Plane.

Only after reaching the Arcane Plane before the Academy would allow any of the students to go out to train. The class three students rarely participates in the tournament.

Since Grey was already checked by Blake and it was already confirmed he was in the Collection Plane, he didn’t have any reason staying at the office any longer and opted to leave. When he got out of the office, he could hear Delia calling Blake a pervert.

‘What’s up with those two anyway?’ Grey asked himself as he walked out of the hall heading back to his house. On his way, he couldn’t help but think of the reason why he had large amounts of Lightning and Earth elemental essence in his body.

‘It must definitely be back at the Lightning mountain, but how come my body was able to store it even though I haven’t started cultivating?’ Grey was puzzled by everything, but he didn’t dwell in it for too long. Since he couldn’t find the reason for now, he’ll just stop thinking about it.

Besides, it wasn’t like it was something bad.

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