Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: Falling and Eating Dirt

Chapter 44: Falling and Eating Dirt

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Upon learning that Gu Qingluan was currently in the backyard, Gu Zhicheng gathered a group of people and confidently marched towards her.


The news reached Yingchun Garden, and Gu Sier exclaimed with excitement, “Father must be going to confront that useless person. Let’s go and see!”

After a brief hesitation, Gu Qin’er decided to join them as well.

Led by Gu Zhicheng, the group forcefully entered the garden.

But as soon as they laid eyes on Gu Qingluan sitting by the lake, legs crossed and casually munching on melon seeds, their faces froze in disbelief.

It was nothing like the dramatic confrontation they had imagined.

Unaware that the Zengxuan Pill had been intercepted, Gu Qingluan displayed an air of arrogance and composure.

Thinking he had discovered the cause, Gu Zhicheng stepped forward and angrily berated, “You insolent brat! Show respect when you encounter your elders!”

“Elders? You two…” Gu Qingluan glanced at the couple, her smile filled with derision. “Are you even worthy?”

“Today, I will make you understand that I will always be your father!”

As he spoke, a radiant light flickered in Gu Zhicheng’s palm, and his robes fluttered without any apparent wind.

In an instant, a menacing aura emanated from him.

Without hesitation, he propelled himself forward like an arrow, swiftly charging towards Gu Qingluan.

The onlookers were captivated by the lightning-fast movement, their hearts pounding with anticipation.

Gu Qin’er, hidden behind a rock, clenched her fists in excitement, whispering, “Teach her a lesson she won’t forget!”

But while others perceived the scene as a blur of motion, Gu Qingluan saw everything in slow motion.

With a graceful spin, she effortlessly soared into the air, her skirt billowing elegantly.


The stone bench was blown into pieces by the mystic force.

Seeing Gu Qingluan escape the calamity, Wang Shi and the others felt it was a pity.

Gu Qingluan landed lightly on the ground. When Gu Zhicheng attacked again, she suddenly flashed and disappeared!

Gu Zhicheng knew that this was not good. He was extremely tense.

Sensing the Profound Energy fluctuations coming from behind him, he quickly dodged.

A powerful force hit his butt.


Gu Zhicheng fell on his face.

The Gu family members and servants who were waiting for the master to show his might were stunned.

‘Why is the Gu Family Head bowing to me like this?”

A teasing female voice came from above.

Gu Zhicheng, who was a little confused, raised his head when he heard that.

First, he saw a pair of white boots, then a snow-white dress, and then a smiling face.

And at this moment, he was prostrating himself!

Gu Qingluan’s words made it seem like he was giving her a big bow!

Gu Zhicheng’s face contorted in an instant.

How preposterous!

This audacious girl dared to insult him, her supposed father!

Gu Zhicheng bounced up from the ground and fixed a malicious stare upon Gu Qingluan.

Did she think lowly of him just because he didn’t show her what he was capable Of?

He pulled out a Zengxuan Pill from his pocket, releasing a dense spiritual aura and fragrant scent that permeated the air.

“A Zengxuan Pill!” Gu Qingluan’s eyes widened abruptly, feigning astonishment as she exclaimed, “How did you get a Zengxuan Pill?”

Gu Zhicheng laughed triumphantly, “You have good eyesight, recognizing it at a glance! I bet you’ve been indulging in this thing, haven’t you? You worthless fool! If it weren’t for relying on the Zengxuan Pill, how could you ever match up to me? Once I take this Zengxuan Pill, do you think you can still defeat me?” “Eat it? I never touch this thing,” Gu Qingluan furrowed her brows.

Gu Zhicheng refused to believe her words, convinced that she was trying to prevent him from consuming the Zengxuan Pill. His expression grew even more arrogant, his eyes brimming with greed.

“Are you scared now, you wretched girl? If you kneel down and kowtow to me ten times, no, a hundred times! And if you reveal the secrets of your cultivation, I might spare your life..”

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