Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: The Pills Personally Refined by the Lord of the Island of No Return

Chapter 43: The Pills Personally Refined by the Lord of the Island of No Return

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Gu Zhicheng knew that he couldn’t do anything to Shopkeeper Wang, so he ordered his attendant to go back and get the money.


In less than an hour, his attendant arrived on horseback.

Gu Zhicheng slammed the money on the table. “Can you tell me now?’

Shopkeeper Wang took the money from under his palm, examined them, and immediately smiled. “Of course! Miss Gu has reserved the Zengxuan Pill with

Gu Zhicheng’s heart skipped a beat. ‘What is the Zengxuan Pill? And how many are there?”

“The Zengxuan Pill is a spirit pill personally refined by the Lord of the Island of

No Return. Only ten are produced each year, and they have all been reserved by

Miss Gu.”

Gu Zhicheng’s pupils contracted, and his heartbeat involuntarily quickened.

The pills personally refined by the Lord of the Island of No Return?

Could they be ordinary pills?

No wonder Gu Qingluan’s cultivation advanced so rapidly!

If he could have the pills personally refined by the Lord of the Island of No Return, he could also…

“Shopkeeper Wang, I want the Zengxuan Pill! I will pay double of whatever price Gu Qingluan paid!”

“Not for sale,” Shopkeeper Wang immediately rejected without hesitation.

“Triple the price!’

“Head of the Gu family, please leave.”

“Ten times the price! I’ll buy them!” Gu Zhicheng’s eyes turned red.

Shopkeeper Wang was tempted by the offer, but recalling his master’s instructions, he firmly refused.

Seeing that he couldn’t persuade him no matter what, Gu Zhicheng left with a dark and gloomy expression.

Outside, the attendant asked, “Master, will you just let this matter slide?”

“Let this matter slide?” Gu Zhicheng sneered. “Impossible! If Hundred Herb

Hall doesn’t want to make that money, I’ll find another way!”

As Shopkeeper Wang watched Gu Zhicheng leave, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Impressive, the master truly has remarkable foresight! One million taels, this

Gu family head is willing to spend!”

It was unfortunate that his master had instructed him only to sell information and not the Zengxuan Pill. Otherwise, they could have taken advantage of Gu Zhicheng even more.

He secretly contacted Gu Qingluan, attempting to persuade her.

Gu Qingluan remained composed and said, “Let’s not involve Hundred Herb Hall too deeply in this matter, to avoid Gu Zhicheng seeking revenge from you later.’

Upon hearing this, Shopkeeper Wang was deeply touched. “So, the master is doing this for the sake of Hundred Herb Hall and for me? Master, you need not go to such lengths. It is our honor to share the burden with you.”

The following day, as per Gu Qingluan’s instructions, he personally delivered the Zengxuan Pill to the Gu residence.

However, before reaching the Gu residence, he was suddenly struck unconscious, and the Zengxuan Pill hidden in his sleeve was stolen.

With the Zengxuan Pill in his possession, Gu Zhicheng couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Gu Qingluan, without the Zengxuan Pill, let’s see how audacious you can be!”

“I have never heard of the Zengxuan Pill. Did Gu Qingluan truly rely on it to enhance her cultivation?” Wang Shi looked at the porcelain bottle in Gu Zhicheng’s hand, unable to suppress her doubts.

“Narrow-minded woman! There are many things you haven’t heard of. The Zengxuan Pill is personally refined by the Lord of the Island of No Return. How can it be compared to ordinary pills in terms of effectiveness? Furthermore, if it weren’t for the Zengxuan Pill, how could Gu Qingluan, a useless person, become so powerful?” Gu Zhicheng retorted.

Wang Shi was at a loss for words.

Five years ago, Gu Qingluan was a cultivational cripple. If someone were to claim that she had reached the Heavenly Realm through talent alone within five years, Wang Shi wouldn’t believe it either.

Even the most talented individuals in Cloud Plains Continent couldn’t cultivate at such a monstrous speed.

“Regardless of whether the Zengxuan Pill is as extraordinary as you claim, at the very least, it is crucial for Gu Qingluan. Now that she has lost this reliance, is there any need for me to continue to tolerate and swallow my pride?” Gu Zhicheng walked straight towards the exit.. ‘Where is Gu Qingluan?”

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