Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 4

The Consequences of Mother’s Wrath Is Very Severe

Bo He quickly gave the little boy a look.

Gu Xiaonan froze for a few seconds, his large eyes darting around, before swiftly lifting the parrot in front of Gu Qingluan without hesitation, craftily implicating their small companion. “Mother, it wasn’t me; it was Xiaomei!”


“Young master, you’ve stolen my words!”

Parrot Xiaomei flapped its wings, opening its curved and delicate beak, attempting to defend itself.

Gu Xiaonan glared at it threateningly. “Do you still want to go out and play?”

Under the coercion and temptation of her little master, Xiaomei could only nod with tears in her eyes. “It’s me, Master. I know I was wrong!”

Gu Xiaonan couldn’t help but smile, but he immediately pressed his lips down. “Mother, mother, look, Xiaomei admitted it.”

Gu Qingluan looked down at her obedient son and asked slowly, “Xiaomei ran away from home. What about you?”

Gu Xiaonan replied in a serious manner, “I’m here to catch Xiaomei!”

As he spoke, he rubbed Xiaomei’s head. “Xiaomei, I’m telling the truth, right?”

Xiao Mei, who cherished her feathers the most, struggled to break free from Gu Xiaonan’s hands and flapped her wings to fly out.

She exclaimed, “The head can be broken, the blood can flow, but the hairstyle mustn’t be messed up! It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!”

“Don’t run!” Gu Xiaonan emerged from the wooden box. “Naughty Xiaomei, you’ve actually changed your mind!”

“Mother, don’t worry. I will definitely capture Xiaomei.”

Gu Qingluan reacted quickly and grabbed the back of his collar. She said in a serious voice, “Gu Xiaonan, do you remember what I told you before we left the island?”

Gu Xiaonan’s small body stiffened. He lowered her head and turned around. His mother was angry!

The consequences of his mother’s wrath were extremely grave!

Resembling a deflated balloon, he weakly uttered, “Mother told me to stay obediently on the island.”

His tiny fingers extended, pinching the hem of her skirt and giving it a gentle shake. His voice, adorable and gentle, uttered, “Mother, Xiaonan knows his mistake. Please don’t be angry. It hurts Xiaonan’s heart to see you in pain.”

Gu Qingluan’s heart melted, and she couldn’t bring herself to scold him any longer. She glanced at Bo He and said, “Take Xiao Nan back to the island.”

Gu Xiaonan immediately clung to her thigh, looking up at her with his large, watery eyes. “Mother, I don’t want to go back! I want to stay with you, Mother!”

“Xiao Nan, listen to me. It’s very dangerous outside the island.” Gu Qingluan frowned.

“I’m not afraid!” His big eyes were clear and fearless.

“But I’m afraid.” Gu Qingluan squatted down and touched his fair little face. “You are the little darling that Mother cares about the most. There are many enemies outside the island. Mother doesn’t want you to be hurt.”

Gu Xiaonan patted her head like a little adult. “But Xiao Nan doesn’t want Mother to get hurt. Xiao Nan can protect Mother!”

With determination in his eyes, he raised his little fist, his face brimming with confidence.

Gu Qingluan couldn’t help but pinch his chubby cheeks. “I appreciate your concern, but… no.”

“Didn’t Mother say that having one more person means having one more source of strength? Mother, take Xiao Nan with you! Please, Mother~”

Gu Xiaonan clung tightly to her thigh, swaying back and forth for a while. Noticing her reluctance, he resorted to acting pitifully.

“If Mother leaves Xiao Nan behind, he won’t eat or sleep at night. He’ll surely fall ill. Mother will feel guilty, the enemy will rejoice, and Xiao Nan will feel even worse… Right, Xiao Bai?” He turned his head and asked the white fox lying beside the wooden box.

“Squeak squeak!” The little master is absolutely right!” the white fox chirped in agreement, supporting his plea.

“Island Lord, what the young master said holds some truth,” Bo He interjected from the side. As long as he was cautious, there shouldn’t be much danger. The young master was clever enough to make it difficult for others to harm him.

Gu Qingluan sighed and playfully flicked her fingers. “You little troublemaker, when did you bribe the people around me?”

Ignoring the slight ache on his forehead, Xiaonan’s eyes sparkled with hope. “Mother, does that mean you’ve agreed?”

“You can follow me if you want, but you have to make three rules.”

“Mother, please say it. I will definitely abide by it.” Gu Xiaonan patted his chest and promised.

“First, once we reach the shore, you must wear a mask. It is essential that you conceal your true appearance from outsiders.” “Yes, understood!” “Second, during this journey, you and I will address each other as master and disciple.”

Five years ago, Gu Lingxue underwent a painful procedure to enhance her cultivation. She had her abdomen cut open, and one of her children was taken away. If the other party discovered the existence of Xiaonan, they would not spare him.

The Gu Lingxue of the present was not the same as the one from five years ago. She was now the esteemed prodigy of Qiankun Academy, having studied under Saint Fengtian. Her strength and influence were not to be underestimated.

As Gu Qingluan contemplated how Gu Lingxue’s current accomplishments were all due to the child she had lost before they even met, her hatred intensified. She hadn’t concealed the truth about the past from Gu Xiaonan, as he was old enough to understand.

With a serious expression, Xiaonan nodded, then reached out to embrace her, gently patting her back as if comforting a child. “Mother, don’t be sad. Xiao Nan will always be by your side.”

The little one emitted a delicate, milky fragrance. He was tender and seemed to have nestled his way into Gu Qingluan’s heart. Her eyes turned slightly red as she pulled her son closer into her arms.

“Mother, what’s the third rule?”

“Third…” Initially, Gu Qingluan had intended for her son to be obedient and avoid mischief. However, now that she saw how obedient and sensible he was, she decided to change the third rule.

Hence, she said, “Xiaonan, you must take good care of yourself. You don’t need to show mercy to the bad guys. Even if you challenge the heavens, your mother will always support you!”

Xiaonan immediately jumped up in joy. “Oh, hooray! Mother is the best!”

“Pirates! There are pirates!”

As they were talking, Xiaomei suddenly flew in with agitation.

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