Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 3

Running Away From Home

Jun Qingluan’s face showed a mix of astonishment and relief as she swiftly freed the child from her womb. Time was of the essence, and she feared that leaving the baby inside any longer could lead to suffocation.

“Wah! Wah! Wah!”


The newborn immediately let out cries, its little mouth wide open.

Jun Qingluan, concerned that the sound might draw attention from outside, endured the pain and gently cradled the baby in her arms. She whispered soothingly, “Baby, don’t cry. We mustn’t let the bad people hear you.”

Perhaps understanding her words, the little one’s cries gradually softened and ceased.

“What a clever little one.” Jun Qingluan’s lips curved slightly as she planted a gentle kiss on the baby’s forehead.

The baby responded with a grin, revealing two rows of pink gums.

Jun Qingluan’s eyes became even gentler as she wrapped the baby tightly with a thin blanket.

Jun Qingluan made a difficult decision as she looked at the open door.

If she were alone, she would be willing to risk her life to rescue the baby taken by Gu Lingxue.

However, now she had a child in her arms.

Considering her current state, taking such a risk would not only jeopardize her own life but also tragically endanger the baby in her embrace at the hands of Gu Lingxue.

“I’m sorry, child. I’ll avenge you.”

Jun Qingluan lowered her voice apologetically. She suppressed the unwillingness and guilt she felt towards the other child, drew a spell talisman with her own blood, and recited the incantation silently.

The remaining nebulous Primordial Chaos that had followed her rebirth churned in her body and flowed into the blood talisman through her finger.

A dazzling red light flashed, and Jun Qingluan and the baby in her arms disappeared.

The room was ablaze.


Five years later.

There was a boat floating on the misty sea.

On the deck, a woman in a long white dress leaned against a rocking chair. Her eyes were slightly closed, and her feet were crossed.

The sea breeze caressed her delicate face, and the corners of her mouth curled up in satisfaction.

“Island Lord, bad news. There’s news from the island that young master has run away from home!”

Beside her, the anxious voice of a young woman shattered the tranquillity.

The woman’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she slowly opened her eyes, resembling shooting stars streaking across the depths of her gaze.

This person was Jun Qingluan, who had disappeared in the sea of fire five years ago. However, since then, she had also become Gu Qingluan.

Raising a finger, the woman shook her head at Bo He.

Bo He blinked, her eyes filled with question marks. “Island Lord, young Master has run away from home. Why aren’t you worried at all?”

Gu Qingluan’s ears twitched, and she stood up lazily. Her long dress naturally fell, swaying gently with her footsteps, and she walked to a grocery room on the ship.

Bo He quickly followed.

In the storeroom filled with boxes, a rustling sound came from a corner.

A cute voice came from a large wooden box. “Xiaomei, don’t move. Mother’s cultivation is high. She will hear you.”

“It wasn’t me, it was Xiao Bai.” replied a voice that belonged to an animal, yet carried a human-like tone.

“Squeak squeak! It’s not me!” protested another animal.

“Alright, alright, calm down! Starting now, whoever remains quiet until we reach the shore will be rewarded handsomely!”

“Reward? What kind of reward?” Xiaomei immediately inquired.

“Xiao Mei, you’re disqualified.”

“Puff! Puff!” Xiaomei tumbled headfirst.

“Mischievous Xiaomei, you’re moving around again! Do you think I won’t…”

The little voice, filled with anger, involuntarily grew louder. In the next instant, the lid of the box was abruptly lifted.

The small figure hidden inside the wooden box was exposed to the light, freezing in place as if struck at an acupuncture point.

Seated within the box was a young boy, with a snow-white fox nestled on his lap and a parrot with vibrant green feathers held in his hands.

Gu Qingluan cast him a forced smile. “Gu Xiaonan, you are truly audacious! How dare you run away from home!”

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