Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 28

Am I That Famous?

Gu Qingluan didn’t know how she should be reacting.

The little girl was still upset, and now Yuan Xi was throwing a tantrum too?


She patiently comforted them for a while, and eventually, the emotions of the two little ones began to stabilize.

The little girl sat beside her, her shoulders trembling. “My name is Lu Siyu. The bad person gave me candy, and then I fell asleep. When I woke up… I saw the fairy sister. Fairy sister, I want to go home, I miss my brother! Can you take me home? I can give you lots and lots of money.”

So, the little girl didn’t actually dislike candy. She had learned a valuable lesson about accepting candy from strangers, and now she believed that anyone who offered her candy was a bad person. It was truly a reflection of a child’s innocence.

Gu Qingluan wiped away the tears from Lu Siyu’s eyes and said, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll take you home.”

“Really?” Lu Siyu exclaimed with joy. “Fairy sister, you’re so kind!”

Yuan Xi proudly declared, “Of course, beautiful sister is always kind!”

His proud and spoiled demeanor was quite amusing.

Gu Qingluan ruffled his little head and said, “Get in the carriage, we’ll take Lu Siyu home first.”

Yuan Xi cooperated fully.

He wanted to send this little crybaby away quickly so that no one would compete with him for beautiful sister’s attention!

Gu Qingluan tied up the two human traffickers at the back of the carriage.

He drove the carriage to the city gate.

Lu Siyu didn’t know where her home was. She only had her brother as a family member.

The siblings depended on each other for survival. From what Lu Siyu said, her brother doted on her.

Gu Qingluan thought that Lu Siyu’s brother would report her disappearance once he realized she was missing, so she headed straight to the yamen (government office).

Sure enough, there was someone surnamed Lu who had filed a report.

The officer went to inform the person.

Not long after, a handsome young man rushed in from outside.

“Xiao Yu!” He tightly embraced Lu Siyu, filled with excitement.

“Wow, big brother! I thought I would never see you again!” Upon seeing her dearest person, the emotions that the little girl had been holding back burst forth.

“Don’t cry, Xiao Yu, be good. Big brother will protect you from now on and won’t let any bad guys bully you.”

The siblings embraced each other for a while. Once Lu Siyu’s emotions settled down, the young man finally had the presence of mind to ask about the details of the situation, and his face displayed a wave of fear and relief.

Gu Qingluan smiled gently at Lu Bainian’s gratitude. “It was my pleasure to help. Young Master Lu, there’s no need to thank me. It’s getting late, and I have some matters to attend to. Let’s part ways here.”

She had been away for a few hours, and she wasn’t sure if any trouble had occurred with the demons and ghosts at the residence. She needed to return and check as soon as possible.

Holding Yuan Xi’s hand, she began to walk away.

“Miss, please wait!” Lu Bainian called out to her in a hurry.

He quickly caught up to Gu Qingluan. “My sister is the most important person to me. You saved her, and I owe you a great debt of gratitude. Please leave your name and give me a chance to repay your kindness.”

Seeing his insistence, Gu Qingluan could only tell him her name.

“Gu Qingluan… Are you the eldest daughter of the Gu family?” Lu Bainian widened his eyes in surprise.

The news of Gu Qing Luan causing a ruckus in the Gu Residence had spread like wildfire in the city. Naturally, Lu Bainian had heard about it as well. However, he did not expect Gu Qingluan to be such a kind person. She was completely different from the rumors.

“Am I that famous?” Gu Qingluan chuckled lightly, her exquisite features captivating under the lamplight.

Lu Bainian’s face suddenly turned red, his gaze fixed on her.

Lu Siyu grabbed his hand and shook it. “Brother, the fairy sister has left. Can we see her again?”

Lu Bainian snapped out of his daze, realizing that the beautiful figure was no longer in front of him.

Did he just get caught staring at the young lady? Hopefully, Gu Qingluan didn’t notice.

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