Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 27


Gu Qingluan’s expression became momentarily trance-like. The little boy’s gaze and even his voice resembled Xiaonan’s. If she didn’t know for certain that Xiaonan was in a separate courtyard with Bo He, she would have suspected that this was Xiaonan disguised as someone else.

“If it’s delicious, then have some more. There’s plenty here.”


“Mm-hmm!” Yuan Xi nodded happily.

Beautiful sister was truly amazing—beautiful, kind-hearted, powerful, and a skilled cook!

“Woo woo woo!”

Not far away, the two human traffickers, their mouths gagged, grew increasingly hungry. They caught a whiff of the tantalizing aroma of the roasted meat wafting through the air, and their appetites were awakened.

It’s torture to only smell it without being able to eat, it’s practically unbearable!

Gu Qingluan asked, “Little Yuan Xi, do you know what these two people do?”

Yuan Xi nodded.

“You know?” Gu Qingluan raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“They’re human traffickers!”

Now Gu Qingluan was even more astonished.

If he knew, why would he willingly go with them? If it weren’t for her intervention, the little guy would have been in their carriage by now.

Seeing her confusion, Yuan Xi explained, “There’s a child hidden in their carriage, and I wanted to save her.”

“How did you know?” Gu Qingluan asked.

“Xiao Hei told me.”

“Xiao Hei?”

Yuan Xi stretched out his small hand hesitantly.

A long and slender snake slithered out from his sleeve, coiling up and raising its head, flicking its tongue as if greeting Gu Qingluan.

Gu Qingluan didn’t know how to react for a moment.

How did little Yuan Xi manage to hide a snake without any change in his expression?

The snake appeared to be an ordinary one, not a spirit snake. How did he communicate with it?

Thinking that she might be angry since she remained motionless, Yuan Xi lowered his head sadly. “Are you angry because I didn’t tell you about it earlier?”

Gu Qingluan couldn’t bear to blame him. “No, Yuan Xi. You wanted to save someone, and that’s very brave! I should be praising you instead of getting angry.”

Little Yuanxi was relieved and smiled.

The two of them found the child who had been abducted by the human trafficker in the secret compartment of the carriage.

The little girl was curled up and unconscious.

Gu Qingluan immediately carried her out and checked her pulse.

She had simply fallen asleep from inhaling the sleeping drug, so there was no major issue.

Gu Qingluan breathed a sigh of relief and took out a small bottle, placing it under the little girl’s nose.

The little girl wrinkled her brows and slowly opened her eyes, muttering, “It smells bad!”

When she finally saw Gu Qingluan, she froze for a moment. “Are you a fairy?”

Do children these days have such sweet mouths?

Yuan Xi initially didn’t pay much attention to the little girl’s appearance, but when he heard her referring to Gu Qingluan as a fairy, a sense of crisis immediately arose within him.

This was someone who would compete with him for beautiful sister!

Realizing this, Yuan Xi’s little face became very serious.

The little girl was about the same age as Yuan Xi. Finding herself in the wilderness without familiar faces around, she became frightened and started crying.

Gu Qingluan held her in her arms and comforted her for a while, which made Yuan Xi feel a pang of sourness in his heart.

Beautiful sister never held him and comforted him like this!

So, he glared fiercely at the little girl.

The little girl cried inconsolably and didn’t perceive his threat.

Gu Qingluan felt overwhelmed; while she had raised Xiaonan single-handedly, he hardly cried as a child, so she wasn’t skilled at comforting crying children.

Thinking that children usually liked sweets, she remembered having some in her storage ring and took them out to offer to the girl.

However, the little girl cried even harder, saying, “No! No candy! You’re a bad person!”

Gu Qingluan was speechless.

Yuan Xi became angry. No one was allowed to insult his beautiful sister!

“Beautiful sister, let’s go. Let her stay in the forest by herself!”

Upon hearing this, the little girl clung tightly to Gu Qingluan’s neck.

Yuan Xi, consumed by jealousy, hugged Gu Qingluan’s leg tightly, exerting great force. “Beautiful sister is mine!”

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