Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 “Dinner Banquet (6)”

The inner hall doesn’t allow outsiders entry so the old madam naturally had to take Bai Yan outside for the guests to see.

But before then, Lan Xiaoyun (girl) had get her questions in: “Hey, did you really cure grandpa’s body? I heard from father that you became a fourth level alchemist’s disciple.”

“Mhmm.” Bai Yan confirms it, her lips curving into a smirk.

Glowing in her eye, the young girl hurries to follow up: “Then can you teach me alchemy?”

Turning her head around to look at her cousin, Bai Yan unconsciously nodded her head under that anticipating gaze: “I can teach you, but whether or not you can learn anything will depend on your own talent.”

With that promise in her bag, the girl jumps around excitedly and started getting prideful again like before.

Bai Zhi, so what if you got a crown princess sister? I now have Bai Yan as a teacher, meaning a fourth level alchemist is now my grandshifu!

It’s a pity that Lan Xiaoyun had no talent in this field and could only flex around some sword and rods. Not that she didn’t try before, she did. But after a few failing experiences in the past with alchemy, the girl can only absolve herself to the truth.

However, now that Bai Yan’s appeared, she can become a titular student!

It matters not if she doesn’t have talent in that field, she only wanted the title to stand on even grounds with Bai Zhi.

That’s the real purpose!


Lan House, inside the banquet hall.

“His Highness the Crown Prince is entering!” One of the servants announces this all the way from the outside, knocking the noisy guests back into silence.

Crown Prince?

He’s here, too?

It can’t be the man is here to make fun of Bai Yan is he? After all, the girl did almost become the Crown Princess of the Liu Huo Kingdom.

“Who sent the invitation to him?” Lan Yu (uncle) slightly wrinkles his brow as he whispered to the man next to him

Nervous and careful in his voice, the guard replies: “Subordinate here reminded everyone ahead of time not to send an invite over there. I believe none from our side is responsible.”

If we didn’t send an invite then why is he here?

Lan Yu’s face didn’t look so good. He didn’t forget how much harm the royal family did to Bai Yan, his niece.

They all say the current crown princess had a premature birth, but if that’s true, how can the child be so healthy? Only those ignorant fools would believe such a lie.

“Lord Lan, you won’t blame me for coming uninvited now would you?” Nangong Yi unfolds his fan like a scholarly gentleman to accentuate his appearance: “I heard your father, Old Lord Lan, is already sick beyond relief. Therefore, I came specifically to see how many days he still has left and to give my farewell before it’s too late.”

Clenching his fist into a ball, Lan Yu forces a cold smile: “My father is doing very well, no need for your concern! Anyways, I fear your purpose today is too impure, forgive me but I believe our home is unfit to receive you.”

At the moment, the recovery of the old man remains limited to the Lan House so it’s no surprise the prince would be unaware of this fact. Nevertheless, the obvious expelling words from the host left Nangong Yi very displeased. Just as he’s ready to refuse, another announcement interrupted him from the doorway.

“His Highness the Sovereign Prince is entering!”

Sovereign Prince?

Now this time, whether it be Lan Yu or Nangong Yi, both men were completely caught off guard here. Stunned for words, they turned around immediately to seek that dangerous figure.

This Sovereign Prince was arrogant and aloof. No matter the banquet or royal gatherings, this man would never show himself regardless of the invites. Therefore, Lan Yu deliberately left the infamous man alone for today’s banquet.

To show up uninvited, what does this mean?

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