Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 44

Chapter 44 “Dinner Banquet (5)”

“Cousin,” Lan Shaoyan (second male cousin) makes a welcoming smile, “Welcome home, from now on you are a member of the Lan family. If anyone dears to bully you, tell brother here and I’ll beat

“Then I have to thank you cousin.” Bai Yan was beaming with smile as she said, causing the boy to blush from embarrassment for unknown reasons.

“Hey.” Lan Xiaoyun (girl) suddenly ran in front of Bai Yan, her attitude a little arrogant. “You are Bai Zhi’s step sister right? I’m telling you now, if I fight with her in the future you can’t side with her.”

The young girl may not be the easiest to get around, but she’s not the spoiled overbearing type. She simply didn’t like Bai Zhi and her pretentious face.

“Why should I help her?” Twitching in the mouth, Bai Yan asks in confusion.

Now it’s the girl’s turn to be stunned: “Aren’t you her sister?”

If Bai Yan and her brother doesn’t tell the truth, likely no one in the world will know how miserable their life had been in the Bai House, hence the reason why Lan Xiaoyan said such a thing.

Patting her lap like she just remembered something by the remark, Old Madam Lan chimes in then: “I almost forgot to tell you all.”

For the next while, the old grandmother began going over the details of how Bai Yan’s been suffering over on that side and how Yu Rong almost managed to sell the poor girl out.

Hearing all these pained stories, the three youngsters in the family were left aghast with disbelief. They simply can’t imagine there being someone so vicious and cruel.

“Poor child.” Dong Ruolan (aunt) attempts to wipe the tears from her eyes: “Why did you siblings not come tell us before? Seriously, how can Xiao never utter a word about your suffering over all these years.”

A bit unhappy yet still full of love, this caring aunt continues: “Your mother is no longer here so let me, your aunt, decide for you in the future. No matter what happens, you don’t have to ever worry about being sold again while here in the Lan House.”

Feeling a current of warmth circulating in her heart, Bai Yan found that it’s far better to have a family by her side then to wonder the world alone.

Coming back to her senses now, Lan Xiaoyun (girl) that was arrogant and proud minutes ago were now showing a tinge of guilt on her face: “I’m so sorry cousin, I did not know the amount of grievance you have for them. Don’t worry, when we see Bai Zhi again we can team up to beat her together.”

“Seriously, the Bai House is too much!” Anger could be heard in Lan Shaoyan’s voice (second boy cousin), “They took away auntie’s dowry and still have the nerve to say cousin here is leaching off of the Bai House? We cannot let this slide!”

Even the always stable and calm Lan Shaoling (big cousin) was starting to raise his voice: “Mother, Grandmother, I agree with my second brother here. Cousin faced so much grievance over there, we can’t just let this go. For her and for our Lan family, we must get justice.

“Okay, since you all came to this decision, then…”

The old madam was ready to set it in stone by slamming the table with her hand when Bai Yan interrupted. “Grandma, I’ve got a plan for revenge already. I can solve this matter alone.”

Hearing this, the old lady can only exhale a sigh of frustration. Lightly patting her dear granddaughter’s hand, she speaks in a whispering tone: “Since you’ve made this decision then I can only respect your opinion. However, if you ever need help then you must come to us. I cannot bear to see you suffer like back then again while under our care.”

Even if their Lan House must go against the royal family, they will persist!

“Mother.” Slowly getting up, Dong Ruolan was the realistic one to bring the mood back to normal, “Most of the guests are here, why don’t we go out first to receive them?”

Nodding at the suggestion, Old Madam Lan gently pulls the girl up with her and led the way: “My dear, let us go. Today our Lan House will show the world how great you are.”

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