Absolute Resonance

Chapter 1017: Ice and Water

Chapter 1017: Ice and Water

When the strongest fighters from the two sides charged towards one another, beams of resonant power shot out from the others too. The worldly natural energy in the surroundings trembled violently, and a chaotic fight ensued.

Li Fuling, Li Guan, and the other higher stage Heavenly Pearl cultivators led an offensive charge towards the Devil Fire Hall, the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Qing, and the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao.

On the other hand, Li Qingfeng led the younger generation to stop Qin Yi, Zhao Shenjiang, and Zhao Jingyu's group.

"Fairy Qin, I didn't expect that we'd meet each other on the battlefield one day," Li Qingfeng commented with a sigh as he glanced at the charming Qin Yi with her beautiful fairy-dress dancing in the air.

"This is not what I wished for. But since the situation calls for it, I cannot resist," Qin Yi replied softly.

"Li Qingfeng, you're such a disappointment. Initially, I thought of you as the strongest in your lineage. However, you're so useless that you let a country bumpkin from the outer divine continent take that title from you so easily. If I were you, I'd just sit back here and watch him die so that he can't steal your limelight anymore," Zhao Shenjiang told Li Qingfeng with malicious intent as he held firmly onto his heavy spear.

However, Li Qingfeng simply shook his head after hearing those words. He smiled a little and replied, "You must have really suffered under the hands of Li Luo. If not, you wouldn't be more anxious than me right now."

Zhao Shenjiang's eyes turned cold immediately. "Tsk. Since he cut off one of my arms earlier, I'll cut off all four of your limbs later. If you want to blame anyone, just blame Li Luo!"

As soon as he said those words filled with cruelty, four radiant Heavenly Pearls materialized behind his back. His pearls spun at extremely high speeds as they absorbed the worldly natural energy from the surroundings, causing Zhao Shenjiang's power to increase incessantly.

"Let me have a taste of your might, then," Li Qingfeng responded with a cold voice. At the same moment, three radiant Heavenly Pearls also manifested behind his back, with a faint fourth pearl barely visible.

"You have such a weak and illusory fourth pearl, yet you wish to fight against me?" Zhao Shenjiang smiled contemptuously.

"It's enough to stop you here!" Li Qingfeng gripped his sword tightly and stared back coldly.

"If you're held up by me over here, who'll fight against Fairy Qin? Are there any other useful fellows in the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li?" Zhao Shenjiang remarked with a smile.

Hearing this, Li Qingfeng went silent for a moment. Despite looking calm and peaceful, Qin Yi was likely even more dangerous than Zhao Shenjiang. If he went up against her, things would likely end ugly. As for the others...

"Let me handle this Fairy Qin girl." At this point, a voice that was akin to the sound of a clear spring flowing down from an iceberg came from behind him.

Li Qingfeng was surprised to hear this, and he turned back to have a look. Behind him, Lu Qing'er was standing in midair with a chilly air under her feet. The air had crystallized into ice, and she stood on top of it like a goddess of snow.

She observed the enchanting Qin Yi with her icy gaze. Naturally, she had heard about Qin Yi before and knew about the enmity between her and Li Luo.

"Miss Qing, do you come from Golden Dragon Mountain?" Qin Yi asked with a little surprise as her eyes turned towards Lu Qing'er.

Clearly, she had an inkling about Lu Qing'er and her background as well.

Lu Qing'er smiled slightly and nodded.

"You are truly a wonderful lady, Miss Qing, as pure and beautiful as a snow lotus. I wonder, what sort of relationship do you have with Li Luo? Those from Golden Dragon Mountain seldom get themselves involved in the affairs of the various powers," Qin Yi asked out of curiosity.

"We are just old friends," Lu Qing'er replied calmly.

"I don't think it's that simple..." Qin Yi responded with a smile.

Lu Qing'er looked back at her and said, "Fairy Qin, it may not be a good thing for our generation to get too involved with the grudges from the previous generation. Li Luo may be compassionate, but not everyone is like that. If you really wish to plot against him, be careful that you do not look for trouble."

Hearing this, Qin Yi chuckled softly. "What is this? Miss Qing, do you wish to stand up for him?"

"It would have been fine if it were just me," Lu Qing'er responded. "I am afraid that the one who will wholeheartedly support him will not be as pleasant as me. She will not be willing to talk things over with you when she arrives."

Qin Yi smiled and asked, "That sounds like yet another lady. Li Luo is such a player. However, I am not as weak as you may imagine. If someone really wishes to assist him in the future, I will naturally face her head-on. Unfortunately for me, I cannot go against my mother's wishes, so your advice is useless."

When she finished speaking, she flicked her jade-like fingers, and a beam of resonant power shot out like a water jet. The water meandered, transforming into a huge water dragon with a dominating presence.

Seeing this, Lu Qing'er did not waste her breath either. She took off her ice silk gloves, revealing her flawless, slender, jade-like hands. She then began forming seals with all ten fingers. Extremely cold resonant power surged up, and a snow lotus bloomed under her feet. The surrounding air froze instantly.

"This cold air..."

Qin Yi's eyes twitched a little as she felt the extremely pure and cold air in the surroundings. Lu Qing'er seemed to possess an extremely special power in her body. The cold air was definitely not something that an ordinary ice resonance could form.

If she dared to step up by herself to fight against her, she must have some tricks up her sleeve.

After pondering for a moment, Qin Yi did not hesitate any longer. Surrounded by the sound of rushing water, the majestic water dragon roared out and charged straight towards Lu Qing'er.


While Li Qingfeng and Lu Qing'er were having their own fights, Li Luo had come face to face against Tian Miao, the leader of Devil Fire Hall, in the sky above them.

Tian Miao frowned when he saw Li Luo charging towards him. At this moment, Li Luo was surrounded by an extremely ferocious crimson energy. The energy was so destructive that it made Li Wuyuan and the others pale in comparison in terms of danger.

"I heard from Mu Yao that Li Luo's strength can rival someone at the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier with his external aid. Mu Yao was nearly finished off by him. As someone half a step into the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier, I am even weaker than Mu Yao..."

The look in Tian Miao's eyes changed immediately as he whispered to himself, "I can't confront him directly. I will have to employ hit and run tactics while slowly draining his borrowed power."

As long as Li Luo lost the support of his external aid, he would simply be a three-pearl. Tian Miao was confident that he could suppress him at that time.

With that, Tian Miao took a deep breath, and the scarlet resonant power coming from his body surged high up into the sky. For a moment, the whole sky seemed to be lit up in flames. The air burned with excruciating heat, and anyone who breathed it in would feel their throat throbbing with pain.

He stood in the middle of the sea of flames he had manifested in the sky. It was an extremely spectacular sight.

He had no intention to speak any nonsense with Li Luo. Without hesitation, he formed a hand seal. Giant fireballs emerged from the sky, raining down towards Li Luo like meteorites.

Li Luo raised his palm, and water resonant power condensed on it. Fused with the crimson energy, the water resonant power turned into a wave of devastating crimson water.

The crimson water gushed out like a tidal wave. With a single movement, it swallowed up all of the giant fireballs.

"Water resonance..."

Tian Miao frowned when he saw this. Li Luo was his natural enemy.

He knew that his probing move had been ineffective. As such, he flew back instantly and retreated thousands of feet, not planning to face off against Li Luo directly.

Li Luo understood what Tian Miao was plotting. Clearly, he was not going to let things go according to plan.

There was no need for him to test out the other party's power in this battle. He only needed one lightning-fast move to upend the whole situation.

"A one-hit killer move, huh? I do have one."

Li Luo lowered his eyes slightly. Murderous intent flashed across his eyes as he formed a hand seal.


The faint ringing of a sword cry quietly resounded in the background. At the same time, the void vibrated violently.

It was... the Water Dragon Fang Sword!

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