Absolute Resonance

Chapter 1016: Display of Power

Chapter 1016: Display of Power

The groups from the various powers were floating in the sky around the ancient plains. Amongst them, the tension between the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li and Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao was the greatest.

The Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao had come fully prepared this time, gaining the support from Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Qing, the Devil Fire Hall, and Mu Yao. They seemed to possess the strongest lineup in the battlefield at this point of time.

Even with the assistance of Lu Qing'er and Elder Sister Jin, Li Luo's side still seemed weaker than them.

Zhao Yan stared coldly at Li Luo and his group. He had proactively reached out to the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Qing in order to take down the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li. Fortunately, due to the incident with Qin Lian in the past, Qin Ying and the rest naturally had bad ties with Li Luo as expected. Moreover, the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li was one of their main competitors. As such, they had naturally agreed to team up with each other.

As for Tian Miao and the Devil Fire Hall, they had previously collaborated to ambush Li Wuyuan. Although the ambush had ended in disaster, it had offended Li Wuyuan. There was no other way for Tian Miao to move forward but to work with Zhao Yan once again. After all, his topmost priority was to obtain an Origin Enlightenment Fruit. If he could eliminate the people from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li, it would be favorable for him.

As for Mu Yao... it was purely just a stroke of luck for Zhao Yan.

He had approached Zhao Yan on his own not long after they had entered the Spiritual Resonance Treasured Garden. Of course, Zhao Yan was more than happy to team up with him. Mu Yao was at the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier, and in addition to that, there were a lot of elites from the Golden Dragon Bank on his side as well. The power of his alliance would increase dramatically with the Golden Dragon Bank team's collaboration.

"Zhu Zhu, Zong Sha, my team currently holds the advantage. There are only a few Origin Enlightenment Fruits up for grabs. Don't you think we should remove some of the competition?" Zhao Yan glanced over at the people from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhu and the Heavenly Origin Ancient College, hinting that they should join his side. His plan was clear—he would get everyone on his side and get them to focus on eliminating Li Luo and his team before they proceeded.

His words caused quite a commotion within the groups from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhu and the Heavenly Origin Ancient College. With so many people already on his side, Zhao Yan's alliance was indeed looking formidable. He could very well have the strongest group present. If they joined hands with him, the squad from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li would be left standing alone. In that case, they would be eliminated for sure regardless of their might.

Most importantly, they would have a higher chance of getting their own Origin Enlightenment Fruits with the competition from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li eliminated.

Naturally, the faces of Li Wuyuan, Li Hongli, and the rest turned ugly immediately. Zhao Yan's alliance was already a step ahead in strength. If he could get Zhu Zhu’s and Zong Sha's groups to side with him, they would be finished.

Li Luo frowned. Zhao Yan was truly vicious.

From the way things were looking, it was indeed favorable for the other squads if they were eliminated from the competition right now.

However, just as Li Luo was thinking about how to respond, laughter came from Zhu Zhu, the leader of the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhu. "Zhao Yan, you sure thought it through. However, the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhu has no intention of becoming a pawn for anyone. If you wish to fight it out, go ahead and see who's stronger."

She did not accept Zhao Yan's invitation. Although the alliance from Zhao Yan's side seemed to have an advantage, the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li was not to be underestimated. In particular, Li Lingjing was a nine-pearl that was on par with anyone at the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier. Additionally, Li Luo's strength was unfathomable. Like Mu Yao had said earlier, he had nearly lost his life to Li Luo.

In such a situation, Zhu Zhu naturally would not lead the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhu to side with anyone.

"Sister Zhu, we should help Li Luo out! He's more reliable than Zhao Yan. If we help him chase those people from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhao away, we'll definitely get a share of the Origin Enlightenment Fruits," Zhu Dayu secretly suggested to Zhu Zhu from her side.

Zhu Zhu rolled her eyes and whispered back, "What's the hurry? We are also looking after our family here. There is no need to make our bets so hastily. We will observe the situation first and act later. If Li Luo and the others fall into a crisis, our assistance will be worth more."

When Zhu Dayu heard this, he could only mumble to himself in dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, Zong Sha from the Heavenly Origin Ancient College laughed out loud. "The Heavenly Origin Ancient College has always taken a neutral stance with regards to matters relating to the Heavenly Emperor powers. You should settle it amongst yourself."

Indeed, it was to their benefit to remain as spectators rather than getting caught up in the fight themselves.

Jiang Wanyu had not said anything about it. Zong Sha was their leader after all. She simply took a quick glance at Li Luo and wondered if what Mu Yao had said was the truth. Was this fellow actually capable of threatening him?

On the other hand, Zhao Yan's eyes darkened a little when he saw both Zhu Zhu and Zong Sha choosing to stay on the sidelines. However, he soon regained his composure and smirked. "Since the two of you aren't willing to take sides, you can wait and see."

After all, his side held the upper hand. If Zhu Zhu and Zong Sha truly refrained from interfering, that was nothing but good news for him.

At this moment, Mu Yao slowly opened his mouth and said to Lu Qing'er, "Young Mistress Qing, if you're willing to hand the object over to me, we will not interfere with the fight. How does that sound?"

Lu Qing'er's expression remained frigid. However, Li Luo interrupted with a smile before she could speak. "Mu Yao, you must have paid quite a price for the life-saving technique I forced you to use."

Hearing this, Mu Yao's eyes turned colder. He could sense immense pain coming from his abdomen. If someone were to tear open his shirt now, they would expose that a huge piece of flesh had been sliced off his abdomen. It was a truly frightening scar.

He had indeed paid an extremely heavy price to avoid that arrow from Li Luo.

This was also why he was looking at Li Luo with eyes full of murderous intent. If he had the chance, he would definitely get rid of this troublesome guy forever.

"Let's do it!"

Zhao Yan gave the order loudly. Huge amounts of resonant power surged up like a storm, and the energy of a Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier cultivator enveloped the battlefield.

The resonant power of Mu Yao, Qin Ying, Tian Miao, and all the other strong people soared as well. The worldly natural energy from the surroundings vibrated violently.

Two at the Lesser Heavenly Resonance tier and two half a step into the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier had summoned up their power! With such a lineup, the spectators from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Zhu and the Heavenly Origin Ancient College could not help but waver.

Over at the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li, there was only a nine-pearl Li Lingjing. Li Wuyuan and Elder Sister Jin were only half a step into the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier.

Based on this, it was clear that Zhao Yan and his group had the absolute advantage here.

Li Wuyuan frowned as he looked at the battlefield. With only Li Lingjing and Elder Sister Jin helping him, it was indeed a tall order to fend off the four strongest fighters from the opposing side.

Just as Li Wuyuan started getting a headache over the situation, a calm voice suddenly came from the side.

"Leave Tian Miao to me. You can just tie down the other three. I'll try and finish him off completely as fast as I can."

Everyone was shocked at the person speaking. It was none other than Li Luo.

Li Fuling asked him in disbelief, "You're going to kill someone who's half a step into the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier?"

Although Mu Yao had said that he had nearly been killed by Li Luo earlier, they had their reservations without seeing it with their own eyes.

"It's just a little trick, borrowing the power of others. However, I can't keep it up for long, so we have to end this fight fast," Li Luo explained coolly as the others looked at him with surprise.

He had chosen Tian Miao because he was the weakest. The other three, Zhao Yan, Qin Ying, and Mu Yao, were significantly stronger, considering their backgrounds. They definitely had multiple and mightier life-saving techniques. He did not have the confidence to deal with them. As such, he had chosen the easiest opponent out of the four.

After all, injuring four fingers would not be as effective as cutting one off completely.

As long as he could kill Tian Miao, the situation for both sides would change drastically. Li Qingfeng, Li Hongli, and the rest were at a loss for words. They were in the same generation as Li Luo. However, Li Luo had openly declared that he would kill someone half a step into the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier. Had the gap between them and Li Luo grown so wide?

Although Li Luo had said that he was borrowing some kind of external power, it was still a form of strength nonetheless. In a life and death battle, staying alive was the only victory that mattered.

Li Wuyuan’s expression changed as he stared deeply at Li Luo. If what he had said was true, there was really no one in this generation of the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li that could obstruct him anymore. If he spent a few more years cultivating, even the best amongst the Heavenly Dragon’s Five Guardian Armies would be unable to stop him.

This was just like Li Taixuan back in the day.

Li Wuyuan was overwhelmed with emotion, but he kept it under control. There was a greater foe before them right now. His priority was to deal with this issue first.

At this point, Li Wuyuan did not have any other thoughts. He summoned up his resonant power. Together with Elder Sister Jin, the worldly natural energy of the surroundings gathered around them.

On the other hand, nine radiant Heavenly Pearls materialized behind Li Lingjing. The energy coming from these nine pearls was even stronger than the energy Li Wuyuan and Elder Sister Jin had released.

Li Luo took a deep breath at this moment. He focused his thoughts onto the crimson bracelet. Ferocious crimson energy flooded out like a torrent.

His eyes gradually took on a crimson hue. The pressure from his energy undulations was comparable to Li Wuyuan and the others. A huge roar echoed through the air as the worldly natural energy around him shook violently. On the side, Li Qingfeng and Li Hongli were flabbergasted when they sensed the terrifying pressure.

Li Luo had such an incredible ace hidden up his sleeve!

In the distance, Qin Yi also looked over at Li Luo with a serious gaze. The faces of Zhao Jingyu and Zhao Shenjiang had turned green. Zhao Jingyu could not help but ask in confusion, "Is this brat really from a barren outer divine continent? How does he possess even more aces than us?!"

"The energy coming from him is vicious beyond belief. It should belong to some kind of spirit beast. Although I don't know how he transformed such energy into his own power, it's still considered unorthodox. If he's not careful, his mind will be corrupted and he'll be dead meat!" Zhao Shenjiang explained gloomily. There were indeed many secret arts that could allow one to tap upon the power of spirit beasts. However, the aftereffects were extremely frightening. Quite a few people had turned crazy from it.

He looked over at Li Luo with cold eyes.

"Let me see just how strong he has gotten with this external power!"

When Zhao Shenjiang finished his sentence, the eight figures overflowing with tremendous energy flew into the air and clashed directly against one another. A huge battle was about to unfold.

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