A Wizard’s Secret

Chapter 820 - Temporary Calm

Chapter 820: Temporary Calm

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On the Rock Tribe Dimension, all the Lord Gods of the God Alliance were seated in the hall; everyone’s expressions were heavy. Although the outcome was yet to be decided, in reality, they were the ones who had gone up ready to bite but in the end, they could do nothing to the Spell Caster civilization. The God Alliance had failed.

The Lord God of Light’s expression was dark. He had almost died in the hands of Merlin and his lot, and he had even wasted a lot of his precious Lord God-level divinity, hence the long face.

“Marshal, what exactly is going on that you wanted us to retreat? With our powers, even if it would take some time, we would definitely be able to eliminate the Spell Caster civilization!”

The Lord God of Darkness did not feel like he was exaggerating at all. Even if they had more time, what could they do to the Spell Caster civilization? Of course, the Marshal would not say that outright, he only gave a slight smile. “Everyone, the Spell Caster civilization’s powers aren’t to be underestimated. If we charge in recklessly, I’m afraid everyone will also suffer the damage. That’s why I’ve summoned everyone back to discuss a better way to deal with it.”

“You Atlans never used the void-level warship. It was a great opportunity earlier. If you had used the void-level warship, you would’ve been able to kill at least one or two ultimate existences. At that time, the situation would’ve been reversed immediately. Hehe, this war wasn’t fought for our sake!”

Still, the Lord God of Flame had grasped the key to the situation. The God Alliance had indeed failed. They could not defeat the Spell Caster civilization by themselves alone and needed to rely on the Atlan civilization’s void-level warship.

All the Lord God’s eyes fell onto the Marshal. If they were not given a reasonable explanation, there would probably be a fall out at once.

The Marshal took a deep breath as his face gradually turned serious as he said coldly, “Everyone, this is the main reason why I have called all of you back. The despicable Spell Caster civilization had sent Roman with his stealth flying ship, and destroyed the void-level warship! That is why, during the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity earlier, the Spell Caster civilization had already known that the void-level warship had been destroyed. That’s why they were so fearless and unbridled.”

“What, your void-level warship was destroyed?”

The faces of the Eight Great Lord Gods expressed a hint of shock. They had always held some degree of disdain toward the Atlan civilization but over time, they slowly discovered that the Atlan civilization was indeed quite powerful especially the void-level warship. After so long, the fact remained that even the Eight Great Lord Gods knew not of its locations.

The void-level warship’s ability to remain hidden was very impressive to the point that it could not even be discovered by the average ultimate existence.

“Roman, stealth flying ship? Is it that sneaky, ghosting in and out ultimate existence whose presence even we cannot sense? The one that would sometimes unleash a powerful

gravitational force and tries to confine us?”

The Lord God of Frost, who had been silent for the most part, suddenly asked.

“Yes, it’s Roman! He possesses the stealth flying ship, and I believe everyone here has experienced his elusiveness!”

All the Lord Gods turned silent. Indeed, when they had fought with the Spell Caster civilization, they had often been subjected to the harassment of that ghost-like, presence-less, yet who possessed incredible speed Roman who would often throw the Lord Gods into critical situations.

Therefore, the Lord Gods would understand that it had been Roman’s doing. After all, that soundless ability was downright terrifying, and the most feared part of the stealth flying ship.

“Without the void-level warship, who knows how long the war will continue. The Atlan civilization must bring out all your divinity, otherwise, is there even a meaning to us God Alliance fighting for you?”

At this time, the Lord God of Darkness put out a request, demanding for more divinity.

The Marshal’s face was strained. In his view, these Lord Gods were all simply a pack of greedy, hungry wolves. All that Lord God-level divinity was something that the Atlan civilization had accidentally stumbled across during their search for the remains of the Vestigial Tribe and was limited. This time, they had already taken out a significant amount in exchange for the God Alliance’s help.

“Everyone, since we have promised to each of you Lord God-level divinity, we’ll not go back on our word. Once the Spell Caster civilization is destroyed, we’ll certainly offer the Lord God-level divinity with both of our hands. What’s more, our Atlan civilization is still able to continue building more void-level warships. During this time, we only need you to hold the fort; there’s no need for you to destroy the Spell Caster civilization immediately.”

The Marshal had retained his calm although he was fuming inside. He knew that they still needed these Lord Gods. Otherwise, they would not be able to withstand it should the Spell Caster civilization attacked them.

Seeing that the Marshal was reluctant to bring out more divinity, the Lord Gods turned to one another. They refused to leave now, seeing as they had already been given a taste of it, and they had yet to receive the other half of the promised divinity, so how could they possibly be willing to leave?

However, it was pointless to coerce the Marshal now. They dared not charge into the Atlan civilization thus, the few of them exchanged glances, evidently having reached an agreement. If it was only to defend and not to attack, then they believed that the Spell Caster civilization would not dare to take the initiative and attack either.

“Hmph, alright. I hope that the Atlan civilization will be able to create the void-level warship soon and ultimately annihilating the Spell Caster civilization.”

The Lord God of Darkness said as the other Lord Gods nodded along in agreement as the Marshal let out a sigh of great relief as if a heavyweight had been lifted. At last, he had finally managed to appease these Gods from the God Alliance.

As for the Spell Caster civilization, he was convinced that unless they were mad, they would not be so insane as to make the first move and attack God Alliance. Thus, there would be a temporary time of peace, and this temporary calm was the opportunity for the Atlan civilization to put all their effort into building the void-level warship.

“I have to arrange the matters of building the void-level warship. I shall take my leave first.”

Then, the Marshal took his guards, and swiftly left the Rock Tribe Dimension.

Only the Eight Great Lord Gods and the two Progenitors of the Rock Tribe remained in the entire hall. With the Marshal’s departure, the two Progenitors from the Rock Tribe also took their leave. At this moment, except for the Spell Caster civilization, they were the ones who had suffered the biggest loss, and as such, there were many other things they needed to attend to in order to stabilize the situation.

As for the Eight Great Lord Gods, they sat quietly in the hall in dead silence.

“Everyone, I believe that you have all seen the destructive powers of the Atlan civilization’s void-level warship. If we let them build it, would that not pose a threat to us in the future?”

After a pregnant while, the Lord God of Storm voiced his doubts.

It was not only the Lord God of Storm who held such doubts but all the other Lord Gods shared the same concerns as well. The void-level warship was so powerful that it was even able to destroy an ultimate existence. Then, it would naturally be able to destroy them as well.

“The void-level warship may be powerful but it has also been destroyed. As long as we can locate the void-level warship, then it won’t pose a threat to us. Hmph, this Atlan civilization thinks that just because they have external forces, they no longer have to fear us, the God Alliance? How laughable. Anything that Roman could do, we can do it as well. From now on, we’ll each send people to monitor the Atlans’ every act secretly. Be sure to find out all information regarding the creation of the void-level warship. By that time, even if they have built the void-level warship, its locations will be within our grasp, and they’ll always be no match for us.”

The Lord God of Frost said confidently. What she had pointed out was the weakness of the Atlan civilization’s void-level warship. It was its weak defense that was unable to withstand the attack of the ultimate existence’s power of the natural order.

Therefore, if they were able to grab hold of the void-level warship’s location, then destroying the void-level warship would be easy.

“That’s right; if we could grab hold of Roman’s stealth flying ship and destroy the Spell Caster civilization, then we’ll have even less to worry about that Atlan civilization!”

Although many of the Lord Gods knew of the dangers of the Atlan civilization, they still believed that they could handle them. They did not mind waiting until the Atlan civilization had once rebuilt the void-level warship and destroyed the Spell Caster civilization, and gained more divinity before they dealt with the Atlan civilization.

“Then we shall wait…”

The hall descended into silence once again.

In the dimension of the Spell Caster civilization, however, was the time of celebration as everyone had a smile on their faces.

At this time, in the Void Zone, the area controlled by the Spell Caster civilization was empty and vast. Only in a place far from the front line could a dimension filled with life be seen.

“Four hundred dimensions destroyed…”

Smiles adorned the faces of many but only Merlin’s silent gaze fell onto the empty dimensions. They had won big this time not only against the attack of the God Alliance but Roman had also destroyed the devastating threat of the void-level warship.

However, the cost of winning was high for the Spell Caster civilization. Over four hundred dimensions, all connected to the Mother Tree had withstood the attacks of the God Alliance and was shattered into pieces.

Such was the price!

“Whoosh, whoosh.”

Soon, two ultimate existences, Augustus and Ceci appeared by Merlin’s side. They took a glance at the desolate Void Zone, sharing a sense of affected sentiment. After all, they had led the Spell Caster civilization step by step until it had grown into its glory today. This was the first time that they had ever lost four hundred dimensions at once.

“Glory Lord, there’s only the weak and the strong in the Void Zone. The weak civilizations will never stand a chance to last, and it’ll perish along with the many other civilizations…”

The Spell Caster civilization had once flourished as well. Had it not been for Merlin’s capability to control the Slothful Beast, and if they had not requested for Wizard Setoh’s avatar to go with Merlin and sought out the Giant Tribe’s Chronos, then the Spell Caster civilization would have likely been completely annihilated during this crisis, and joined the ranks of the perished civilizations.

“Wizard Augustus, Wizard Ceci, the God Alliance is different from the Atlan civilization. They only want the Lord God-level divinity. Otherwise, they would have never fought to the death with us but the Atlan civilization is different. What they want are resources and countless dimensions and we, the Spell Caster civilization have all of this. That’s why the calm will be temporary. The Atlan civilization will find another way to rebuild the void-level

warship. That’s why we must strike first.”

After a pause, Merlin glanced at the vast Void Zone in the distant, and spoke in a deep, low voice, “I’m going to take the Slothful Beast and the Black Cat Didimoss with me into the Atlan Dimension!”

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