A Wizard’s Secret

Chapter 819 - Destroy the Void-level Warship!

Chapter 819: Destroy the Void-level Warship!

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In the pitch-black darkness of the Void Zone, a massive warship had begun to flash a glimmer of light. This warship’s hull was built of great stealth. Even the ultimate existences would not be able to discover it lest they did a thorough search.

“Beep. Captain, we have received orders from the Marshal to immediately evacuate from the battle zone – the farther, the better as there’s a possibility of danger.”

A soldier in the warship conveyed the Marshal’s command.

The man addressed as Captain was clad in the Gray Light Armor – an armor that was highly prized and valued even in the Atlan civilization. To be able to become captain of the void-level warship, one must be of a certain stature and was thus qualified to don the Gray Light Armor.

“Danger? What a pity, our warship has been ambushing for such a long time. Three devastating cannon beams blasted, yet not a single ultimate existence dead. It’s most disappointing.”

While the Captain was reluctant, the Marshal’s orders were not to be disobeyed. Thus, the Captain immediately issued the orders as the void-level warship began to move.

“Attention. Warning. The Marshal has instructed us to stay on high alert and be vigilant. There ultimate existences in the Void Zone may be flying our way.”

The Captain was also very cautious even though he was not entirely convinced. Would the ultimate existences be able to find them relying on those three beams of light alone? That was simply ridiculous, not to mention that they were located so far away. No one would be able to find them in such a short time.

However, some things exceeded everyone’s expectations. The moment when the void-level warship had just begun to move, a flying ship had appeared right before it. They had been able to detect it earlier, only when it had gotten close, did they finally detect its presence.

“Beep, beep, beep. Danger. Please evacuate immediately.”

The mechanical, electronic voice sounded the alert, and the entire void-level warship descended into chaos.

“Finally found it… Hehe, enjoy the gravitational fields.”

In an unassuming flying ship, Roman was tacitly releasing the gravitational fields. Suddenly, the entire void-level warship was in a standstill, no longer able to move forward.

It was fortunate that the void-level warship was made of extraordinary materials. Otherwise, such a powerful gravitational field would have destroyed it entirely.

“It’s the gravitational field. The Marshal wanted us to keep an eye out for the ultimate existence?”

The Captain realized immediately. Earlier, he was still thinking that there were absolutely no dangers but now, the other party had already reached the front of the void-level warship.

As the Captain of the void-level warship, he was fully aware of the void-level warship’s weakness. It was its weak defense or better put, its relatively weaker defenses compared to the ultimate existences but stronger than some dimension-level warships. Otherwise, it would not be capable of resisting the gravitational fields released by Roman.

Nonetheless, that was all it could do. Then, Roman flew out of the stealth flying ship.

“I still have to do it myself. Go to hell!”

Both of Roman’s hands were enshrouded in the power of the natural order. In an instant, Roman had consolidated the power to form a giant hand. The giant hand easily grabbed the massive void-level warship. Then, it gave a light squeeze.


The entire void-level warship was virtually defenseless as it was instantly crushed and shattered into parts and pieces. The powerful explosive blast dispersed into various directions; appearing all the more discernible in the dark Void Zone.

“Tsk, tsk, the void-level warship has been destroyed, what a pity…”

Roman stared at the void-level warship which was now in flames as he shook his head feebly. Although he had very much wanted to study this void-level warship himself, it was a critical component in this war; and since it could not be controlled, then it must be destroyed.

Thereafter, Roman headed back into the stealth flying ship. Steering the ship, he quickly returned to the Spell Caster civilization.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

In the warship, the sound of the alarms carried on as everyone stared blankly at the screen. On the screen, flames enshrouded the skies. If one had looked closer, they would find that it was the void-level warship – the Atlan civilization’s one and only void-level warship.

The warship was silent as everyone looked to the Marshal. The destruction of the void-level warship was by far the biggest challenge faced by the Atlan civilization since they had broken through the dimension.

“The void-level warship is destroyed. It was the hope of our entire Atlan civilization…”

The mysterious Marshal seemed to have suddenly had years put on him as his entire spirit momentarily collapsed. The void-level warship was the foundation of which the Atlan civilization had built itself upon. Without it, how could he have sought the Eight Great Lord Gods of the God Alliance?

These Gods were far more formidable the Spell Casters, and greedier. Conspiring with them was tantamount to asking a tiger for its skin 1. However, the Marshal had thought by having the void-level warship, they would have nothing to fear from the God Alliance.

Only, the void-level warship had been destroyed, and the only thing that he was able to depend on was now lost. If only the Atlan civilization remained in this war, then he had already lost.

“Marshal, even though the void-level warship has been destroyed, we can still build another one. The war is still in a state of standstill, and we did not use such a valuable thing as the Lord God-level divinity to mobilize the God Alliance just for them to stand around and look pretty. The war is currently deadlocked. There’s enough time for us to build another or even more void-level warships.”

The Gray Light Armored guard beside the Marshal said in a low voice.

“Yes, we do still have a chance. We can build more void-level warships! Quick, send the message back to the dimension at once. Report to the Senate and have them spare no expense to mobilize all resources and manpower there is into building the void-level warship at all costs. As for the energy resources, there’s nothing to worry as we’re in the Void Zone. There are plenty of dimensions here – hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of dimensions. We must build the void-level warship even if we have to drain all of them!”

The Marshal’s gaze was frighteningly imposing with a trace of madness in them. He knew what the Atlan civilization needed the most right now was time. A single void-level warship, even at the fastest speed, would take a long time to build.

However, the war was still raging, and the God Alliance must not be defeated. Of course, they could not let the God Alliance win the battle too soon either as that would mean that the Atlan civilization had to face the greedy Eight Great Lord Gods.

Therefore, a stalemate was the best solution for the Atlan civilization!

“Go, inform the Rock Tribe and the Eight Great Lord Gods, have them retreat here. Even if we continue to attack, it’s likely that we won’t be able to destroy the Spell Caster civilization. We need to formulate a better plan.”

The mysterious Marshal returned to his former state. At this very moment, he was the final person who wanted to witness the outcome of the battle between the Spell Caster civilization and the God Alliance. What he needed was time, and a lot of it to gain valuable time for the Atlan civilization to build the void-level warship.


The stealth flying ship discreetly returned to the Spell Caster civilization.

“Roman? Back so soon? How are things on your side?”

In the first instance, Merlin hurriedly asked Roman. One should know that the Mother Tree was no longer capable of resisting against the God Alliance as it would be a difficult fight. If the Atlan civilization’s void-level warship was still lurking in the dark, then it was an almost fatal threat to the many ultimate existences of the Spell Caster civilization.

Hence, Roman’s success or failure would determine the course of the war.

“Hehe, oh the void-level warship. I thought how powerful it was after it had killed Arcane Wizard Setoh. I didn’t expect to crush it into pieces with a single blow…”

A trace of a smile appeared on the corner of Roman’s mouth. Then, he showed them the image of how he had destroyed the void-level warship earlier. The firelight that shot into the sky had undoubtedly indicated that the fearsome void-level warship of the Atlan civilization had now been completely and utterly destroyed.

“Haha, Setoh, we’ve finally avenged you!”

Wizards Augustus and Ceci were especially emotional. They would never forget how the former Arcane Wizard Setoh was killed by the Atlan civilization’s void-level warship. Now that the void-level warship was destroyed, it meant they had also indirectly avenged Setoh.

However, the real culprit was the Atlan civilization!

“Wonderful. Without the void-level warship, what could they do even if they have ten ultimate existences? No, there should only be nine left. Even though the Lord God of Light isn’t dead yet, he’s been severely injured and temporarily down for the count. We only need to deal

with the rest of the nine ultimate existences.”

At this time, Merlin also appeared to be more confident. So, what if the numbers of ultimate existences were higher in the God Alliance? He had the Slothful Beast coupled with his Illusory World, enough to contain three or more ultimate existences.

As for the rest, there was still Roman with his stealth flying ship coming and going like a shadow with an even more impressive speed, resembling an elusive ghost that haunted the battlefield, which was more than enough to get those Lord Gods in a pinch.

Chronos, the Avian Monarch, and the others, too, were not to be underestimated.

“Haha, the God Alliance? Do you dare to think of destroying the Spell Caster civilization?

The power of the natural order in Augustus slowly formed a layer of clouds. Meanwhile, Chronos had revealed his True Body of the Titan Giant. Its colossal body filled with an oppressive force, and an even more powerful will to fight, surging toward the Lord Gods.

The Giant Tribe were natural-born warriors, and when they fought, they go berserk. Although the God Alliance and the Giant Tribe were allies and they had never clashed before, only now did the Lord Gods finally realize the terrors of Titan Giant Chronos.

“Slothful Beast, swallow them.”

Merlin commanded the Slothful Beast that had long since been immersed in the illusion as it opened its mouth wide and continuously swallowed. Even if he could not suck the Lord Gods into its mouth, it was still enough to affect them.

The Avian Monarch’s speed was like a beam of golden light, constantly swerving around the Lord Gods, posing a threat to them.

On the other hand, Roman’s stealth flying ship made the Lord Gods even warier as a terrifying power could potentially erupt at any given moment in the least expected ways.

For a time, all the nine ultimate existences were in a state of hard-pressed plight. They had initially held the advantage in numbers. The God Alliance which had been fully convinced that they would be able to annihilate the Spell Caster civilization, had only now realized just how difficult the task proved to be.

“Sh*t, what is the Atlan civilization doing? Why is their void-level warship not doing anything?”

At that moment, the Lord Gods recalled the void-level warship that had feared them so. In such a chaotic situation like this, a single blast from the void-level warship could even kill an ultimate existence, was that not what the Atlan civilization had wanted?

However, regardless of the Lord Gods’ complaints, the Atlan civilization seemed to have vanished into thin air. There never came another luminous beam to blast away the ultimate existences.

“Everyone, I’ve just received a message from the Atlan civilization’s Marshal. There’s been a change in the situation, and he wants us to retreat immediately.”

Progenitor Hanra suddenly frowned, and said to the Great Eight Lord Gods.

“Retreat now?”

The Eight Great Lord Gods were somewhat reluctant as they had gone all out in full force and had the advantage in numbers. Yet, they were still unable to handle the ultimate existences of the Spell Caster civilization, and it was difficult for them to swallow this.

That said, regardless of their reluctance, they knew well that there was little point to them carrying on like this, and it would be better for them to withdraw first.

“Let’s go!”

The Eight Great Lord Gods immediately turned around and headed back toward the Rock Tribe Dimension.

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