A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 40 - You Can Call Him Black Coal

Chapter 40: You Can Call Him Black Coal

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“Reward: the experience bag for la zhi roujiamo. Please enter the test field as soon as possible.” Then, a glittering experience bag appeared in Mag’s head.

“System, give me the experience bag for braiding hair too,” Mag said in his mind. Since he had raised 3,000 gold coins and bought enough ingredients that could last him a long time, he’d decided to use the remaining 400 gold coins to buy the experience bag for braiding hair.

“System has to weigh whether or not supply you with other experience bags.” The system seemed a little reluctant.

“I’ll give you 120 gold coins—in cash,” said Mag calmly.

“Done. The experience bag is in place.” Then a blue experience bag appeared in his head.

“Money-grubber,” Mag said in his mind. Then he touched the blue experience bag, and all of a sudden, an enormous amount of information flooded into his head. After a minute, it was done.

Now he had almost 100 ways of braiding hair in his head. Ponytail, two ponytails, chignon… He could do them all. The system’s experience bags were really great.

120 gold coins was a little expensive, though. It was 12,000 yuan on the Earth. Nonetheless, it was really worth it if he could make Amy happy.

Amy gave Mag’s sleeve a slight tug. “Father, let’s go out. Customers won’t come until noon, right?” Her face was full of anticipation.

Amy was at an age when most children were always playing, but she was able to stay in the restaurant helping her father collect money. She was pretty considerate for her age. Of course, Mag couldn’t turn down such a request. He nodded with a smile. “No, they won’t. But let’s tie your hair first before we go.”

“Really?” Amy’s blue eyes widened. “But, Father, are you going to do my hair like what you have done it yesterday?” she said to Mag, a little dubious and worried.

She remembered what her father had done to her hair yesterday morning. He had made her hair look like a big bump on her head. She would definitely have been laughed at by other children if she had gone out like that that day.

Mag was a little embarrassed as he remembered his work. “No! It’s just I have remembered a super pretty hairstyle just now. It will be perfect. Trust me one more time, please?” he said earnestly.

Amy looked at Mag’s face for a while, and then nodded reluctantly. “Okay. I’ll give Father another chance. If you fail again, then I think Teacher Luna would teach you.”

Mag nodded, smiling. “Thank you.” He needn’t learn from Luna, though. He could do almost a hundred hairstyles right now, and maybe Luna had to learn from him.

Mag cut the purple hair band in two and started doing Amy’s hair with a comb.

As to the hairstyle, Mag didn’t have a hard time choosing at all.

There was only one true hairstyle for little lolis: twintails 1 !

However, instead of normal twintails, Mag decided to tie Amy’s hair into twintails and then braid them to show his skills.

Amy sat on a long-legged chair meekly. Every now and then, she looked up, her face both suspicious and expectant. The little mirror was put away by Mag; he didn’t want her to see it until it was done.

Mag was not very nervous anymore now that he had the experience in his head. He was not very skilled, though. According to the steps, he split her hair, made two braids, and tied off the braids with two hair bands. Then, it was done.

Mag took two steps backwards and looked at Amy. Her silver hair had been changed into two exquisite braids. They were hanging on her front, with two little purple bows at the end. Between her beautiful face, her blinking blue eyes, and the black Gothic dress, she was really adorable.

Amy lowered her head and took a look at her braids. “Father, does it look good?” she asked, her face filled with expectation.

Mag didn’t answer her question, but put a mirror in front of her. “See for yourself.”

“Wow…” Amy looked at herself in the mirror, her mouth wide open. She blinked as if she could not believe her eyes. After a while, she turned to Mag, and said adoringly, “Father, this hairstyle is so beautiful. You’re even better than Teacher Luna! You’re so amazing!”

Mag nodded calmly. “It’s a piece of cake. I can change your hairstyle every day. Come on, let’s go.” He lifted her down from the chair, untied his apron, and put several gold coins in his pocket. Then he took her hands in his own and walked out.

“Okay.” Amy looked up at Mag as she played with her braids. Father is able to do anything; he is so incredible.

Mag stayed very calm while his little girl was looking adoringly at him, but on the inside, he was really delighted. The 120 gold coins was really worth it.

Amy stopped at the magic potion shop. “Father, look! That stupid bird is wearing leaves as clothes. It seems he has no feathers,” Amy said in surprise as she pointed at the birdcage.

Mag turned to look in surprise. That stupid crow was still alive, and had a new cage.

Only the feathers on his head survived Amy’s fireball; two leaves were covering his important parts like a loincloth. He was staring back at them, very hilarious.

“Lowly… You two, you have burnt down my palace and destroyed my precious robe. What do you want now?!” the crow said angrily, but there was weakness in his voice.

“Stupid bird, be good, or I’ll set you on fire,” Amy said grimly as she watched that crow.

“Stop, stop, stop!” The bird jumped nervously on his stick. Then he held out his wing, and said, “Well, seeing that you’re reasonably adorable, I’ll allow you to address me as Fama Odin Ben. You don’t need to bow when you see me, and don’t worry about my robe and palace anymore.”

Mag wanted to chuckle as he looked at the crow that was forced to compromise. It seemed he was afraid of Amy too.

“You can call him Black Coal,” the green parrot cut in. Then she nodded at Mag and Amy. “And call me Sunny, please.”

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