A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 39 - Mission Complete

Chapter 39: Mission Complete

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“Crowdfunding for a new dish?” His customers were all feeling puzzled.

“Are you trying to borrow money from us, Mag?” Mobai asked after reflecting on his words.

Habeng’s eyes brightened. “New dish! Mag, are you planning to sell another dish?” Sure, the Yangzhou fried rice was good, but if he was given a chance to try other food that was as delicious, he would gladly take it.

Conti and Haga were looking at Mag, wondering. This man is kind, but he always keeps his distance. He seems a little strange, wanting to borrow money from people that he has known for only one day.

“Yes.” Mag nodded, smiling. “But the necessary appliances and ingredients cost money. I can make enough money this month, but I want to add this new dish to the menu sooner, so now I’m starting this crowdfunding campaign. You can look at it as lending out money to me. It’s completely up to you.”

Then Mag put the six receipts he had just prepared on the table. “One receipt is worth 500 gold coins. If you buy one, you’ll gain the prior right to try the new dish and get two plates of Yangzhou fried rice for free. This money can be used to pay for your expense in the restaurant, and at the end of the month, all the remaining money will be returned,” he continued.

“500 gold coins is not enough to buy 100 plates of Yangzhou fried rice, and we’ll stay in this Chaos City for a month. And more importantly, I’d like to try the new dish as soon as possible. Give me two receipts,” Habeng said as he took two receipts from the table brusquely. Then he put a purse on the table. “This is 100 dragon coins.”

“Thank you.” Mag took a look at the bulging purse and nodded with a smile, showing little excitement.

Mobai thought for a while and took two receipts too. “Then I’ll have two receipts too. If I eat six plates a day, this money could almost last me a month; plus, I get four plates for free.” Then he turned to Mag. “I don’t have enough money with me right now, Mag, but I’ll bring it to you after breakfast.”

Mag nodded. “Okay. Thank you.” He had raised 2,000 gold coins in an instant.

“I’ll have one as well. Please tell me in advance when you have a new dish on menu.” Conti smiled as he rose to his feet. He pulled two fistfuls of dragon coins from the purse at his waist and counted out 50 coins.

“I … one.” Haga took the last one with a smile. “Pay for me. I’ll pay you back,” he said in another language as he gave his brother’s shoulder a pat.

“Don’t you have money?” Habeng asked, a little surprised.

“I like spending others’ money first,” Haga answered with a smile.

Habeng didn’t know what to say. He had no choice but to put 50 more dragon coins on the table, feeling his brother had become a little strange.

Amy looked at the shining dragon coins that were piled up like a little mountain. “Father, these coins are ours?” She looked at Mag, her little mouth slightly open.

“No.” Mag shook his head, smiling. “These customers lend us this money for our new dish. They just leave the money with us temporarily. This way, Amy will be able to eat the new food early.”

Amy cast Habeng an appreciative glance. “Loud Voice is very good today.” Then she started counting the coins cheerfully.

Habeng felt a little happy at first, but then he smiled awkwardly when he realized that maybe he shouldn’t be so happy.

Mag looked at his four customers with a smile. “Thank you all for your money. I’ll introduce my new dish quickly and notify you of the progress. You’ll be able to try the new dish in a day or two if nothing goes wrong.”

“No matter. I’m sure it’ll be very good.” Habeng waved his hand indifferently. Then, he asked out of curiosity, “Is there meat in it? Big pieces of meat. I like big pieces of meat.”

“There is meat and that’s all I can say right now,” Mag answered with a smile, trying to maintain an air of mystery.

“Anything where meat is involved. We’re hungry. It’s time to eat our breakfast.” Habeng was still a little curious, but seeing that Mag didn’t want to say much, he refrained from asking.

In fact, it was mainly because he had suddenly felt Amy’s stare.

Mag put the money in the drawer. Amy went back to counting the coins behind the counter after she said hi to the customers. She really loved counting coins.

Mag started cooking for them. When Mobai comes back with 1,000 gold coins, I can buy enough ingredients and complete the mission.

Although the flow of time in the test field had been very much slowed down, he still needed time to practice, so he had to wait until night. There was no need to rush.

Breakfast time was relatively not busy. Only two customers came besides Mobai, Conti, and the orc brothers. They were merchants, and had eaten their dinner here last night. They told Mag that they had to leave for the capital of the Roth Empire today and wouldn’t be back until after a few months, so they decided to eat the delicious Yangzhou fried rice once more before they left.

The opening hours in the morning were over. Mag was cleaning tables. Mobai came in while Amy was bending over a table doing nothing. He put a bag of coins on the table. “Little owner, here, 80 dragon coins and 200 gold coins,” he said to Amy with a smile.

“Really?” Amy’e eyes brightened immediately. She pulled the money bag towards herself with effort and started counting. She separated the dragon coins from the gold coins.

“I’ll take my leave then, Mag,” Mobai said to Mag.

Mag nodded. “Thank you for the money.” He watched Mobai leave, took a glance at Amy, who was counting the coins merrily, and got back to wiping tables.

Amy finished her counting when Mag was done cleaning. “Father, I counted 80 dragon coins and 200 gold coins. No more, no less,” Amy said to Mag.

Mag nodded, smiling. “You’ve done a great job, Amy. Let’s put the money in the drawer and recite the 9×9 table 1 again.” Amy had almost mastered the 9×9 table after these few days.

“But, Father, I’ve found a secret. Please don’t be upset after you hear it. It seems some money in the drawer has been stolen. We had more when I’ve counted yesterday, but about half was missing this morning.” Amy looked at Mag, a little worried.

Mag was taken by surprise. He hadn’t expected that Amy had remembered his income every day, and that she was worried about him being upset after finding out that their money had been stolen. He smiled, and explained, “It was not stolen. We have to buy ingredients to make the fried rice, so some money in the drawer will be spent every day. But we’ll have more and more money.”

“I see.” Amy’s smile returned. “Then let’s put the money in the drawer and buy a new dish,” she said expectantly.

“All right.” Mag helped Amy put all the money in the drawer, and then he said in his mind, “I want to buy 3,000 gold coins’ worth of ingredients.”

“You have bought 3,000 gold coins’ worth of ingredients with cash. Mission complete,” the system said instantly.

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