A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 304 - 10 Copper Coins or Dignity?

Chapter 304: 10 Copper Coins or Dignity?

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Sally nodded, and said, “They’re still very weak due to excessive blood loss. The magic potions can help them recover to a certain extent, but if they want to make full recovery, they will require more rest and nutrition.”

She was the one who had administered treatment to the two of them, so she was quite familiar with their condition.

“I’ll go and cook and some chicken soup for them. They probably won’t be able to eat anything substantial anyway. Let’s gather the leftovers for a late dinner to celebrate our earnings today.” Mag nodded with contentment. He was in a very good mood.

At that rate, he would be able to purchase his next strength point soon, and the level of his restaurant would also increase as a result.

After being fooled around with by the system for so long, he was actually also quite curious how the restaurant would change after reaching level two. Perhaps he would be gifted with some new powers.

Of course, Mag was mainly looking forward to the upgrade in the restaurant’s defense system. The events that had transpired earlier during the day gave him a sense of urgency. He was in an alternate world, after all; there were countless powerful and dangerous beings there. As such, it was quite a concern that even a 4th-tier werewolf could easily break into his restaurant and pose a threat to himself as well as his daughter.

The underlying hazards made him feel quite insecure, so he was very eager to upgrade the restaurant. If its level could continue to increase, the defensive system would become progressively more powerful—until it became the safest fortress in the world.

If he could upgrade the defense system to the highest level, even if the things that happened all those years ago were to reoccur, he would be able to sit back with Amy and relax, watching from the restaurant without any fear for their safety.

Mag was slightly looking forward to such a scenario.

“Father, am I really allowed to eat before I go to bed tonight?” Amy’s eyes immediately lit up. Meg had always prohibited her from eating before bed.

“Yes, tonight is a special exception.” Mag nodded with a smile before turning to Sally and Yabemiya. “You two should eat before you go as well.”

“Really?” Yabemiya’s eyes shimmered with excitement.

Sally was also full of anticipation upon hearing that.

“Of course. If you’re worried about them, then pay them a visit and see if they can eat something. I’ll go prepare dinner.” Mag nodded, and turned toward the kitchen.

“Then we’ll be going now,” Amy said as she and Sally walked out the door.

“System, install a door for me,” Mag instructed internally as he looked at the empty streets outside the restaurant.

“The system refuses to provide service for a slanderous customer,” the system replied in a tsundere voice.

“I see. Looks like I’ll have to take a break tomorrow to fix the door. I was hoping that at this rate, I’d be able to upgrade the restaurant in about ten days or so, but it appears that these things cannot be rushed. I should take things slowly,” Mag said with a calm and collected expression. He pulled a fire chicken drumstick out of the fridge, and began to chop it up in a slow and methodical manner.

“After reassessment by the system, it was found that you have good credit. Even though you insulted the system, this is only your first offense, so it can be overlooked—” the system said after a momentary silence.

“Just waive the installation fee this time. What can you do with 10 copper coins anyway? You’re destined to earn big money in the future, so it would make you seem too petty if you were to focus so intently on 10 copper coins,” Mag interjected before the system had a chance to finish. He soaked a handful of shiitake mushrooms in some water, and began to stir-fry the chicken.

“This is a stern warning: do not interrupt the system’s speech! I have a personality! I have dignity! I need respect!” The system’s enraged voice sounded.

Mag put down the knife in his hand with a serious expression, and asked, “Then let me ask you this. What is more important, 10 copper coins or your dignity?”

The system fell into a prolonged period of silence.

“Ding! 10 copper coins installation fee successfully taken!

“Ding! Wooden door successfully crafted!

“Ding! 20 gold coins wooden door crafting fee successfully taken! Wooden door is now being installed!” the system notified with an elated voice, and a new door was installed in the restaurant in the blink of an eye.

Mag looked at the notification for the successful installation of the restaurant door and opened his mouth, but swallowed his words in the end. The system’s shamelessness knew no bounds. “Fine, you win.”

The late dinner consisted of Yangzhou fried rice as well as braised chicken with rice. After all, eating a roujiamo before bed could make it difficult to fall asleep, and making tofu pudding from scratch was too difficult. Furthermore, the amount of daily consumption of tofu pudding had to be regulated as well.

Mag cooked two portions of braised chicken in two different pots; he didn’t put any ingredients aside from chicken and shiitake mushroom in the pot that was meant for the dryad couple. He also put more soup in that one as the main objective was to cook some chicken soup for them. Chicken soup was very nourishing, particularly when coupled with shiitake mushrooms, and would contribute greatly to their recovery.

In the other pot, he cooked the braised chicken as he normally would. They had had an early dinner, and after four hours of intense work, Mag really was feeling a little hungry. Sally and Yabemiya had run themselves ragged in the restaurant, so they most likely felt the same. That was why he decided to cook a late dinner for everyone.

Mag placed the lid on his earthenware pot, and thought to himself, For a late dinner, spicy crawfish, lamb and kidney kebabs, and beer are mandatory. System, get me a recipe for kebabs. I’ve roasted countless kebabs over the years.

Eating in such a health-conscious manner defeated the purpose of having a late dinner.

“Recipes will be progressively unlocked. Please maintain a resolute heart as the future God of Cookery. For the God of Cookery, no dish is beyond his cooking skills,” the system replied in a frantic voice.

“All you do is spout nonsense.” Mag pursed his lips. He was already used to that type of useless answer provided by the system, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Eh? Father, how did you get the shady craftsman to replace the door so quickly?” Amy entered the restaurant with amazement on her little face.

“I know, right? We didn’t even see anyone come to install it.” Yabemiya also wore a curious expression. She stroked the wooden door, only to find that it was almost identical to the previous one, and had been crafted from the same type of wood.

“The craftsman was a little shameless, but he was very efficient. He brought the door over and had it installed within five minutes,” Mag replied with a smile. He poured all of the chicken soup into a large bowl, and asked, “How are the two dryads? Can they drink chicken soup?”

“They’re still very weak, and eating is a little difficult, but they should have no issues drinking chicken soup,” Sally replied. When they had gone to visit the dryads, Xixi and Lulu had already awoken. Their injuries were still bothering them a little, so they weren’t able to fall asleep again.

“Then I’ll take this chicken soup to them.” Mag brought out two little bowls and spoons, placing them on a platter along with that large bowl of chicken soup. He held the platter in his hands, and strode out the door.

He was quite interested in hearing about how the dryads had died out.

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