A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 303 - Earn 100,000,000 First!

Chapter 303: Earn 100,000,000 First!

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The collective roar and scorching flames erupting from the lava demons outside the restaurant managed to attract the attention of all of the customers and passersby. After all, it wasn’t every day that such a spectacular sight could be witnessed.

“How… How is this possible?! I seem to have broken through a barrier; my power level has been stuck at the 4th-tier for over 20 years, but I just jumped straight to the 5th-tier!”

“I can also clearly feel my barrier budging. Even though I didn’t make a breakthrough, I should be able to make one soon!”

“I also made a breakthrough! I’m at the 5th-tier now!”

Cossus, Markza, and Calzac were all ecstatic, and they stared at the roujiamos in their hands with incredulity. The barrier that had troubled the lava demons for several hundred years had been broken by a mouthful of roujiamo.

Their mouths were wide open upon witnessing such a miracle, and if it weren’t for the fact that they were experiencing it firsthand, they would have never believed that something like that was possible.

“Holy roujiamo! This is a beacon of hope for the resurgence of us lava demons!” Cossus stuffed the remaining half of the roujiamo in his mouth, and he could feel his blood churning in his veins. Lava flowed on the surface of his body, and an indescribable feeling welled up within him as if the passion that had lain dormant for countless years within his body was set alight. The lava demons felt as if they could suddenly see back to all those years ago, when their species had stood at the pinnacle of the Norland Continent.

Looks like making them eat outside was the right decision. Sargeras glanced outside with a smile on his face. His dream was to have more of his brethren taste the roujiamo, and that was also the goal toward which the Burning Legion strove.

“Why do I feel like Mag just recruited a bunch of powerful bodyguards?”

“That’s not important. They just helped out Mag, and Mag gave them a free roujiamo each in return! If an opportunity like this arises in the future, we have to make sure to grab it with both hands!”

“I’m willing to risk my life if he can give me a free sweet tofu pudding!”

All of the customers discussed spiritedly among themselves as they looked at the lava demons outside the restaurant. Of course, most of them were more focused on the rewards the lava demons had received.

A smile also appeared on Mag’s face as he looked at the lava demons outside. It was his pleasure to bring some extra benefits to his customers with his food rather than just fill their stomachs and satisfy their taste buds.

Customers came and went; those that were late to the scene were very curious with regard to how the restaurant’s door had disappeared. Thankfully, there were many kind-hearted customers who were willing to offer explanations.

“I heard that a 10th-tier golden dragon wanted to eat an extra serving of tofu pudding tonight, but Mag refused, and it threatened to trash the restaurant in its rage. However, its attempt to do so was foiled by two magic casters, and the three of them fought a devastating battle. In the end, Principal Novan had to interfere to bring the situation under control, but by then, the door had already been destroyed during the melee.”

The stories being told by the customers became more and more exaggerated and preposterous as time wore on, and Mag shook his head in resignation.

“We have reached closing time, and all of the ingredients that we’ve prepared have been used up. Please come back tomorrow.” Mag stood at the entrance of the restaurant, and politely turned away all of the customers who were trying to enter. The lack of a door created quite a peculiar sight.

“Alright, but if a giant 10th-tier dragon is onto your restaurant, then you have to make sure to be careful. If you can’t handle it on your own, apply for protection from the Gray Temple. I want to be able to come and dine at your restaurant far into the future,” a customer urged with a concerned expression.

“I’ll… be sure to do so.” Mag nodded with a resigned expression. He couldn’t turn down the concern that his customers were extending to him, but he didn’t know who had spread the rumor about the giant 10th-tier dragon. As far as he knew, there didn’t appear to be such a powerful being that was targeting the restaurant.

Yabemiya strode over to him, and asked, “Boss, should I go and find someone to fix the door? I wonder if any carpenters would be willing to come at such a late hour.”

“Don’t worry about. I’ll go find a shady craftsman, and he’ll install a new door.” Mag shook his head with a smile before saying to Yabemiya and Sally, “You two should hurry home. You still have to work tomorrow morning, so go back early and rest.”

“Please watch your mouth! The wooden door produced by the system is most definitely of an impeccable quality! Moreover, the price is very competitive, so there’s no semblance of shadiness involved whatsoever!” The system’s indignant voice erupted.

Mag ignored the system as he turned to Sally, and asked, “By the way, Aisha, how many orders did we take today, and how much money did we make?”

Sally pulled out a notepad from behind the counter, and did some careful calculations before delivering a report. “Today, we made a total of 136 servings of Yangzhou fried rice, 650 roujiamos, 820 tofu puddings, 416 servings of braised chicken with rice, and 512 servings of plain rice, and we made a total of… 799,000 copper coins from 1,022 orders.”

“Wow, so much money!” Amy’s eyes immediately lit up, and it was if there were little stars shimmering in her pupils.

“799,000… How much money is that…?” Yabemiya looked up into the sky and thought about it carefully. In the past, her monthly wage had been 600 copper coins, but the restaurant had made more than a thousand times that in just a day. If all of that were to be converted into copper coins, it would definitely be able to pile up a small mountain!

“Nice.” Mag nodded with a smile. He, too, was pleasantly surprised. 799,000 copper coins in total earnings amounted to a gross profit of close to 500,000 copper coins!

What did it mean to have a daily income of 500,000? It meant that if he could keep up this rate of income, his restaurant would be able to earn 180,000,000 copper coins in a year!

200,000,000 copper coins of income in a year from running a restaurant… Just when did earning money become so easy? Even Mag himself was feeling a little stunned.

Back when he had first opened the restaurant, he’d only been hoping that it would generate enough income to ensure the survival of his daughter and himself. However, as more and more dishes were introduced, and the number of customers increased by the day, his profit margins expanded drastically, and the rate of development had far exceeded his expectations.

Mag smiled, and said to Sally and Yabemiya, “Very good. Let’s keep this up. We’ll set a small target; let’s earn 100,000,000 first! Next month, I’ll be able to give all of you pay rises.” The meteoric rise of the restaurant had been heavily dependent on the highly efficient and accurate work Yabemiya and Sally had done. As such, they deserved higher wages as reciprocation.

“Boss, I feel like my wages are already very high, and I’m very satisfied.” Yabemiya immediately waved her hands.

“I also feel the same way.” Sally nodded in agreement. She was already very content with the fact that she could have a serving of Yangzhou fried rice and two tofu puddings a day.

“You deserve better,” Mag said with a smile, but he didn’t press them any further.

“Father, can I go to visit Big Sister Xixi and Big Bear before I go to bed? They didn’t even finish their meal earlier; won’t they be hungry?” Amy held Ugly Duckling in her arms, and looked up at Mag with a concerned expression.

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