A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 54 - Glass Fingertips

Chapter 54: Glass Fingertips

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Regarding the Best New Artiste Award, Xia Ling was not too persistent about it, and thinking about having to compete with Xia Yu made her heart ache.

She never forgot their childhood years in the orphanage, when Xia Yu would use her little hands — swollen due to her illnesses — to tug at her clothes, and how she would ever so softly call her “Sister”. Xia Yu was so young then, she would get excited over candy for several days. As she grew up, however, even when Xia Ling piled riches before her, she was able to push her sister into a bottomless abyss without batting an eyelid.

Xia Ling did not want to see her. It was not because she was giving in, neither was it that she didn’t have what it took to compete with her. It was that every time she saw her, she couldn’t help but recall the heart-wrenching past.

Wei Shaoyin did not have Xia Ling’s problem.

His problem was regarding Feng Kun.

Sister Mai Na had used reverse psychology to prod him the other day, but her words held truth — despite being known as the double legends all these years, Feng Kun was always in a slightly better position overall. When they released their singles at roughly the same time, under normal circumstances, Feng Kun’s sales would better Wei Shaoyin’s. Even when it came to reviews of media representatives, Feng Kun’s were often more favorable.

That said, many insiders of the industry felt that Wei Shaoyin was not to blame. Their music genres were completely different — Wei Shaoyin’s was more exquisite while Feng Kun’s was more resplendent and hence naturally more appealing to the masses. Moreover, as Sister Mai Na had mentioned, Feng Kun had Xia Ling the legendary diva, while all Wei Shaoyin had was incomparable singers.

But Wei Shaoyin evidently did not feel that way, he could not see past his loss to Feng Kun.

He dropped all his work on hand and, with furious earnestness, went to start on the debut song. Whether it was the melody or the lyrics, he wanted to have it all done on his own. He switched off his cell phone, moved away, rejected all socializing activities and worked on it day and night.

When Xia Ling received the song sheet, she could not believe that the melody was such a peaceful and melodious one.

The song title was “Glass Fingertips.”

It depicted a lonely girl, dressed in a white dress, missing and longing for her lover on a rainy afternoon. She leaned against the full-length glass windows and traced his name over and over on the pane. Stroke by stroke against the ice-cold glass, she wrote out the longing for him that she had kept buried in the depths of her heart.

The song was not complicated, it was like a quiet poem with light piano accompaniment.

However, Xia Ling knew all too well how difficult this song was. The simpler it was, the purer it was. And when a song was pure, it was easier to sing but significantly harder to master.

Xia Ling felt as if it was not Feng Kun who offended Wei Shaoyin but her.

Songs like this became a classic if sung well, but any minor flaw in the performance would downplay its value. At this point, Xia Ling missed Feng Kun immeasurably — how she wished that she had gotten a song like “Sea Demon.”

The culprit was grinning with satisfaction. “Xiao Ling, your voice is very unique. The first feeling it evokes is cool and distant, but listen on meticulously and one would sense vivid emotions and detail in your voice. At the same time, there is a clear wholeness to your voice that is hard to come by. Of all the singers I’ve met, you’re the only one who is able to blend these qualities perfectly, and I believe you are able to latch this loneliness in eternity. You have immense potential and this song is tailored just for you, I’m sure it will bring you fame.”

Xia Ling feebly said, “Master, do me a favor if you will, this is what you’ve come up with after isolating yourself for so long? Are you not going to consider writing me a more sensational song? I’ll definitely not embarrass you if you write me a resplendent song, I promise.”

Wei Shaoyin did not waver. “Music comes from the soul, only a fool like Feng Kun would resort to various means to obscure the true beauty of a human’s essence. Xiao Ling, let me tell you, with your talent, you will never be able to beat Xia Ling. But don’t you want to be a diva? What I’m giving you now is a path that will lead you to achieve more than Xia Ling did.”

This was no path, it was a deathly tightrope.

She dreadfully held the song sheet for “Glass Fingertips” and familiarized it according to how Wei Shaoyin instructed her. She practiced over the next few days, and the more she practiced, the more shocked she got. This song sounded extraordinarily clean and beautiful, it was tranquil yet distant, a bliss to listen to.

Wei Shaoyin was right. This song could set time in stone, it could be latched in eternity.

She poured her heart and soul into the song and was completely wrapped up in it.

So much so that she only snapped back after her cell phone had rung for the third time.

She picked up the phone, frustrated, and saw the cute avatar on the screen — it was Boss Li Lei. Xia Ling let out a groan, what exactly did Boss see in her that he was still not over it?

“Hello?” She wasn’t sounding very nice.

On the other end of the line, Li Lei’s charming voice was transmitted with a little teasing tone. “What’s wrong, little beauty, why the quick temper?”

“I’m practicing my song.” her tone had not changed.

Big Boss Li did not seem the least bothered by her anger, simply saying, “Don’t practice anymore, come out with me for some fun.”

Xia Ling was stunned. “Me? Go out with you? For some fun?” They didn’t seem to be on that close terms yet.

“Yeah.” Li Lei said it like it was a matter of course. “Did you not think about whose effort it was that you got to debut so soon? Even Tan Ying told you to thank me, but you haven’t expressed much gratitude. What’s going out with me for some fun?” He sounded wronged as he spoke.

Xia Ling was confused, she vaguely remembered Tan Ying reminding her to thank Li Lei when she signed the debut contract. She took it as a passing remark, not expecting Big Boss to really keep waiting.

Xia Ling was speechless.

“Why are you not talking?” Big Boss did not let her off.

Xia Ling said, “I’m having some regrets staying in Skyart.”

Big Boss smiled easily. “Regrets? It’s just right then, time to come out for a walk. The cherry blossoms in the Southern mountains have bloomed, I’ll take you horseriding to see the flowers.” The Southern mountains outside the city were a beautiful landscape, especially in spring, where cherry blossoms would extend for miles and miles, etching the image in the hearts and minds of people. There was an equestrian club nearby too, a place that many wealthy millennials often patronized.

But Xia Ling did not feel like going. “Boss, I’m not feeling too well, you’d best find someone else.”

“If you’re unwell, then all the more you should come out for some leisure time.” Boss continued trying. “I’m already at the training camp, do you want me to come and fetch you? I could get you some medicine and food on the way…”

“Don’t!” She cut him off before he could complete his sentence. “Don’t come looking for me! I’ll accompany you to the Southern mountains!” She was exasperated, there was no way she could let him come over without having him announce it to the world. By then, what would become of her reputation?

She might as well go according to his wishes, taking it as… working overtime.

She gave up and stopped bothering.

She reluctantly kept her song sheet and changed into a comfortable, neutral-colored t-shirt and three-quarter leggings. Her change of outfit brought out a liveliness in her that lifted her low spirits.

For fear of being seen, she met Li Lei at the garage and got into his SUV while no one was around.

He sat calmly at the driver’s seat. Watching her get into his car as stealthily as a thief, his lips curled up ever so slightly. This girl was indeed special, low-profile and not attempting to take advantage of the situation for self-benefit. She was just the type he liked.

He was getting even more excited about this trip to the Southern mountains.

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