A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 53 - Ah Wei, You’ve Been Tricked

Chapter 53: Ah Wei, You’ve Been Tricked

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Xia Ling said, “I don’t know, my manager brought me here.”

“Sister Mai Na?” Lu Tao’s stylist looked at where Sister Mai Na was talking to Eric. “Very strict manager, but she’s a nice person and she’s groomed many stars under her. Having her as your manager is your good fortune.”

Xia Ling simply smiled.

He was right, Sister Mai Na might be a little strict and harsh with her words, but she was indeed nice to the people around and responsible for her work, doing a good job in assisting Xia Ling in every aspect. She just hoped that she really was fortunate and could entrust herself to a manager who wasn’t a scumbag like Chu Chen.

When Sister Mai Na and Eric were done talking, she led him to Xia Ling and introduced him.

Eric was a tall and clean-cut 30-odd-year-old man in a black shirt and had on some Chanel cologne. “I’ve looked through your profile,” he told Xia Ling. “In the early days your style won’t be set yet, so it’ll be rather variable and versatile. Your disposition is slightly cold with a tinge of mystery, so anything too fancy or flamboyant is unsuitable. Also, you have delicate features, and your face shape and body frame are both beautiful, so it’ll be to your advantage to go for a cool, reserved style.”

Xia Ling nodded and agreed with his point of view.

He picked out the textures and color schemes that suited her best and recommended that she dressed accordingly in the future. He went on to apply some nude makeup on her, meticulously highlighting the tip of her brows. Her hair was also done into clean layers, with strands of purple highlights to bring out her mysterious aura.

With the full package completed, Xia Ling stood up and sized herself up in the mirror.

She was wearing a white floral dress and an amber necklace that beautifully complemented her eyeshadow. The look was perfect — there would be no flaw however the photos were going to be taken.

She was very satisfied.

Sister Mai Na was satisfied as well. “I finally see some semblance to a celebrity.”

As they walked out of the center, Sister Mai Na laid out some instructions. “You should get ready, over the next few days we will visit a few recording companies for you to get acquainted with the people in the industry. Of course, we’ll also be exploring which company would be best suited to write your debut song.”

Xia Ling remembered the deal she made with Wei Shaoyin a few months back.

“Sister Mai Na,” she said. “Wei Shaoyin had mentioned that he was willing to write me my debut song.”

Sister Mai Na was stunned. “You got Wei Shaoyin settled? He hasn’t written any songs for new talents in many years — he’s extremely picky and never had the patience to personally show them the ropes.”

Xia Ling gave Wei Shaoyin a call there and then. “Hello, Ah Wei? You said you were going to write my debut song, is this promise still in effect?”

Wei Shaoyin paused for a moment, seemingly in shock. “Xiao Ling, you’re working on your debut already? When did the company’s selection and evaluation process become so efficient… The promise is still effective, I’m still waiting for you.”

Xia Ling hung up and gave Sister Mai Na a nod.

“Knowing that you have such a close relationship with Ah Wei puts me at ease.” Sister Mai Na was in thought before she revealed an almost devious smile. “Now that he’s in charge, it’ll be a lot easier for me to make requests.”

Xia Ling did not understand what she meant until they went to see Wei Shaoyin together.

“Top the charts for New Singles, top the charts for New Artistes — this is the least I expect.” Sister Mai Na sat on the couch in the recording studio, her legs gracefully crossed and a glass of wine in her hand, with her gold-polished nails stealing the focus. “Total sales have to make it into the top three in rank, and the Best New Artiste of the Year must be won.”

Wei Shaoyin listened like a yes-man, a complete change from his usual haughty attitude.

He seemed to be afraid of Sister Mai Na, though the reason was unclear.

Even so, upon hearing Sister Mai Na’s last request, he had to say something. “Although it’s a fact that even a pig can make it to the top of Best Singles as long as I’m the one writing the song…”

Xia Ling shot him a death glare. Hey, who’s the pig?

Wei Shaoyin disregarded it and went on. “The first few requests are not a problem, but Best New Artiste of the Year… the nominees this time include Xia Yu of Imperial Entertainment.”

Xia Yu.

Xia Ling was silent for a bit.

She had avoided thinking about it the whole time until now. But now she had no choice but to face it — from then on she would have to compete with Xia Yu. They were marking their debut at almost the same time and would inadvertently be compared with each other. The entertainment industry was a cruel place — survival of the fittest — and no one was going to give in.

She felt some tightness in her chest, most of the joy she derived from marking her debut dissipating.

Wei Shaoyin was carefully explaining to Sister Mai Na. “You see, any artiste who marked their debut within the last two years is eligible for this award. Xia Yu’s debut was at the end of last year, it would be just right for her to enter the nominations this time. Moreover, Imperial Entertainment is giving her a lot of backing and support, they’re definitely eyeing the Best New Artiste award too.”

He said, “But for Xiao Ling, looking at her current progression, her debut will only be officially released in the second half of this year. Compared to Xia Yu she’ll have lost out on more than half a year, it would be too much of a haste to set the goal for her on this year’s award. It’ll be a lot more appropriate to aim for next year’s award instead.”

His words made a lot of sense, even Xia Ling was nodding in agreement.

Sister Mai Na’s glance swept over them, revealing a look of despise, “Is that all you both have got! Ye Xingling, I’m telling you, if you don’t win the Best New Artiste of the Year, watch how I shelve you!”

Xia Ling was speechless.

Alright, she dared not express a further opinion. She hung her head low and showed her obedience.

Sister Mai Na directed her agitation to Wei Shaoyin. “And you, Wei Shaoyin, where’s your dignity as a Gold-class music producer? It’s been so many years, are you going to watch Feng Kun step all over you! It used to be Xia Ling, fine, let’s take it that you couldn’t beat him then because you didn’t have an equally capable singer. But it’s Xia Yu now, if you still can’t better him, where’s your worth in this industry! You might as well be a vegetable seller instead!”

“It’s not that I can’t beat Feng Kun!” Wei Shaoyin clenched his teeth.

Sister Mai Na looked at him in disdain. “In what way are you better than him? It’s been so many years, you know, it’s always been Feng Kun right at the top and you taking second place. I say you’re afraid of him, or have you suffered too many blows that you’re out of confidence? Now you don’t even have the guts to fight with him over the Best New Artiste Award!”

“Isn’t it just the Best New Artiste Award, who says I can’t win!” Wei Shaoyin was fuming.

“Well said!” Sister Mai Na gave slow applause and smiled in satisfaction. “In that case, I’ll wait and see just who will win the award this year.”

Xia Ling was speechless.

Ah Wei, did you know you’ve been tricked.

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