A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 434 - Something Priceless Money Can’t Buy

Chapter 434: Something Priceless Money Can’t Buy

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She knew that Pei Ziheng really did not like bringing people to social gatherings.

In the past two years, he had many female companions, but none of them could ever accompany him to big occasions. With his status, he actually needed someone to accompany him for many activities. In her past life, she was only his underground lover and could never see the light. She rarely accompanied him, but she was also jealous and refused to let him bring others. Thus, he became known as the business tycoon and head of Imperial Entertainment who brought his secretary to events the most.

His secretary was a lesbian, so Xia Ling was very relieved.

Soon, Xia Ling watched video interviews and fashion magazine interviews with Wang Jingwan who walked about her prospective fiancé. Wang Jingwan smiled as she said, “I’ve liked him for a long time. At the very start, I only saw him a few times on several occasions. People change their female partners like changing clothes, but he had a lot of self-control; it made me feel at ease.”

At that time, Xia Ling felt like she had dug her own grave.

She felt a little dejected thinking about the past.

Jin Yifei observed her expression and said, “What’s wrong? Feeling unhappy?” He teased her. “How can you not be satisfied after Pei Ziheng brought you in? Xiao Ling, you should be glad. Do you know how most female celebrities get in here?”

He lowered his chin and pointed at somewhere nearby.

She followed his gaze. Under the stars, on the deck next to the dazzling champagne tower, a fat man had his hand around a woman with a graceful figure and was freely touching her.

That woman looked somewhat familiar. It was…

“The lead actress of ‘The Thirteenth Letter.’” Jin Yifei said. “Her acting is good, but unfortunately, she did not have a strong background and could not become famous. She could only spend a lot of money finding a middleman to come here to find a backing and try her luck.”

Xia Ling looked away and said lightly, “That’s a path that she chose for herself.” In this aspect, she was not very sympathetic. Everyone had to pay the price for their own desires, just like what she did to keep her baby. She had no choice but to marry Pei Ziheng. From many angles, it was about the same as selling her body.

However, Jin Yifei said, “Do you think she wants to be like this? Her acting is so good, but five to six years after her debut, she’s still unknown. Do you know what remaining in this industry as an unknown newbie entails?”

Before she could respond, he had already continued on. “This is still not the most frightening part. The scariest thing is that you’re pretty but not famous and lack a good background. You can only have the fate of never-ending harassment. Xiao Ling, do you think that she has not persevered? That year when she just debuted, she was as clean and wilful as you.”

Jin Yifei looked at her and smiled. “At that time, I wanted to date her, but she sternly refused me. Of course, due to that, she did not get a role in my film. Oh yes, that film was called ‘Glass Blade.’ It was one that had amazing box office sales and won many awards.”

Xia Ling glanced at him. “How can you say that with no shame? It seems that you’re also one of the perpetrators.”

Jin Yifei snorted. “A perpetrator? Hahaha, life is short, and it’s reasonable to have temporary happiness. Xiao Ling, oh Xiao Ling. Who do you think I am? A savior who can save the entertainment industry by myself? You see, even if she did not follow me at the start, she’s following someone else now.”

Xia Ling knew since a long time ago that this industry had a dark side to it, but she had not experienced it herself. She also had not seen “The Thirteenth Letter,” but as she had worked with Jin Yifei before, she understood his eye for talent and standard. If he said that the female actress’ acting was not bad, she was definitely outstanding.

“Even if she wasn’t willing to give in to you, why can’t you at least give her a chance? I thought you would consider the actor’s abilities when selecting roles.”

Jin Yifei smiled again. “Of course, I considered their abilities. If not, how could I film such reputable movies with outstanding box office sales? However, Xiao Ling, you should know.” He turned around. “Many people work hard in this world. There are also people who work hard and are willing to abide by the unspoken rules. Why should I not use them and use her?”

“But you used me then…”

“At that time, it was an emergency. We really could not find anyone else.” He carelessly waved his hand and said, “Besides, I can’t afford to offend Big Boss Li. Look, you also have a backing. If it weren’t for Big Boss Li, even though I let you have the role, I would definitely have made your life difficult. Understand?”

Xia Ling was a little stunned after listening to him. It turned out that the perspective of an insider was this complicated.

Not far away, that female celebrity was still flirting with the fat man. She looked very focused as she fed the man wine until he was intoxicated and drunk like a girl who was hopelessly in love.

Jin Yifei casually praised her acting skills and even commented. “She’s really putting in a lot of effort. This performance, oh, is like a movie queen’s. If she had given in to me, do you think she would have ended up like this, having to serve an old man?”

Looking at the pair, Xia Ling only felt a little stuffy. She turned her head and called for a waiter holding a tray to ask for a cocktail. Jin Yifei was very enthusiastic. “I also want one!” He lifted his hand and was about to take a glass.

Xia Ling slightly bent her body, moved her hand that was holding the glass, and avoided him a little.

Suddenly, he noticed her wrist. “Hey?” Before she could react, he had already taken the cocktail glass in her hand and returned it to the waiter. “Your bracelet…”

Xia Ling looked down and saw the bracelet around her wrist. It was the one that Pei Ziheng gave her a few days ago — Eighteen brilliant and colorful diamonds that were inlaid into gorgeous irises. She did not want to wear it as it was too flashy, but Pei Ziheng insisted on it. He said that if someone ignorant provoked her, he would remember his place after looking at her bracelet.

Xia Ling said that there would not be any ignorant people because everyone knew that she was pregnant with his child.

However, Pei Ziheng insisted. He was not confident that the big bosses of the commercial world would recognize a small female star. If they did not realize that she was his woman, they would be trouble. However, he was completely confident that no matter how ignorant they were, they would not mistake an expensive and rare diamond bracelet.

They would then know that she was very distinguished and favored.

Xia Ling was unsure about the value of this bracelet, but it was very remarkable at first glance. Sure enough, Jin Yifei’s expression changed slightly. “Such an exquisite purple diamond of more than five carats, and with a set of blue diamonds with this design and cut… Xiao Ling, your bracelet is probably worth more than two hundred million dollars.”

Her heart instantly skipped a beat. She knew it was expensive, but she did not think it was that expensive. She lifted her wrist to take a closer look at the bracelet. Doubtfully, she asked Jin Yifei, “Are you joking?”

“Hmph, do you not trust my opinion?” Jin Yifei looked at her disdainfully. “Do you how much such a large and pure purple-red diamond is worth in the world? Well, I also don’t know. Something like this is so priceless that there is no guarantee that you can get one even if you have the money.”

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