A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 433 - Cruise Party

Chapter 433: Cruise Party

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Pei Ziheng was startled. Could it be that she was concerned about him?

On second thought, he felt that he was overthinking. With Xiao Ling’s temper, she was probably spoiled, and the reason for her unhappiness was purely because she was not appeased in time. He shifted his gaze from her to the crisscrossed red line on the altar. After her death, with a doubtful mentality, he hired someone to construct this altar to direct her spirit here, hoping that she would come back to him this way.

When he missed her, Pei Ziheng would come to sit here. He had countless thoughts about how he would gladly endure her tantrums as long as she came back.

However, when she really looked at him, he only felt desolation.

“Say something!” Xia Ling was furious. “Do you know how long I have been searching for you?!”

“Do you still care about me?” There was a hint of bitterness in his voice, and also hopefulness that was hard to detect.

However, Xia Ling was not aware of that hopefulness. She was only provoked and hurt by the distrust in his voice. Boiling with rage and feeling indignant, she said, “Good… Very good. Pei Ziheng, I shouldn’t have looked for you at all. You deserve to rot here all by yourself!”

As she spoke, she turned around to leave.

Pei Ziheng caught up and immediately took her into his arms. “Xiao Ling, don’t go.”

“Let go of me!” Xia Ling was furious.

However, Pei Ziheng refused to let go. On the battlefield of love, it was always the one who loved the most deeply who admitted defeat first. “I was wrong. Don’t go.”

The hoarseness in his voice softened her heart.

Looking around, she realized that the room was filled with news clippings, CDs, and old things that were all relevant to her. How much time and effort did this man spend in order to gather them one by one?

Xia Ling wanted to tell herself not to be deceived by the false feelings of the beast behind her. However, she could not bear to push him away and abandon him. She could not act cold in front of him when he was so vulnerable. He was such a proud person. What sort of desperate situation forced him to admit his mistake?

A sour feeling crept in her heart for him and for herself.

He hugged her even tighter as if he wanted to push her into his chest. Xia Ling felt a little pain and couldn’t help but say, “Let go of me, I won’t go.”

“You’re lying.”

She was angry but wanted to laugh. “Why would I lie to you? Pei Ziheng, where can I go? You’ve already imprisoned me in this cage. I’m entirely yours now. What are you still worried about?”

Her voice gradually became sorrowful.

She had already ended things with Li Lei. In the future, she could only spend her remaining years in Pei Ziheng’s cage.

Pei Ziheng turned her over to face him. “Xiao Ling, don’t be involved with anyone else. Let’s live together happily.”

“Who else can I get involved with?” She said softly, trying hard not to remember that night and Li Lei’s lonely figure under the street lights. “I will remain securely by your side and raise the child.”

This was her first promise to him.

Pei Ziheng was elated and hugged her tightly again.

Perhaps this entire room of keepsakes and his soft attitude moved Xia Ling’s heart. After that day, she was no longer scornful towards Pei Ziheng. However, she still hated him in her heart. When she saw his face, she was reminded of a vicious man who ruined her relationship with her beloved man and separated their family of three.

She did not wish to see him and frequently made excuses, saying that she was busy and had to stay overtime at the recording studio.

Pei Ziheng would bring food when he went to visit her, sitting behind a huge soundproof glass wall and quietly staring as she sang. She would pretend not to see him and continue singing. She would also deliberately keep re-recording to drag the time. However, he would still patiently wait for her. On several occasions, he leaned his head on the sofa and unconsciously fell asleep.

Although she was angry at him, she was still worried that he would be cold and could not help but get out to cover him with a coat.

She secretly criticized herself. Xia Ling, you’re hopeless. You should just let him freeze to death so you can go back to Li Lei without hesitation. However, as she scolded herself, she still took care of him.

Pei Ziheng was a light sleeper. He would frequently be woken up by her movements and smile gently.

Xia Ling was afraid that he was not sleeping well and was also worried about her child. Soon, she stopped recording in the studio till so late at night.

The child was about three months old, and her belly was still not very obvious. In fact, it was still quite flat, and it was not obvious that she was pregnant even when she wore tight-fitting clothes. She was rather worried. Was her child too skinny and weak? However, Pei Ziheng said that she was only two months pregnant and comforted her by reasoning that it was normal for her pregnancy not to look obvious after two months.

She smiled bitterly, afraid that he would realize that her child was older. So she did not dare to take pregnancy tests frequently. She kept all her worries to herself. Although Nanny Zhou comforted her and said that it varied from person to person, such that some women only had larger stomachs after four or five months, Xia Ling was still worried.

Pei Ziheng was afraid that she would get prenatal depression and took some time off to take her out to have fun. He picked various tourist attractions and activities that she liked in her past life. He said, “Xiao Ling, you have to distract yourself more.” Xia Ling was also worried that her emotions would negatively affect her child, so she accommodated Pei Ziheng and went out.

On that day, they went to a cruise party.

The party’s standards were very high, and those invited were all famous celebrities and big bosses from all walks of life.

Even in a group of bigshots, Pei Ziheng still stood out and was the center of attention. He was dressed in a stylish suit and accompanied Xia Ling to the cafeteria to eat a few snacks. Soon, he was surrounded by people who wanted to make small talk with him. Xia Ling was impatient when entertaining others and withdrew from the crowd unobtrusively to go to the deck outside to get some fresh air.

The stars in the night sky shined, and she felt the intoxicating sea breeze.

On the deck, pairs of men and women were laughing. As they were dressed glamorously, she did not know if their relationships were genuine or fake.

As Xia Ling stood in an inconspicuous corner, she suddenly heard someone call her. “Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling!”

Strange, why would anyone recognize her here? She turned around and surprisingly saw Jin Yifei dressed in a gaudy silk shirt holding a sparkling cocktail in his hand. He was standing behind her with a smile.

He seemed very happy to see Xia Ling and leaned side by side with her on the handrail. “I never expected to see you here. Who are you with?”

“Pei Ziheng.” There was nothing to hide. With her status as a common female star, she could never participate in this sort of party. She took one look at the invitation letter sent to Pei Ziheng and realized that the invitees had a family fortune of at least one billion US dollars. She knew very well that she did not have that much money and could only join the scene as an accompanying guest.

After hearing what she said, he was somewhat surprised. “Wow, Pei Ziheng rarely brings people with him.” He smiled. “However, it’s not really a surprise. You’re pregnant with his baby now, so your identity is naturally different. Who else can he bring along besides you?”

Xia Ling only smiled politely.

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