A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 408 - Wedding Day

Chapter 408: Wedding Day

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She did not want to register their marriage at the Civil Affairs Bureau and tried to come up with an excuse again. “Let me think about it.”

“What’s there to think about?” Pei Ziheng’s tone was heavy. “Xiao Ling, we’re only going to the Civil Affairs Bureau, that can’t tire you out much. Are you unwilling? Before the child is born, we must obtain the marriage certificate. I won’t allow him to become a child born out of wedlock. Not even for a day.”

Xiao Ling did not know how vicious the competition was in the Pei family.

In the future, when he was old, if he did not settle the problem of inheritors well, there would be a new round of power struggle which might subvert the structure of his family. If her child were a boy, he would be the first heir to the family. There could not be any blemishes in this child’s identity, and he could not give others any chances to attack him. He must not have the title of “illegitimate child” for even half a day.

Moreover, he also wanted to marry her as soon as possible.

He had many dreams during that long night. The way she looked despondently at Li Lei yesterday morning at the company headquarters below the tree was so vivid in his mind. Her heartbroken expression alarmed Pei Ziheng.

It was already the early summer during June. Fragrant flowers and singing birds were seen outside the window.

Xia Ling knew that she was unable to dissuade him. She gazed out of the window and was silent for a long time. “Let’s set the date on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.” She softly said. “Any date is fine as long as it is before the birth of the child. That day is an auspicious day.” She remembered that this year’s seventh day of the seventh lunar month was at the end of August, and it was still three months away. Since she could not reject him, she could at least choose a date that was further away. Perhaps, when that time came, she would resign herself to her fate and give up on Li Lei.

Pei Ziheng did not know that she was being calculative and just thought that she had accepted him.

He was ecstatic, but on the surface, he only showed a gentle smiled as he hugged her tightly. “Ok, we’ll set the date as you’ve decided. The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is a good day. In the sky, we will be love birds flying together. On earth, we will be twin branches on a tree.”

Love birds?

She smiled bitterly. The one who she was supposed to fly with like love birds was at the other end of the world.

After that day, Pei Ziheng treated her even better than before. He hired a special pregnancy consultant, dietitian, and two more nannies. Xia Ling had a headache after being monitored by so many people, so she threw a tantrum, causing Pei Ziheng to buy another house near their villa for those miscellaneous staff to live in.

Only their chauffeur and Nanny Zhou lived in their house as per usual.

After finding out about her pregnancy, Nanny Zhou was delighted. “Miss Ye, your body is more precious than before, so you have to be more careful when you go out. You have to get your nutrients. Please tell me what dishes you would like to eat so I can cook them for you.” She passed on an endless amount of pregnancy knowledge to Xia Ling.

Pregnancy was a female issue. No matter how much Pei Ziheng wanted to interfere, at the end of the day, he could not help much. Luckily, they had Nanny Zhou’s help, and she even told Xia Ling the proper sleeping position for pregnant women. Xia Ling listened carefully and felt that the popular phrase “old is gold” was right. With Nanny Zhou there, she had peace of mind.

Nanny Zhou encouraged her to walk around frequent and advised her to work in moderation.

Xia Ling felt that her job was quite relaxing now. In fact, it was too relaxing. Every day, she would eat small snacks, rest, and bask in the sun in Feng Kun’s office. Sometimes, she would sing a few lines of songs to prepare her for future song recordings.

She did not know how she suddenly obtained such a leisure lifestyle. Since the incident when Feng Kun let Li Lei into the office to meet with her, Pei Ziheng deducted a full year of his salary and used his deducted money to create special amenities for her. Now, she had specially bottled spring water, soft cushions, and various light fruit snacks every day.

It was probably because she treated Feng Kun as a friend. Otherwise, Pei Ziheng would have directly fired this producer who was secretly helping others while working in his company and ruin his reputation.

Feng Kun was already well-aware of the consequences.

However, he still did not regret letting Li Lei in. At least, she got back her amulet. That small paulownia wood amulet was most likely given to her by Li Lei. Every day, she would treat it like a treasure in fear of letting Pei Ziheng see it. She did not dare to wear it around her neck, so she put it in her handbag. Every time she came into the office, she would take it out and stare at it for a long time.

If they could not be together, a keepsake would also be good.

At least, the child would have something that belonged to its father near it.

Feng Kun felt sorry for her and her child. The Pei family had a spartan-like upbringing, and they were merciless and cold. This was why vicious and violent people like Pei Ziheng came from that family. If Xiao Ling gave birth to a boy and was also taught in that manner, it would be too frightening.

However, he could not tell Xia Ling anything.

At this point in time, saying anything was unhelpful. He could only make her heart more open, take care of her well, and hope that she and her baby would be safe. “If only the baby were a girl.” Feng Kun chatted with her. “She would be beautiful.”

The lazy afternoon sun shined on Xia Ling’s body.

She was currently playing with the small paulownia wood amulet. After hearing what he said, she lightly acknowledged him. “It would be good if the baby were a girl.” She stroked her lower abdomen with her white fingers and smiled. “Girls resemble their mothers.”

There was a slight bitter feeling in Feng Kun’s heart.

This innocent girl grew up in an instant after she became pregnant. She did not care about being beautiful anymore. Instead, she only worried about what would happen if her child resembled her father.

“Everyone says that boys resemble their mothers more.” He smiled warmly and comforted her.

Xia Ling felt his goodwill, smiled again, and gently placed the amulet on her stomach. She said to herself, “Baby, dad is also here. You have to be safe.”

Feng Kun turned away to prevent her from seeing the grief in his eyes.

In the evening, Pei Ziheng took her home as usual. Now, the entire Imperial Entertainment was used to him accompanying her in the long corridor. The unsmiling boss had a gentle look as he carefully guarded the petite girl in his arms as if he were protecting a rare treasure.

“Are we going to have a Lady Boss?”

On this day, front desk receptionist A sneaked looks at them as she asked front desk receptionist B.

The front desk receptionists looked as the pair slowly walked while holding hands. “Wow, have you realized that our Big Boss really matches well with Ye Xingling? It’s a perfect match between a man and a woman!”

“What perfect match between a man and a woman?” It was almost time to leave work, and the receptionists were not very busy. Front desk receptionist C also joined the conversation. “Let me see… are you talking about Boss and Ye Xingling? What, how can that be a perfect match? It’s just a typical rich man dating a pretty woman! Our Boss Pei has everything: money, looks, status… He’s perfect in every way! What’s Ye Xingling compared to him? She’s just a commoner who became Cinderella. Luckily, she became a celebrity; otherwise, how else could she rise up and marry rich? Wake up. Remember what happened to Sister Ju and Liu Mengmeng a few years ago?”

She was talking about a famous female celebrity who was of ordinary status like Ye Xingling. She had no power or status. In the end, she fell in love with a rich family’s son and was abandoned.

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