A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 407 - Proposal

Chapter 407: Proposal

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Before doing an examination, Senior Zhang requested for Pei Ziheng to leave.

Pei Ziheng was not very willing, but under the doctor’s insistence, he still left.

Senior Zhang closed the door of the treatment room and finally told Xia Ling, “Actually, you have been pregnant for 10 weeks. The child looks normal. However, I heard that you used some medication during the first few weeks of your pregnancy which may cause adverse effects to the fetus. Thus, you have to be more careful than other pregnant women.”

Initially, after hearing that the examination showed that her child was normal, she was relieved. However, after hearing the next part, she became nervous. “Doctor, it can’t be, right? Will my child have any problems in the future?”

Senior Zhang shook his head. “It is still uncertain now. We have to wait a few more weeks for the fetus to grow more. You can come over for a deformity inspection then. However, even if the results show that there are no problems, you can’t let your guard down. With the current medical level, it’s not possible for all defects to be identified during pregnancy.”

Xia Ling was flustered and anxious. “The baby must not have any issues…”

Seeing her pained expression, Senior Zhang sighed. “Considering your condition, many doctors will advise you to go for an abortion.”

Xia Ling lifted her head and looked at him pleadingly. “I want to keep it.”

Senior Zhang was slightly moved. He could tell that she really loved her child, which was why she was trying her best to keep it despite her difficult and dangerous situation. “Life is intriguing.” Senior Zhang lowered his head as he prescribed supplements for her. “We have to respect the laws of nature. Although I won’t recommend for you to go for an abortion, if there are signs of natural abortion, I won’t suggest that you keep the baby.”

A natural abortion meant the survival of the fittest.

Whether it was Darwin’s theory of evolution or God’s choice, it would filter out all the unhealthy lives. If an ordinary woman had a natural miscarriage and insisted on keeping her child, her child may just be slightly weaker than average, but if this girl had a natural miscarriage and insisted on keeping her child, her child might have a huge defect.

Senior Zhang gave the supplements to Xia Ling and said, “Whether you can keep your child depends on God’s will.”

Xia Ling was distressed. Ever since learning of her pregnancy, she had been living in constant anxiety and never even experienced the joy of being a new mother for a day. Her hands unconsciously covered her lower abdomen and went deep in thought. Baby, you must be safe.

After the inspection was completed, Xia Ling went home with Pei Ziheng.

What Pei Ziheng heard from Senior Zhang was a completely different version. He told her that she was pregnant for 5 weeks and everything was normal. Pei Ziheng was extremely happy. He had never experienced such pure joy in his thirty years of his life. This heartfelt joy filled his entire heart, and he only had her and her baby in his eyes. His family of three was a complete world for him.

“I have to thank god for sending you back to me.” Pei Ziheng hugged her and whispered.

Xia Ling leaned on his shoulder. She understood his joy, but her heart was burdened with pain and hardship. The arrival of this child was destined to cause war. She was like a female warrior who was forced to face the subsequent dangers alone with her life on the line. She did not know when daybreak and victory would come.

She really thought it was retribution. Was it because she led her life too smoothly after being adopted by Pei Ziheng in her past life? Therefore, her next life was full of twists and turns without blessings and only disasters?

She hurriedly stopped her mindless thinking.

The child was innocent. It was not a disaster but a rare treasure that God gave to her.

No matter how difficult it got, she would ensure its safety and keep it healthy at all costs.

Pei Ziheng slowly let her go, gazed into her eyes, and warmly said, “Xiao Ling, marry me. Be my rightful wife and let our child become the eldest son of the Pei family.”

“How do you know that it is a son?” She softly refuted, suppressing the uneasiness in her heart and the faint feeling she had. “I don’t want it to be the eldest son of the family.”

“Why?” Pei Ziheng gently asked. “Isn’t it good to be the eldest son? He can take over the family business.” The Pei family’s business was large, and they had many rules. Only the most respectable blood-related family member could inherit the family business. This person was his rightful wife’s firstborn son. For this honor, many women competed and many eminent families tried to sell their daughters or granddaughters to him, but she said she did not want it?

Xia Ling was afraid of this.

She knew very clearly that the father of her baby was Li Lei. It was fine if she had a daughter, but if she had a son, how could she let her son fight for the Pei family’s business?

This was shameless theft.

She only wanted to give birth to a child under Pei Ziheng’s name because she desperately wanted to save her baby’s life. She had no choice but to make this decision. However, she was not planning on conspiring against him.

She said, “Being the eldest son is too tortuous. I don’t want him to inherit any family business. I only want him to be safe, healthy, and happy for his entire life.”

Pei Ziheng smiled. “He will definitely be safe and healthy.” However, he would also inherit the family business. Since he did not know the gender of the child, he did not intend to quarrel with her over this problem. He only said, “Marry me.”

Xia Ling lowered her head.

She was unwilling to marry him. However, if she did not marry him, her baby would be an illegitimate child. Once she thought about the label that her child would bear for its entire life, she felt a sharp pain in her chest. However, marrying Pei Ziheng? How could she marry him when she was currently deeply concerned about another man…

Pei Ziheng said, “I will give you a dream-like wedding.” Beaches, chocolate towers, and roses… She would marry him like a princess in a fairytale castle and be as happy as a princess under his care for the rest of her life.


Xia Ling thought of something and looked up. “Pei Ziheng, give me some time. I… I’m still not ready yet. Furthermore, I’m just adjusting to my pregnancy recently. How about we wait until the child is born? Let’s talk about marriage after the child is born, ok?” This was not a plan to trick him into delaying the marriage. She was honestly distraught now and really had not thought about it carefully.

Since she was supposed to remain by Pei Ziheng’s side for a lifetime, should she help her child get a title?

Even if she were separated from him after marriage, her child would still not be illegitimate.

However, Li Lei…

As soon as she thought of him, her heart felt like it was burned by fire. How could she force a smile and marry someone else when she was actually bitterly missing him? She could only delay the situation and wait until the child was born before making plans.

Pei Ziheng knew that she was feeling unwell and was very affected due to the pregnancy.

Looking at her weary expression, he was heartbroken. After some thought, he said, “Planning a wedding is really tough. You’re pregnant now and shouldn’t tire yourself. How about we register our marriage at the Civil Affairs Bureau first and have our wedding after the child is born?”

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