A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 342 - Housekeeper and Bodyguard

Chapter 342: Housekeeper and Bodyguard

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Xia Ling thought for a long time because… there was almost no difference… except that he would jump into the water to save her. “Housekeeper and… bodyguard?”

Big Boss rewarded her by flicking her forehead.

Xia Ling felt a little wronged. “You asked.”

“So can’t you use your brain before answering?!” Big Boss Li was fuming. “Isn’t ‘housekeeper and boyfriend’ a better answer?”


“What do you mean ‘ok’?!”

“Housekeeper… and boyfriend.” She looked at him meekly. “Are you confessing to me?”

“I have just used my life to confess to you!” Big Boss Li glared at her. “And what’s the result? You’re hanging out with a dubious man behind my back!”

“I didn’t…” Xia Ling felt wronged and said softly. “I have already transferred to another hospital.”

Big Boss Li replied, “I was referring to Rong Ping.” Why did she always have to think about Pei Ziheng? Did she have such a deep impression of Pei Ziheng in her heart? Li Lei could tell that she was always hiding from that man, but even so, she would still be thinking about him.

At once, Li Lei’s expression darkened.

Xia Ling also realized that she said something wrong and tried to salvage the situation. “I know that you treat me well.”

“Only treated you well?”

“I…” She knew that he loved her, but how could she repay this love?

“Li Lei,” Xia Ling lifted her head and looked at him seriously. “Why do you like me? I can’t give you anything.”

“I don’t need you to give me anything.” He said faintly. “I’m not treating you well because I want you to repay me.”

“So? Many women like you. Why is it me?” Xia Ling really did not understand. When it came to family background, she could not compare to Gu Lin. When it came to intelligence and ability, she could not compare to Su Tang. When it came to beauty, compared to the attractive people in the entertainment industry, she could not be considered very pretty. Why exactly did he like her?

“That’s because you are you.” Li Lei explained. “This place.” He pointed at his chest. “Always beats faster when I see you and suffocates when you are in trouble. Ye Xingling, I will be yours in this lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether you are smart enough or honest enough. I will still like you with my entire heart. That’s why.”

He lifted her face and looked at her seriously. “Promise me that you’ll do it well.”

She did not think that he would answer her like that. She slightly opened her mouth and was unable to say anything. The times that they spent together flashed in front of her eyes. When she had a fever, he hugged her. When she had no place to live, he took her in. When she rushed to finished her jobs from dawn till dusk, he drove her around. When she was hungry, he always cooked delicious food and sent it to her. Not to mention, he embraced all her mannerisms and flaws. He always risked his life to save her during the few times when she was kidnapped or met with an accident.

If true love existed in this world, it would definitely be this.

“Don’t treat me too well…” She mumbled. “I’m scared.”

“What are you afraid of?” He asked gently.

“I’m scared that this happiness is just an illusion and there will be nothing after I wake up from this dream.” That was precisely what happened in her past life. She thought she found someone who could shelter her from the wind, but they turned against each other without warning.

Li Lei came close and wrapped her in his arms.

“Silly girl,” he said softly. “The one who is scared is me. I feel that I’m too lucky that God sent me to you, but I’m also scared… scared that suddenly, there will be a day when you will leave me for someone else.”

“That will never happen.” She leaned into his warm embrace and closed her eyes slightly. The scene that happened in the water appeared in her mind again. She looked at Pei Ziheng desperately and disappointedly as he let go of her hand and swam away…

“I will never leave you for someone else.” Xia Ling listened to his accelerating heartbeat and gently placed her hand on his chest. “Li Lei, besides here, where else can I go? In my life, there’s only you…” The last sentence was as light as a sigh.

Li Lei lifted her chin, lowered his head, and kissed her.

Unlike any previous kiss, this time, he was earnest and gentle. This kiss was ceremonial to declare his possession of her. Unknowingly, she started to respond to him and both of their lips and tongues entangled in a warm and intimate kiss.

They would never desert each other and would be each other’s only one.

A few people were rejoicing while others were upset.

On the one hand, Xia Ling and Li Lei were tender and affectionate. On the other hand, Xia Yu was in a desolate position.

She was the one who caused Xia Ling to be in a dangerous situation. She waited the entire day for her chance when people were not paying attention to modify the timing of the watergate. Originally, it should not have opened at that moment for the water to carry Xia Ling into the rapids below the waterfall.

She wanted Xia Ling to die.

One would easily be hurt after falling down a 20-meter high waterfall. Together with the momentum of the rushing water from the rapids, reef, deep water, and rocky river bottom, this would be sufficiently dangerous. It was not the same as the usual swimming pool. And even if one could swim well in a swimming pool, in the face of such stormy waves, it would only lead to one’s death.

If that sl*t were dead, her Brother Ziheng would not look for anyone else.

Wasn’t she only killing one person? It was not much of a difficult task. Xia Yu set up the trap easily and skillfully. Per her expectations, the sluice suddenly opened during Xia Ling’s shoot, and in a flash, the people in the water were swept away.

However, just as a smile was about to emerge on Xia Yu’s face, Pei Ziheng had already jumped into the water.

Xia Yu was stunned, jealous, resentful, and furious… Countless emotions flooded her, and she almost could not maintain her hypocritical expression. She silently prayed that Brother Ziheng would not save that sl*t, and perhaps the heavens heard her wishes because sure enough, Brother Ziheng washed up ashore alone.

The regretful thing was that sl*t Ye Xingling was actually saved by another man.

From that day on, Brother Ziheng was more reserved than usual. He spent a long time staring at that broken Patek Philippe. Xia Yu recognized that watch. It was the one that her sister custom-made for him before her death. In the past two years, Brother Ziheng loved it more than his own life. Now that he broke the watch because of saving Ye Xingling, he must feel very regretful, right?

In the chairman’s office.

Xia Yu carried a cup of tea and walked close to Pei Ziheng, glancing at the broken watch in his hand without him noticing. “It’s all Ye Xingling’s fault,” she said in a soft-spoken voice. “If it weren’t for her, my sister’s relic wouldn’t be damaged.”

She was confident that she would be able to reconcile with Pei Ziheng. No matter how little, she wanted to make him dislike Ye Xingling. Unexpectedly, the man who was sitting behind his spacious desk glanced at her silently with a warning and intimidating look.

Xia Yu did not dare to say anything else. With her most obedient posture, she placed the Biluochun tea which he loved the most on the table.

When she turned around to leave, she intentionally walked slowly and hoped that he would ask her to stay or say something.

However, he remained as silent as an abyss.

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