A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 341 - How Is It The Same

Chapter 341: How Is It The Same

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Lin Yunan guessed that there was not much actual interaction between her and Pei Ziheng.

Otherwise, Li Lei would blow up first before it could even affect her work. With Li Lei the great god monitoring her, Lin Yunan was less worried and lazy to ask about her mysterious private life. Hence, he directly transferred her to another hospital.

She was still assigned to a top tier intensive care unit.

It was on a very quiet level. Besides her, there was only a female entrepreneur who was suffering from a disease that she did not know, and she looked troubled every day. This neighbor was not interested in celebrities and did not even recognize Xia Ling when she met her. Thus, Xia Ling enjoyed the rare chance of being undisturbed and lived quietly with the occasional visit from a friend.

Luo Luo sent her a large bunch of pink lilies, and Bai Murong sent her a game console.

Sister Mai Na and Wei Shaoyin were afraid that she would be bored in the hospital and sent a dozen fashion magazines over.

Even Rong Ping visited her once and brought a fruit basket, roses, and carnations.

“You don’t have to send so much.” With half of her body leaning against the bed, she smiled politely at Rong Ping.

Rong Ping gently said, “After working with you for so long, I should visit you. Oh yes, there are many reporters downstairs. If you have friends visiting you, you should tell them to be careful.”

Xia Ling smiled deeply. Sure enough, he sent flowers over just for show. However, this was also good for their popularity, especially during the period when she could not appear in public as she could still remain a relevant topic.

He sat and chatted with her for a while and had no intention of leaving.

Xia Ling started to become slightly annoyed and was thinking about how she could ask him to leave. In a roundabout way, she hinted that she felt tired.

Rong Ping understood what she meant but said, “I still can’t leave yet. I have to stay for at least three hours so that the tabloid reporters have something to write about. If you are tired, you can rest. I will sit at the side and read a magazine.” After saying that, Movie King Rong really sat down on the sofa beside her.

Xia Ling smiled bitterly, apologized for not being hospitable enough, and took an afternoon nap.

However, she could not fall asleep. She tossed and turned but felt uneasy because there was another person in the room. She gave up and sat up on the bed, looked for the game console that Bai Murong gave her, and started playing it.

Rong Ping looked up from the magazine he was reading with a complicated expression.

This girl would rather play a game than chat with him. She should know that as the Movie King, he was the dream man in the eyes of many young girls and was rarely treated this coldly. He was a little uncomfortable but quickly suppressed it. After the pool incident, he realized that his position in her heart was not worth mentioning. The two bosses, Pei Ziheng and Li Lei, rushed into the water to save her, so how he could compare himself with them?

After thinking that, Rong Ping was rather disappointed.

He did not know what happened to him. It seemed he felt different from their initial cooperative relationship. Her every move and smile would unconsciously affect his heart. However, he knew from the very start that it was impossible between them.

Movie King Rong skimmed through the magazine but did not even remember what he read.

Xia Ling was very happy playing the game and forgot who was in the room. She asked, “Is there water? Help me get a glass of water.”

Rong Ping was speechless. The girl in front of him was surely the first person who dared to treat him like a maid. He also did not know what was wrong with him because he actually got up to get her a glass of water.

He even carefully poured sufficient amounts of hot and cold water to get the water to the correct temperature before handing it to her.

Xia Ling took it without even looking at him. After taking a sip, she asked, “Why didn’t you put lemon?” She returned the cup to him. “Remember to add half a slice of lemon and reduce the temperature slightly to get a better taste.”

Rong Ping was speechless again. Why was this girl so squeamish?!

He took the cup of water quietly and was conflicted about whether to get lemons or to pour the glass of water on the girl who was focused on playing games… Suddenly, he felt that the cup was taken away.

He turned around and saw Li Lei.

Today, Big Boss Li wore a white coat, a medical mask, and a hat. He looked very serious and obviously evaded the paparazzi group that was guarding the door downstairs. He stood in front of Rong Ping, smiled, and took off his mask. “Let me do it. This child is tricky and difficult to serve. She would complain when it is a little too cold, or hot, or sour, or sweet. Unfamiliar people can’t take care of her.”

What did he mean by “unfamiliar people”?!

Movie King Rong was about to blow up. Even if he were her true boyfriend, he did not have to bully him so much. Wait, no, what true boyfriend? After chasing Ye Xingling for so long, Li Lei was not even able to get that title. How was he qualified to talk bad about others?! So what if he were unfamiliar with Ye Xingling, was he even that close to her?!

On the other hand, after hearing his voice, Xia Ling lifted her head to look at Li Lei.

“Li Lei?” Xia Ling threw the game console aside and opened up her arms in a gesture for him to hug her. “Why are you here so early today? Did you say something bad about me again? How am I difficult to take care of?”

“Yes, you’re the easiest to take care of.” Li Lei smiled indulgently and leaned over to give her a hug.

Ever since the accident at the pool, he became insecure and only felt at ease whenever he touched her body from time to time. At the start, he took the initiative to hug her every day when he came to the hospital, but soon, Xia Ling probably liked it very much because she would consciously signal him to hug her whenever he came to visit.

Movie King Rong could not bear to watch them any longer.

What is this display of inseparable love? Li Lei, I thought I heard that you two had not reconciled?!

Unfortunately, the two love birds beside him could not hear him vomiting in his heart. Xia Ling looked at Li Lei and smiled silly. “Help me make some lemon water. And remember to choose a good lemon.”

Instantly, Li Lei went to prepare it for her.

After Xia Ling sent Li Lei away, she finally had the time to deal with Rong Ping. “Sorry about that. I was too engrossed in my game just now and didn’t notice that I asked you to help me get water… I shouldn’t be asking you so many requests.”

Why? Because he was an outsider?

Rong Ping was very uncomfortable, but on the surface, he looked calm and elegant. “It’s fine. It’s about time anyway. I should leave. If I get the chance, I will visit you again.” He looked at her and smiled like a gentleman. “Take care of yourself.”

Xia Ling really wanted to chase him away and smiled sweetly as she waved at him until he vanished.

Li Lei brought the lemon water over.

Crescent-shaped lemon slices were floating in the glass, and the proportion and temperature of the water were to her liking. The glass of water was truly impeccable. Xia Ling sighed again and thought that if Li Lei were not a boss, he could seriously become a chef. She took the glass and sipped. “It’s great to have you here.”

“You mean having a housekeeper is great.” Li Lei smiled and exposed her true intentions without mercy.

Xia Ling was somewhat guilty and said, “You’re not the same as a housekeeper.”

“Really? What’s the difference?” Big Boss Li proudly asked.

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