A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 329 - The Role-switch Saga

Chapter 329: The Role-switch Saga

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Lin Yunan shifted his gaze from Xia Ling to the pins in his hand.

The pearl on the head of the pin was beautiful, and they complemented the princess dress perfectly. If not for him pulling them out of the dress, nobody would have realized what was hidden beneath the surface.

Was this a coincidence? Or was this intentional?

Lin Yunan was aware that these pins could be found all around the props room and the makeup rooms, mainly because most of the clothes were borrowed and would usually not fit the artistes exactly. These pins were used as markings for the purpose of doing alterations on the clothes. The pins would rust over time, but for all eleven pins to be rusty was too coincidental to be true.

It seemed like his words from a few days ago had come true… this girl had developed enemies faster than a rocket could fly.

Who did she offend this time?

Lin Yunan took out his mobile and called someone. “Wei Wei, go to the clothes room where the princess dress was placed and take a photo of it for me. Also, collect all the pins you can find on set and bring them to me.”

When he hung up, Rong Ping looked over at him.

“What are you looking at?” Lin Yunan snapped at him. “Couldn’t you have been gentler when you held her waist? See how deep these pins were plunged into her body!”

Before Rong Ping could defend himself, Jimmy had already opened his mouth to retort. “Brother Rong did not mean to hurt her. What’s more, he didn’t really hold her that tightly…” Rong Ping had an image of being a gentleman and could not be too rough when acting opposite female artistes. Jimmy was observing his every action on set and knew that Rong Ping did everything according to the script.

Xia Ling was just too unfortunate… Who could have known that there were hidden pins in the dress?

In fact, this was part of the genius of Xia Yu’s plan. Gu Lin’s attempt was too amateurish, the needles she placed were in too obvious positions and might not even have harmed Xia Ling. However, Xia Yu switched the needles out to pins with pearls as heads. These were easy to overlook given that they looked like accessories on the gown. She had also cleverly placed them at the waist area, being careful to make sure that there were several layers of chiffon. Xia Ling would not have felt the pins when walking around, but once someone reached over to grab her by the waist, the pins would penetrate her body.

Xia Yu had seen the script and knew that the knight would hold on to the princess’ waist after putting the crystal tiara on her head.

She had planned each step carefully.

Lin Yunan lifted his head to glare at Jimmy. “He didn’t use much strength? The first time he held her, Xiao Ling had already yelped out in pain, but he still held on tighter to her! What do you say about that?!”

Rong Ping held in his anger while saying in a hoarse voice, “I’ll pay for her medical expenses.”

Lin Yunan wanted to continue on his rampage. Did he think that Xiao Ling lacked the money to pay for medical expenses? However, since he was just a manager, and Rong Ping, the big actor, had already apologized, it would not benefit Xiao Ling’s career for him to keep picking on Rong Ping. Lin Yunan threw a glance at Rong Ping before saying, “Just be careful next time.”

Rong Ping ignored him and looked down at Xia Ling.

Xia Ling had a headache from their quarrel and was leaning weakly on Rong Ping’s chest with frowning face.

Even though Rong Ping had the image of a gentleman, he had almost no experience dealing with girls. He thought to himself that it would do Xia Ling good for him to distract her from the pain. As such, he searched for a topic. “I wonder how the gown had so many pins in it.”

Xia Ling mumbled something intelligible in response.

She thought to herself that the most likely suspect was Gu Lin. Last week, there were no incidents during their filming. Yet, this week Gu Lin appeared and then this happened. They were at loggerheads, it would be no surprise to her if Gu Lin wanted to do her in.

Lin Yunan received the photos that Wei Wei took of the film set. In the photos, he could see that there were many pins all around the clothes room, but most of them looked new and clean. There were some that were rusty but were not as rusty as those he found in Xiao Ling’s dress. It seemed that the rustiest pins had been collated to be stuck into Xiao Ling’s gown.

Lin Yunan was sure that someone had been out to hurt Xiao Ling.

But who was it? Gu Lin?

He sent a message to Wei Wei asking her to take note of Gu Lin’s movements.

Xia Ling completed the necessary checks at the hospital and was given a tetanus injection. The doctor suggested that she remain in the hospital for observation.

Xia Ling said, “I want to return to the film set. We haven’t finished filming the scene of putting the tiara on the real princess.”

Lin Yunan shook his mobile at her. “I’ve just received news that Xia Yu has taken your place for that.”

“Why?” Xia Ling was taken aback. “Were they worried that I wouldn’t be able to continue filming because of my injury? Tell them I’m fine, and that I’m coming back now.”

“Xia Yu was clamoring for the real princess position. Did you think she would let this chance to take your place slip since you’re now injured?” There was a look of disdain on Lin Yunan’s face, though Xia Ling was uncertain who he was directing his disdain at. “Additionally, there’s Gu Lin — the sponsor — there to add oil to the fire, saying that you’re injured and your performance will be less than perfect. She said that it would affect the Gu family reputation in that netizens might say that they were torturing the artistes. With Gu Lin insisting that they change the real princess candidate, there is really nothing the program team can do about it.”

If Xia Ling were replaced, Rong Ping would definitely have to be replaced too.

Jimmy asked, not willing to let it go. “Is there nothing that we can do at all? It’s a small injury, not serious at all.” Since Xia Ling was not under his charge, Jimmy now felt that she was a burden and had caused Rong Ping to lose his position as well.

Lin Yunan gave a cold laugh. “The severity of the injury and Xiao Ling’s willingness to film while being injured are two different things altogether. Jimmy, you might be thick-skinned and tough such that any injury is small to you but… My Xiao Ling is different — she’s a dancer, and any injury to her waist is a serious one. If she doesn’t take care of it, there could be long-term problems in the future!”

Xia Ling nodded. Her willingness to go back to the film site was a significant risk on her part. Clearly, Jimmy had not appreciated that.

Rong Ping, on the other hand, was a lot more understanding. Yet, he was caught between caring for Xia Ling’s injury and his own career. He decided that his career was more important and spoke up. “Xiao Ling, why don’t you rest well today and we will think of a way to speak to the program team? We can resume filming tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? That will be way too late…” Lin Yunan gave a cold smile and looked at Rong Ping and Jimmy. “Today, now, immediately. We have to go back to the film site and finish filming that last scene.” He was a practical man, and working with Xia Ling had been driven by the monetary benefits that it would bring. He was not interested in being her friend but had been enticed by her Diva potential and marketable value.

He was worried about Xia Ling’s injury.

However, his concern was only limited to whether the injury would leave any long-term issues that would affect her work in the future. “Take care of your waist. Come over here, I’ll support you… take it slow.” He held onto Xia Ling and helped her into the car.

Did he care if she was tired? Or in pain? Sorry, that was not part of his consideration.

Xia Ling rested for the period that it took them to return to the film site, and in that same time, both Jimmy and Lin Yunan were constantly calling the program team. They were stalling for time, negotiating, and giving their all to reinstate Xia Ling and Rong Ping’s positions.

However, the result was not what they wanted.

Jimmy hung up and sighed, his face dark. “I think it’s a lost cause even if we go back now.”

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