A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 328 - The Pearl Accessory

Chapter 328: The Pearl Accessory

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Back in the makeup studio.

Xia Ling put on the chiffon-layered princess dress with the help of the staff. She had a petite frame, and her bone structure was as slender as that of an elegant bird. She looked beautiful in the long dress, and her every movement was captivating.

Rong Ping also changed into the knight suit and came out of the changing room.

Even though the program team had scrimped on some of the set and effects, they made sure to spend on the outfits for the real princess and knight. The exquisite knight suit was donned with shiny badges and was well-tailored, making Rong Ping look all the more handsome and gallant. He bowed gentlemanly before Xia Ling, and offered his hand to her, the perfect embodiment of his role. All the staff members were again captivated at the sight of him with Xia Ling at his side.

The white steps were covered with flower petals.

Before going down the steps, Xia Ling lifted her head to look at Rong Ping. Her beauty was refined, and her features did not stand out as Xia Yu’s did. Yet, the grace and elegance that she displayed were enchanting, and there was a glint in her eyes as if she was a real princess looking at her knight in shining armor. They were not the best-looking couple, but they were definitely the best at playing their roles, and the most film-worthy of the couples. The director was very satisfied with the real princess selection.

Piano music that sounded like flowing water started to play in the background.

On Rong Ping’s arm, she walked with him under the perfume rain and stood in front of the treasure chest.

Rong Ping opened the treasure chest with a white-gloved hand and took out the exquisite crystal tiara from within the box, carefully placing it on top of Xia Ling’s head. Her deep green long hair shone under the sun, as she donned the perfect smile on her fair-skinned face. She was elegant and beautiful.

Everyone held their breath and anticipated their next move.

Xia Yu was watching them closely. She had done some handiwork on the dress and now was the moment that she would know if her work was a success…

Under the cameras.

Rong Ping was a veteran actor with many accolades to his name. He had studied the script briefly and been through the rehearsals earlier, and thus was familiar with what he had to do. He lowered his head and gazed lovingly at the girl in front of him, who was almost a head shorter than him. One hand encircled her waist naturally, as he pulled her towards him, preparing to plant a kiss on her forehead.

It was at this moment that something happened.

Suddenly, Xia Ling gave a scream, and her body fell forward.

“Xiao Ling!” Rong Ping was taken by surprise and subconsciously wrapped his arm tighter around her waist, allowing her to fall into his chest. “What’s wrong?! Are you alright?!”

“Sister Xiao Ling!”

“Ye Xingling!”

The people around started to call out to her in shock.

Xia Ling weakly leaned into Rong Ping’s chest, her face ghastly pale. She felt a sharp pain in her waist, and it was difficult for her even to make a move.

“What’s wrong?!” Rong Ping was still asking as he tightened his hold around her waist again.

Xia Ling felt the sharp pain in her side intensify, and she yelped out in pain again, a cold sweat breaking out on her forehead. Her lips quivered, and she spoke with difficulty, “Waist… let go…”


Rong Ping was taken aback before understanding struck him. He released his hold around her waist and looked down at her.

The princess dress shaped her narrow waist, and layers of chiffon billowed out with round and white pearls embroidered on. Nothing seemed to be amiss.

“It hurts…” Xia Ling said with difficulty.

Rong Ping was at a loss. “Why are you hurting?” He rarely interacted with women outside of filming and had few relationships in the past. Hence, he was at a loss at how to take care of a girl and did not know what to do when one was hurt.

The artistes and staff started to surround them.

Xia Yu also came forward, pretending to be deeply concerned. However, a devious smile played at the corner of her lips when she was in a corner where no one could see her. Her plan was a success. That Ye Xingling b*tch was injured, and her waist would need to be tended to. It would be hard for her to continue with the filming. They would have to change the real princess…

“Get out the way! Move!” An angry man’s voice rang out.

Before anyone had time to react, the man had already pushed through the crowd, throwing aside the staff that was in his way.

It was Lin Yunan.

He looked at Xia Ling, who was still in Rong Ping’s arms, and his gaze fell onto her narrow waist. He contemplated it for a while before his eyes suddenly darkened. He reached out and pulled at one of the white pearls on the dress. Xia Ling yelped out in pain as he pulled off one of the pearls, sucking in a quick breath of cold air.

Everyone watching gasped in astonishment…

The pearl in Lin Yunan’s hand was not a normal pearl accessory. It was a big pin with a pearl at one end! That pin was very long, and the needle had traces of rust and blood. Clearly, this needle had been stuck into Xia Ling’s body and was the cause of her pain.

Lin Yunan’s expression darkened by the minute, and he told Xia Ling, “Bear with the pain.” After which, he quickly removed all the “pearl accessories” on her long dress. There were eleven of them in total, and every one of them hid a long pin.

“Who did this?!” Luo Luo was the first to regain her senses as she shook with anger. “Who is the one that did this to Xiao Ling?!”

All the staff members stared blankly at each other in silence.

Lin Yunan said, “Now isn’t the time to pin the blame on anyone. Rong Ping, carry Xiao Ling to the car. We need to send her to the nearest hospital.” After the eleven pins were removed, they realized that Xia Ling was badly injured, and blood could be seen seeping out from the waist area of the white dress. What was more, all the pins were rusty. Having come in direct contact with her bloodstream, there was a chance that she could contract tetanus. They had to hurry to the hospital for her to get the tetanus injection as a precaution.

Lin Yunan’s gaze turned cold. Regardless of who was responsible, he was going to make them pay for harming the artiste under his charge!

Hearing Lin Yunan’s words, the lost Rong Ping came back to his senses and carried Xia Ling to his car without another word. Lin Yunan followed him into the car, as well as Rong Ping’s manager, Jimmy, who was afraid that something would go wrong.

They left behind the entire group of staff and artistes, who did not know how to react.

Darn it—

Xia Yu was unhappy as she watched Mr. Best Actor Rong’s hurriedly leaving car and bit her lip in frustration. Why did so many people jump to action for that b*tch?! What did that blind Rong Ping see in her?!

Yet, even if she were frustrated, there was nothing that she could do. She could only pray that the needles that had been stuck into Xia Ling’s body would hurt her to the extent that she could not film the program anymore. It would be even better if she contracted tetanus.

In the car.

Xia Ling was still experiencing sharp pain in her waist even though the pins had been removed, and she sucked in short breaths of air every time they hurt.

Rong Ping tried to console her. “We’ll get to the hospital soon.” He was a little out of it given that her fragrance was right below his nose.

Xia Ling was uncomfortable in his embrace as she did not like to be so close to a man that she did not even consider a friend. There were no cameras around them, so she weakly said, “Let go of me… I can sit by myself.”

Rong Ping frowned but did not release her.

“Don’t move.” Lin Yunan spoke up. “If you don’t want to die, don’t do anything that will speed up your blood circulation. We don’t know if you contracted tetanus.”

Xia Ling was frightened by his statement and obediently stopped moving around.

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