A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 157 - Red Carpet During The Opening Ceremony

Chapter 157: Red Carpet During The Opening Ceremony

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Very soon, the day of the start of the Nebula Music Festival arrived.

First, there was the opening ceremony and audition. Before entering the studio, all the singers and producers had to walk on the red carpet.

Wei Shaoyin said, “Xiao Ling, walk with me.”

Xia Ling nodded in agreement, knowing that he had the intention of promoting her. The competition was of a very large scale and had an extraordinary influence. Every year, many dazzling celebrities walked on the red carpet, and everyone tried their utmost to gain as much attention as possible. There were so many people competing for attention that if an up-and-coming rookie like she did not have sufficient backing as a secret weapon, she would go unnoticed in the crowd of celebrities.

And just in time, Wei Shaoyin could be her secret weapon.

He was one of the industry’s top producers and was famous for being difficult to collaborate with. After many years of sincere invitations from the organizers, he was finally willing to put his honor aside and accept their invitation. His participation was long-awaited by the public. With him leading off the teams, it was no surprise that the news made the headlines and became a hot topic.

Sister Mai Na commended his action. “That’s true love.”

Wei Shaoyin shuddered. “Stop teasing me Sister Mai Na, Xiao Ling is already taken. The one who likes her is very selfish and cannot tolerate a small provocation. If he becomes jealous and changes Xiao Ling’s producer, where else can I find such a good singer to work with?” A few core personnel of Skyart Entertainment already knew about Xia Ling and Li Lei’s relationship. After all, they frequently saw one another, and both of them did not deliberately avoid them, so it was an easy guess.

For that reason, Sister Mai Na also advised Xia Ling to focus on her career and not start a love affair with her boss.

Xia Ling understood the stakes involved and promised Sister Mai Na that she would keep their relationship a secret. She also truly did a good job of maintaining the secret, making Sister Mai Na very pleased. However, was the big boss pleased? Was… that important?

The boss of Skyart Entertainment never had any rights. Since Wei Shaoyin carefully mentioned that matter, Sister Mai Na laughed. “Have you finally remembered who the boss is?” She shook her head and sent them to the limousine. “Ah Wei, take good care of Xiao Ling.”

The spacious interior was a white and extended version of a Lincoln car.

Wei Shaoyin advised Xia Ling with concern. “Xiao Ling, walk with me later. Don’t be nervous, understand?”

Xia Ling yawned a little. “You said that a hundred times.”

Wei Shaoyin was unhappy. “Can’t you put in a little more effort? You’re a newcomer, and this is the first time you’re walking the red carpet. Please be more serious!”

Seeing that he was about to fly off the handle, Xia Ling quickly sat properly and became more well-behaved. However, in her heart, she could not feel nervous at all, let alone become excited. Was it not it just a red carpet? What was the fuss about? What was the difference between that and walking out of her own home? In her past life, she had probably walked on more red carpets than the number of bridges Ah Wei had crossed…

Her thoughts had drifted, and unknowingly, she had blocked out the ceaseless chatter.

The limousine slowly approached the red carpet and stopped.

The lady who was in charge of greeting the guests opened the car door.

Xia Ling followed Ah Wei as he walked out. Instantly, there was an illumination of lights, and the screams of fans could be heard.

“Wei Shaoyin! That’s Wei Shaoyin!”

“Young Master Wei! Look here! Look here!”

“Young Master Wei! Young Master Wei!”

“Ye Xingling! My beloved Xiao Ling!”

“Xiao Ling! Xiao Ling!”

The waves of cheers became louder and louder. Wei Shaoyin was wearing a custom-made suit that was black with silver silk paired with an exquisite French shirt. He swayed his chin slightly and maintained an arrogant and supercilious attitude as he walked ahead. His aura and posture were as if he was the ruler of the world. Xia Ling walked beside him and wore a long gown that was made of white silk and satin and had a winding skirt. She looked elegant and noble.

According to the stylist, it matched pretty well with Wei Shaoyin’s outfit.

“Wei Shaoyin, I’m your fangirl!” A high decibel female voice was heard.

“Young Master Wei couldn’t be more handsome!” Screamed more fans.

“Xia Ling is the most beautiful!” In this lifetime, many fans of Xia Ling’s fan support group came.

“Oh my god! Young Master Wei wants to be with Xiao Ling!” This…

Xia Ling looked up quietly and glanced at Wei Shaoyin. He expression seemed normal, but there was a storm brewing in the depths of his eyes. She could not help but think. Ah Wei, do you dislike me that much? Are you that unhappy after the fans said that little sentence? With a heart that was a little hurt, she recalled the grand ceremony at the end of the year which happened a year ago. This event was less exaggerated than that event. This time, he paired with her as he walked the red carpet. For that event, she wondered what rumors were spread…

Sure enough, there were shouts from people who were not afraid of death. “Young Master Wei is no match for the great Feng Kun!”

“Young Master Wei, don’t abandon the old for the new!”

“Wishing you great happiness with Feng Kun!”

As the anger in Wei Shaoyin’s eyes was about to explode, his expression became colder and he quickened his steps. Xia Ling also hastened her pace, but since she did not have legs as long as his, it was more difficult for her. She could not help but say in a low voice, “Ah Wei, slow down.” The other celebrities walking the red carpet were trying to stay as long as possible. Why was he acting like he was enemies with the red carpet by showing a cold face and increasing his pace?!

“An early death means an early reincarnation.” He looked forward steadily, lowered his voice and hissed.

“I can’t keep up.” Xia Ling appeared to be walking elegantly, but the way she said that indicated that it was a strenuous task.

Due to what she said, the distance between them was reduced. They looked very intimate, and this caused another burst of excited screaming. Wei Shaoyin’s face blackened, but he still slowed down a little. “Why can’t you grow taller? Your legs are so short that you can’t walk faster. Does Li Lei frequently not give you anything to eat?”

She ignored his complaints. “Slow down more!”

“Dream on,” he replied.

Xia Ling gritted her teeth. “Have you forgot the watches on our hands?!”

After knowing that he was going to participate in the music festival, a famous jeweler offered him a sponsorship deal. Since Xia Ling and he were walking together on the red carpet, Xia Ling also benefitted and was sponsored as well. Wei Shaoyin wore a complete set of platinum-encrusted watch and cufflinks on his wrists while Xia Ling, as a rookie, only wore a gold-plated mother-of-pearl female watch on her wrist.

However, it seemed now that she was more devoted to her job than Wei Shaoyin. She deeply remembered the agreement with their sponsor. They had to stay on the red carpet for a full five minutes, which was the longest time the organizer allowed the guests to stay on the red carpet.

Wei Shaoyin stiffened and slowed down his footsteps as expected.

Xia Ling instinctively knew that he forgot about it. He was very professional when it came to music-making, but was terrible at handling other jobs.

“How many minutes have passed?” He asked uncertainly.

“One and a half minutes,” said Xia Ling definitively. As someone who had walked on so many red carpets that it was uncountable in her past life, once she stepped on the red carpet again, she suddenly had a strong sense of familiarity. Even if she closed her eyes, she could accurately estimate the time, angle, different locations to pause, and the best poses for photos… Those were instinctive to her.

On the other hand, Wei Shaoyin did not believe her. “How could it be that only one and a half minutes have passed? I feel that at least three minutes have passed.”

“One and a half minutes is one and a half minutes. Come, follow me. Walk four steps and stop for a while. Ok, turn your body 30 degrees and wave. Make sure that you position your cufflinks and watch in front of the camera… That’s right. Now, put your hand down, switch sides, and do it again…” Xia Ling instructed Wei Shaoyin.

Wei Shaoyin obediently followed her instructions for a while before suddenly reacting. “Why are you telling me what to do? It’s not like I don’t know!”

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