A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 156 - Battle Conference

Chapter 156: Battle Conference

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Xia Ling rubbed her aching shoulders. After thinking carefully, she realized that she did not pay much attention to her popularity recently.

However, she remembered that people were very interested in the duo consisting of Lu Tao and Leng Hui. The last time she met them by coincidence near the street dance center, stupid Lu Tao had not disguised himself well and was spotted by the sharp eyes of his fans, causing great chaos and confusion. If Leng Hui had not pulled him and fled the scene quickly, the aftermath would be inconceivably dreadful.

Sister Mai Na smiled. “Have you realized that your popularity has increased? Your two singles sold very well, and out of all the newcomers in the company, you earned the most money from the jobs you accepted, have the largest following on your official fan support club, are the most searched celebrity on the internet, and are the most talked about celebrity… Who else should I praise besides you?”

Xia Ling smiled silly.

Sister Mai Na explained the rules of the Nebula Music Festival to everyone. “As in previous years, all competitors will be divided into six groups that are led by six different music producers. At every stage that requires teams to be formed, Ah Wei, you must pay attention to…” Sister Mai Na looked sternly at Wei Shaoyin. “You’re Skyart Entertainment’s producer. According to the rules of the competition, you can only choose at most one singer from Skyart Entertainment. You’re to choose seven other singers from other entertainment companies. I hope you can utilize this place well.”

To avoid cheating and the competition from being too boring, the competition rules were set as such: A producer could at most choose one singer from his or her own company. Any more and his team’s score would be nullified.

Who should he choose?

Wei Shaoyin scanned the singers present. “Xiao Ling?”

Xia Ling casually said, “I can do it.” She did not care about which team she joined. As long as she could show off her talent, it did not make much of a difference.

However, Sister Mai Na frowned. “Ah Wei, don’t forget. Nebula Music Festival not only awards the top three contestants, but there is also the ‘Entertainment company that laughs from the start to the finish award.’ This award is given based on the total points of all the artistes in the company. Xiao Ling’s skills are very reliable, she doesn’t need much help. This place is best reserved for those who are still unstable or are veterans like Murong. If he’s in your first team, Murong can help you deal with many things since he has participated in the competition several times.”

“But Xiao Ling…” Wei Shaoyin was still worried about her.

“You are really biased.” Sister Mai Na smiled and shook her head. “There is a reason why I did not let Xiao Ling join your team. If Xiao Ling was led by you and you win, people will say that it is expected, and even dubious. If you lose, you will receive even more disdain and ridicule. Ah Wei, we should let Xiao Ling win spectacularly and leave everyone speechless.”

As such, Xiao Ling should not join her company’s team to avoid gossip.

After hearing what Sister Mai Na said, Wei Shaoyin immediately understood and did not insist anymore. With a little regret, he chose the group consisting of Leng Hui and Lu Tao. “Although there are two of you, a group only takes up one place, so you can join my team at the same time. Your live performances have always been unstable, so it is better if I take care of you.”

Lu Tao heavily nodded. “Thank you, Brother Wei.”

There was a hint of gratitude in her cold gaze.

They all knew that it was Wei Shaoyin’s first time participating in the Nebula Music Festival. The fact that he chose two newcomers instead of Bai Murong, a veteran of king status, showed that he was taking some risk, and it may even affect his reputation. However, the reason he was willing to take the risk was that he wanted to escort them. He was truly the most compassionate producer in the industry. No one could compare to him.

Lu Tao and Leng Hui tightly clenched their fists in the dark. They had to do their best to repay the love that Wei Shaoyin was showing them.

Bai Murong laughed and touched his nose. “Looks like I have been abandoned.”

“You can act that way.” Sister Mai Na laughed too. “I want to give you an assignment.”

“What is it?”

“Protect Xiao Ling,” said Sister Mai Na. “No matter which team Xiao Ling ends up in, join that team too. Besides, you are of king status, I’m sure you can do well in any team. I’m hoping that you can help me create a queen.”

“No problem,” replied Bai Murong in a relaxed manner. “The order of team selection is based on a lottery. If Xiao Ling gets to choose before me, I will join the team she chooses. If I get to choose first, I will choose a team suitable for Xiao Ling.”

“Thank you,” said Xia Ling.

“It is my pleasure to serve beautiful women.” In a half-joking manner, Bai Murong elegantly bowed his body slightly in a classical and gentlemanly Baroque style.

“Linlang and Wanyi,” said Sister Mai Na and looked at the two female singers. “One has a lively style while the other has a gentle style. Both of your styles do not clash with Xiao Ling’s style. There are many opponents this year, so you have to take care of yourselves. If you have the energy to spare, try to help Xiao Ling out to help Skyart Entertainment achieve the highest points and achieve the ‘Entertainment company that laughs from the start to the finish award.'”

Xie Linlang and Shu Wanyi agreed.

Finally, Sister Mai Na looked at Wei Shaoyin and said, “Ah Wei, you have to remember that the leading producer can gain important points, and these points will be counted in the company’s total score. You also have to do your best.”

“No problem.” Ah Wei was filled with confidence. “I will definitely earn the highest points out of the producers.”

Sister Mai Na quietly looked at him.

Xia Ling also quietly looked at him.

Bai Murong, Xie Linlang, Lu Tao, and few others quietly looked at him.

“What’s wrong?” Ah Wei was confused. “Am I wrong for saying that?”

Sister Mai Na replied, “This year, Feng Kun is one of the producers participating… Ah Wei, it is fine as long as you put in the effort. No one will blame you if you are unable to achieve the highest points.”

Everyone looked at Ah Wei with sympathy.

Ah Wei was speechless for a while, but suddenly became emotional. “Why can’t I get the highest points, just because he is there? Do you think I am scared of him?!”

Hey, Ah Wei, no one said that you are afraid of him, did you just expose something…

Sister Mai Na wagged her finger. “This year, Feng Kun composed ‘The Caged Butterfly.’ What do you have to compete against him?”

“I…” Ah Wei choked.

“The Caged Butterfly” caused Feng Kun’s popularity to explode. Just the voting by the audience members was enough to hinder other producers from winning sufficiently. Not to mention, he had much more experience participating in competitions and had sophisticated skills. Compared to him, Ah Wei would suffer a crushing defeat in all areas.

Even Xia Ling did not have the heart to continue comparing them.

Feng Kun put in his blood, sweat, and tears to cut out the audio track from the last concert of her previous life, mixed her original singing voice before she was murdered to create an arrangement, and produced a unique song that only belonged to Diva Xia Ling. His creation was flawless and caused the numerous fans to be so touched in that moment when they heard the song that they cried. To them, it was as if the Diva had not left them, it was as if she was still alive in this world and had just released a single… It was so realistic that it was heartbreaking.

Feng Kun said, “‘The Caged Butterfly’ is unique and only exists for one person, so it is not easily tarnished.”

That sentence turned him into a god in the hearts of the fans.

But Ah Wei…

Alright, Ah Wei was also a god, but his godly status was not as high as Feng Kun’s.

Wei Shaoyin gritted his teeth and said, “The Caged Butterfly.”

Everyone continued to look at him with sympathy.

“Ah Wei, it’s not your fault.” Xie Linlang smiled and comforted him. “You might be able to come up with an arrangement like that.” After looking at Ah Wei’s expression, she changed her phrasing. “Alright, if you spend some time, I’m sure you can come up with that sort of arrangement… However, who would be able to give the song its special meaning? No matter how good your arrangement is, it cannot compare to the grief Feng Kun had for the dead.”

“Well…” Ah Wei was a little flattered by her and felt comforted.

Sister Mai Na felt that Ah Wei was incorrigible. “It’s okay, Ah Wei. Anyway, all of the producers this year will not waste effort competing with Feng Kun. You should also save the effort and not only focus on competing with him. Instead, you should focus on taking good care of your team, alright?”

“Then I will make my team defeat his team and make him bow down in front of me!” said Ah Wei resentfully.

Sister Mai Na could not be bothered to respond to him. “End of discussion,” she said.

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