A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 8

Just Wait for Me Here

“Oh, alright, I understand,” Lin Wan replied obediently.

After that, Lin Wan remained tense, and Xiao Yichen didn’t go easy on her either. After all… she was his wife.


The following day, when they woke up, it was already past two in the afternoon. Lin Wan opened her eyes and saw that the man next to her was still asleep.

Lin Wan clenched her teeth. She had the urge to punch him and leave a scar on his devilish face.

Even though this man was her husband in name, he had crossed the line.

She gritted her teeth in hatred, but Lin Wan still didn’t dare to move. She gently pushed his hand away and left the bed to freshen up.

After stepping out of the shower, Lin Wan remembered that she had changed her clothes in the guest room the day before. So, she wrapped herself in a towel, found a shirt for Xiao Yichen, and hurried to the guest room to change.

Once she changed her clothes, Lin Wan walked out of the guest room. At the entrance of the master bedroom, Xiao Yichen happened to step out wearing a white shirt, a dark blue tie, and suit pants.

“Good morning,” Xiao Yichen greeted her. In reality, he had already been awake when she woke up. He had simply remained silent, giving her space.

“Hehe, good morning.” Lin Wan forced a smile that was more pained than joyful and greeted Xiao Yichen.

In her heart, Lin Wan vehemently rejected this man. A bad man, a despicable man, an overbearing man, a shameless man, and more. She could label him with any derogatory term she could think of.

However, Xiao Yichen had no idea what she was thinking.

“Are you hungry?” Xiao Yichen asked with concern.

But before Lin Wan could respond, Xiao Yichen had already made up his mind. He said to her, “Let’s go downstairs for breakfast.”

After that, Xiao Yichen had already made his way downstairs.

Lin Wan observed Xiao Yichen’s back. Despite her deep-seated resentment, she had to maintain an obedient facade and play the role of a dutiful and compliant wife.

Once they reached downstairs, the two of them sat across from each other and started eating. Xiao Yichen stole a glance at the woman in front of him. For the time being, he had nothing to say and decided to remain silent, focusing on his meal instead.

Meanwhile, Lin Wan had something on her mind. However, when she saw Xiao Yichen’s cold and stoic expression, she couldn’t find the right words to say.

After all, she wasn’t very familiar with this man and hadn’t yet figured out his personality. If she said something wrong and angered him, the consequences could be dire.

Lin Wan waited until they finished dinner. Just as Xiao Yichen was about to leave the restaurant, she gathered her courage and spoke up, “I have something to discuss…”

Lin Wan trailed off, waiting for Xiao Yichen’s response.

“Hmm?” Xiao Yichen replied.

Although he didn’t want to confront his family, especially Lin Qingqing, he still had the household register with him. Furthermore, he had to inform his family about his marriage.

“I’ll go with you,” Xiao Yichen stated.

Lin Wan pursed her lips. She wanted to say something, but ultimately decided against it.


Xiao Yichen drove the Maserati to the entrance of the Lin family’s small courtyard. Lin Wan had just unfastened her seatbelt when she heard Xiao Yichen’s voice.

“Shall I accompany you inside?” Xiao Yichen asked.

Originally, he had planned to bring Lin Wan’s family to his parents’ place to introduce them formally before visiting her family. However, since he had accompanied her here today, it seemed necessary to meet his in-laws in advance.

“There’s no need,” Lin Wan said with a tinge of sadness in her voice. However, she managed to hold back her laughter and continued speaking to Xiao Yichen, “Just wait for me here. My father has a volatile temper, and my aunt and sister aren’t particularly fond of me. I’m concerned that you’ll feel uncomfortable if you come inside.”

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