A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 7


Without sparing a glance at the woman cradled in his arms, Xiao Yichen carried her and strode towards the master bedroom.

His wife, who had already gone through the marriage registration, had chosen to sleep in the guest room. It seemed that she had forgotten her identity from the previous night.

Receiving no response, Lin Wan surmised that it must be a dream. She closed her eyes once more and resumed her slumber.

However, after a while, Lin Wan sensed that something was amiss with Xiao Yichen’s actions.

Swiftly, she opened her eyes and beheld Xiao Yichen’s handsome face.

“Xiao, Xiao, Xiao Yichen, what… what are you doing?” Lin Wan’s drowsiness dissipated instantly. She widened her eyes and gazed at Xiao Yichen in bewilderment.

Drawing nearer, Xiao Yichen whispered intimately into Lin Wan’s ear, “Wan’er.”

Though lacking in tenderness, Xiao Yichen was already treating this woman with a certain degree of special treatment.

“What exactly do you want?” Lin Wan was unable to comprehend Xiao Yichen’s intentions. Observing his expression, she found it impossible to decipher his thoughts.

This man was too astute. She couldn’t discern anything at all.

“What do you think?” Xiao Yichen replied slowly and meaningfully.

“How would I know?” She couldn’t possibly fathom his thoughts; she wasn’t privy to his innermost desires. How could she predict his intentions?

Upon witnessing the woman’s feigned ignorance, Xiao Yichen didn’t grow angry. Instead, he found her somewhat intriguing and innocent.

“It’s nothing. We’re just having a chat,” Xiao Yichen stated. If she wanted to pretend, he would oblige.

Naturally, Lin Wan didn’t believe him. How could it be just a chat when he was in such close proximity?

“Xiao Yichen, you should leave,” Lin Wan scornfully uttered, despising him.

However, she found herself unable to push him away. He was a tall and muscular man, while she was a weak woman at a clear disadvantage.

Xiao Yichen regarded the woman before him with an appraising gaze. Her oval-shaped face was becoming increasingly pleasing to his eyes.

A faint smile graced the corners of Xiao Yichen’s lips as he spoke softly, “Wan’er, how do you address me…”

Lin Wan met his intense gaze, fully aware of his dissatisfaction with her use of his full name earlier.

“Yi, Yi, Yichen,” Lin Wan struggled to utter.

“Hmm?” Xiao Yichen remained dissatisfied.

Lin Wan felt her mind spiraling into confusion. Wasn’t his name Xiao Yichen? Therefore, she could simply address him as Yichen softly. What was there to be dissatisfied about?

Observing the woman’s dazed state, Xiao Yichen’s expression darkened, and his unhappiness grew.

“Are you daydreaming in front of me?” Xiao Yichen questioned coldly. “What are you thinking about?”

Fear gripped Lin Wan, and she quickly banished her wandering thoughts. She looked into Xiao Yichen’s eyes and nervously replied, “No, nothing.”

Terrified of potential punishment from this man, Lin Wan recognized that he exuded anything but gentleness. Even in his calmness, there was an air of dignity that made it seem as if he held the power of life and death.

Once again, Lin Wan collected herself, refraining from overthinking. She came up with a name and blurted out, “Chen.”

Upon hearing this form of address, Xiao Yichen pondered for a moment and found himself quite satisfied.

Hence, when he gazed at Lin Wan with seriousness once more, Xiao Yichen concluded that his wife was rather obedient. Despite being reprimanded, she remained remarkably compliant.

“Alright, call me that from now on, alright?” Xiao Yichen declared.

“I know, okay, okay!” Lin Wan replied nervously.

Xiao Yichen’s eyes softened as he observed her nervous demeanor. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and he spoke with a hint of charm, “Wan’er, there’s no need to be nervous between husband and wife.”

He repeated his words, emphasizing his point, “Relax in front of me.”

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