A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 36


Although she had informed Ziyan about her concerns and had faith in his judgment, she couldn’t help but worry about the mysterious woman. Ultimately, her apprehension got the better of her, compelling her to dial the woman’s number.

Xiao Yichen’s inquiry filled Lin Wan’s heart with warmth.

Was he genuinely concerned about her?

“Luo Ziyan called our manager, so everything’s resolved now,” Lin Wan reassured him.

“Huh?” Xiao Yichen responded, puzzled.

After a brief conversation, Lin Wan ended the call. She cradled her phone in both hands, lost in thought for quite some time. Her lips carried a broad smile, one that even Lin Wan herself didn’t notice.

In the afternoon, after finishing work, Lin Wan returned home. Auntie Li had already prepared dinner.

“Madam, Mister just called back. He mentioned having a dinner party tonight and won’t be dining at home. He wants you to go ahead and eat,” Auntie Li respectfully informed her.

“Alright, I understand,” Lin Wan replied. She wasn’t surprised by Xiao Yichen’s dinner party. After all, it was commonplace for someone of his stature.

Lin Ye changed his attire before descending the stairs to join the meal.

Inside a lavish private room at a high-end restaurant in the Eastern Empire, Xiao Yichen and Luo Ziyan sat at the dining table, engaging in conversation while enjoying their meal.

“Do you really think that Lin Wan might be a spy sent by those individuals to infiltrate your life?” Luo Ziyan inquired.

After learning about the events of that day, she couldn’t shake the feeling that Lin Wan’s sudden appearance in Yichen’s room was no coincidence. It seemed premeditated, leading her to suspect Lin Wan’s true identity.

“No,” Xiao Yichen responded firmly to Luo Ziyan without going into detail.

He had acted impulsively that night, but upon reflection the next day, he considered the matter more seriously. Lin Wan’s behavior that night had been genuine, not fabricated. Moreover, her resistance and the sorrow evident in her eyes were impossible to feign.

As Lin Wan explained her connection with Muyang, her conviction grew stronger that she was merely an unintended casualty in the scheme orchestrated by those people.

Observing the determination in Xiao Yichen’s eyes, Luo Ziyan understood that he had his own reasons and refrained from prying.

“In that case, what are your plans regarding those individuals?” Luo Ziyan inquired, looking at Xiao Yichen.

“Hmph…” Xiao Yichen snorted and replied, “I’ll wait for them to take the bait.”

Luo Ziyan comprehended the meaning behind these four words and recognized the power and style of his brother. However, he still offered a cautionary reminder, “Yichen, be careful and protect yourself.”

“They aren’t qualified to harm me,” Xiao Yichen said calmly, his gaze fixed upon the red wine in his glass.

He couldn’t fathom the existence of someone capable of inflicting harm upon him.

The two of them spent two hours dining together. Since they hadn’t consumed much red wine during the meal, driving posed no issue.

As they exited the restaurant and headed towards the parking lot, Luo Ziyan suddenly asked, “Yichen, if you were to marry just like that, what about Yanxi?”

In an instant, Xiao Yichen halted in his tracks. He gazed forward for a lengthy moment before turning to face Luo Ziyan.

Yanxi, Xu Yanxi, the girl deeply embedded in his heart.

“She…” Xiao Yichen struggled to find the right words after uttering that single word. He didn’t know what to say.

After a prolonged silence, Xiao Yichen continued, “We’ll discuss it when she returns!”

“Mm.” Observing the subtle shift in Xiao Yichen’s expression, Luo Ziyan comfortingly patted his shoulder with one hand. He added, “When it comes to matters of the heart, you must make the decision for yourself.”

Yichen and Yanxi shared a relationship as childhood sweethearts. Regarding Yichen and Lin Wan’s marriage, it happened abruptly. However, Lin Wan couldn’t fathom Yichen’s intentions based on his actions towards her in the past few days.

If their relationship was merely in name, Yichen wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths for Lin Wan, but…

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