A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 35


Xiao Yichen took the information and quickly perused it. Parting his thin lips, he inquired, “Regarding that person…”

“I’ve already terminated Manager Wang’s employment at the trading company. Furthermore, I won’t ask Madam to compensate for any losses from yesterday’s event,” You Luan promptly responded, understanding that the person his boss was referring to was Manager Wang from the previous day’s show.

Xiao Yichen didn’t say anything further. After You Luan left the office, he dialed Luo Ziyan’s number.

“Yichen, it’s not like you to call me this early in the morning,” Luo Ziyan’s teasing voice came from the other end of the line.

Ignoring Luo Ziyan’s comment, Xiao Yichen stated, “It’s regarding the Luo family.”

“…” Luo Ziyan was momentarily taken aback. He felt a tinge of annoyance that Xiao Yichen didn’t answer his question, but he had no choice. Helplessly, he could only make an educated guess, “So, it’s still about Sister-in-law?”

In the design department of Dream Phil, Lin Wan sat diligently at her desk, engrossed in her work. Suddenly, the internal phone on her table rang.

“Hello, Lin Wan,” she politely greeted as she picked up the internal call.

“Lin Wan, This is Zhang Mingyang,” a male voice came through the phone.

Instantly, Lin Wan’s nerves kicked in. “Hello, President Zhang.”

Zhang Mingyang served as the general manager of Dream Phil Company. As a regular employee, Lin Wan rarely had direct contact with President Zhang. So why… why was she receiving a call from him today?

Feeling flattered and her heart racing, Lin Wan responded, “Yes, President Zhang. Is there something I can assist you with? I’m currently busy with work.”

“Alright, Lin Wan, if you’re available, please come to my office,” Zhang Mingyang requested.

“Sure, I’ll be there right away,” Lin Wan replied.

After hanging up, she tidied her work and headed to the general manager’s office.

In the general manager’s office, Zhang Mingyang and Lin Wan sat facing each other on the guest sofa. Zhang Mingyang personally poured tea for Lin Wan.

Lin Wan was taken aback. She couldn’t comprehend the situation. The manager was actually pouring tea for her?

“Lin Wan, let me explain,” Zhang Mingyang began. “Young Master Luo, President Luo’s younger brother, just called me. He clarified the events of the show yesterday and provided me with some instructions.”

As Lin Wan listened to the manager’s words, she began to piece together what was happening.

“Lin Wan, the company will not penalize you for your actions yesterday. On the contrary, I would like to offer an apology on behalf of the company. You were unjustly framed, and we failed to seek justice from the other company. It is a shortcoming on our part, and I apologize for it,” Zhang Mingyang conveyed sincerely.

“No, it’s not necessary…” Lin Wan’s voice faltered as the manager humbly apologized. She wanted to say more, but nervousness rendered her unable to form complete sentences.

“If you don’t mind, will this matter be considered resolved?” Zhang Mingyang asked when he realized Lin Wan had nothing more to say.

“Mm…” Lin Wan nodded earnestly. It was indeed over.

“Lin Wan, if you encounter any difficulties in your work in the future, feel free to approach me directly. I will personally assist you in resolving any issues. This was also instructed by Young Master Luo,” Zhang Mingyang added.

Wide-eyed, Lin Wan stared at the manager.

So, all of the manager’s actions and words today were a result of a phone call from Luo Ziyan?

After leaving the manager’s office, Lin Wan didn’t fully grasp the significance of what had transpired until she returned to her own workspace.

During lunchtime, just as Lin Wan finished her meal, she received a call from Xiao Yichen.

“Hello.” Lin Wan picked up the call and did not call him intimately.

Although she was sitting in the employee’s pantry, it was still considered a company. She could not say those sweet words.

“Have you eaten lunch?” Xiao Yichen asked.

“Yes, I just ate,” Lin Wan replied, waiting for Xiao Yichen to speak again.

“How did your company deal with yesterday’s incident?” Xiao Yichen asked.

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