Mystical Journey

Chapter 1206 - Suspicion 2

Chapter 1206: Suspicion 2

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“Xiaojie…” Yuria was feeling down, yet strangely, he did not seem to be worried. Instead, he had a somewhat eccentric look. After the inexplicable intercourse with that girl, the other party disappeared the next day. No clues were left behind; no name, identity, background and address. Nothing.

However, Yuria kept feeling an abstruse sense of familiarity that caused him to have an indescribable feeling.

“What’s wrong?” Bat’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“No… Nothing.” Yuria’s mind came back. Recalling the madness of that night, he was still feeling somewhat intoxicated.

The three continued on their way.

Riding their respective heavy-duty motorcycles, the days passed quickly in their stop-and-go journey.

( NovelFull )  The Forest Capital finally appeared before them.

The vehicles on the roadside were increasing in numbers, passing by them. As they journeyed on, the traffic was getting heavier, the road was getting more spacious, and the trees on both sides were getting taller and taller, changing from originally-curved, mid-short trees to tall and huge ones.

Standing in the woods, one could only see trees that were as straight as a bamboo planted into the ground.

The name of the Forest Capital was pleasant to the ear, but it was actually an ordinary small town built in a sea of ​​trees. It was a famous tourist destination in Slann, so there were a lot of tourists.

The three left their motorcycles with a car dealer, paid some money, and began strolling on the street of the Forest Capital.

The street was spacious and bright, paved with white slates. The black, old small houses on both sides were shops that were open. There were also rows of simple stalls outside of the shops selling all kinds of messy specialties.

Bat took the lead and walked straight to the Vulture’s intelligence contact point here, whereas Egret followed from behind. His primary mission was to protect Yuria.

Yuria was looking around absentmindedly and seeking who-knows-what.


Suddenly, a man clothed in black collided with his shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” Yuria’s mind quickly came back into focus and saw the other party holding the shoulder and frowning.

“Got no eyes to see where you’re going?!” The man vented under his breath. However, when he saw Egret approaching from the side, his expression suddenly changed, and he quickly left.

Yuria still wanted to apologize, yet he found that the other party had gone far off and mingled into the crowd. He smiled wryly and shook his head.

He reached into the pocket of his trousers, and his face changed slightly all of a sudden. He looked down, and his face returned to normal. It so happened that Egret had turned his head around and was staring at the man in black, so he did not notice his oddness.

“What’s wrong? Being dreamy on the street.”

“Nothing…” Yuria shook his head with a smile.

“That’s good then.” Egret turned around and walked in front to open the way. The crowd was getting more packed.

Taking advantage of the moment where Egret’s back was facing him and not paying attention to him.

Yuria lowered his head and took out a small slip of paper from his trouser pocket and unfolded it. There was a small line of words on it.

‘Be careful of the people around you. ‘

He quickly stuffed the slip of paper into his trouser pocket and looked around, not finding the trail of the man from just now. This matter came to an end, but it caused Yuria to keep a watchful eye.

In the evening, after the people from Vulture had arranged their accommodation, the three each went to bed while they waited for the intelligence personnel here to respond with the news about Yurijie and his mother, Light Path.

The intelligence personnel here would only deliver the news to the points at a fixed time.

Soon, the intelligence personnel had specific information.

Someone found some clues near the Forest Capital.

The three rushed over.


In the jungle, the grayish-black ground was covered with a white cloth. There seemed to be a human corpse lying underneath it. There was a stench in the surrounding area. No one knew how long the body had died.

The fresh air from the morning was completely contaminated by the smell of the corpse.

The trio of Yuria, Bat, and Egret knelt beside the corpse, opened up the white cloth, and carefully examined the condition of the body. The surrounding was cordoned off with warning lines. More than a dozen policemen gathered around the periphery to wait for the result.

“It’s a male, between the age of thirty and forty-five, bald, dressed in black, without any identification on his body. The muscle fiber tissue indicates that he always trains, and it is not a simple strength training exercise, but more like mixed combat…” Bat explained in a small voice. She was an expert in this area.

Egret listened carefully, but Yuria’s pupils constricted the moment he saw the face of this corpse. The corpse was the man in black who had given him the note when he first arrived here.

He recalled this scene which had also happened back then. It was also someone stuffing him a note, asking him not to waste his effort and to quickly return and assemble.

Return and assemble? Assemble what? Why asked him not to waste his effort?

And now, this person told him that there was someone suspicious around him. ‘Be careful of the people around you’. This sentence could have two meanings. One could refer to the people who were around him, and the other would be the people who were close to him.

He did not know which one the other party was referring to. Thinking of this, he unconsciously tightened his grip on the saber in his hand.

And now, the other party had died just like that.

Yuria remembered very clearly that this person was definitely the man in black who had stuffed him the note.

“There’s a discovery!” Bat suddenly made a slight exclamation of surprise. She used a tweezer to retrieve a small electronic chip underneath the skin of the man in black’s arm. It was black and seemed to be made of some kind of alloy.

“Check it out and analyze the structure. This kind of standard chip is one of the common formats.” Bat handed it over to Egret, who was an expert in this area.

Egret quickly took out a special watch-like instrument, wiped the chip clean, and inserted it in. Very soon, the information was known.

“This is a position-tracking chip!” He exclaimed in surprise.

“What position?”


Suddenly, the police officers in the vicinity were swallowed up by a violent explosion of flames. Small missiles were fired from the distance, and the police car and police officers were swept off the ground due to the explosion as they were caught off guard.

Red and golden-yellow fire ignited the nearby meadows and bushes, and the blaze suddenly spread out, emitting billows of white smoke.

The trio was jerked by the impact of the explosion, and they crouched down to avoid the shock waves.

Some of the police officers who reacted slower were directly blown into the air by the shockwave and thrown out far away. Dead or alive, no one knew.

Boom boom boom boom!

In the continuous explosions, not a single missile was fired at the position of the trio, but the surrounding positions were all blown up. Obviously, this was done deliberately by the attacker.

Some of the police officers died while some were unconscious. The entire site was completely cleared out.

In the blaze, a figure up to three meters tall was treading heavily step by step toward the trio, totally not afraid of the surrounding flames at all.

“It’s you again!” Yuria’s face turned savage the moment he could see the figure clearly. “Where’s Xiaojie!? What did you do to Xiaojie!?”

He bellowed.

The figure came out of the fire and gradually became clear.

It was a black robot with a height of three meters. Its head was triangular, and its chest was engraved with a strange pattern of a white crab. The whole body was like a stone pillar supporting a house, thick and strong. The entire skin was covered with a dull kind of pattern, and at first glance, one knew that it was extremely heavy and tough.

It had a round firing port on each of its arms. At this moment, they were still slowly releasing white smoke. The edges were slightly red, and the temperature was terribly high. Obviously, the missiles earlier on were fired by it.

“If you want to see your sister, then come with me… Savior.” The robot had a deep and thick voice.

“Don’t listen to him!” Egret shouted loudly. One of his hand suddenly stretched out and turned into an exceptionally sharp double-edged triangular knife with a brilliant red fire. “This fellow is from the White Crab Army. They have just attacked your friends, Nine-Tailed and others!”

“Heh.” The robot’s actions immediately became faster. Its arm aimed downward as it opened fire and shot out a missile. It was only when it almost reached Egret did he hurriedly react.


Egret awkwardly rolled to one side and barely dodged the attack. His legs stomped the ground, and he blasted off, charging straight at the robot from another angle.

Meanwhile, Bat rolled aside and opened her mouth to make a silent angry roar at the robot.

A burst of invisible interference sound waves instantly caused the robot to sway a little.

The two were the powerhouses ranked high up in the Vulture. Naturally, they would not be defeated that easily.

Yuria quickly separated from the two’s position and avoided the flames. Pulling out his long saber, he sneaked to the back of the robot. Regardless of whether the robot was telling the truth or not, defeat the other party first before saying anything else.

The robot sneered.

“Even if you are the strongest players in the Vulture, or even if the Sword Master is present, it won’t matter to me at all. Not to mention the crap that are you guys, who are not even in the top ten!”


A clear shockwave erupted from its body and spread out violently into the surrounding, immediately dissolving Bat’s sound wave and hampering Egret’s sprint. In contrast, Yuria was slightly stronger as his Savior’s special ability was engaged. His entire skin turned red, and his speed and explosive force were a level greater.



A silver light shone, and the distance between the robot and Yuria was promptly shortened.


Red Nation

The Protestant Headquarters in the province of Aix, on the street of a village on the outskirts.

Black cars slowly entered this remote small village.

These black cars gradually stopped in front of a little wooden, brown-red house. A white street lamp was erected in front of the house, giving out a faint white light in the night. Coupled with the white floor lamps inlaid between the slates on the nearby ground, they constituted the only light source in the vicinity.

A woman got down from the black car at the front.

“It’s here.” She had a high ponytail, and the silver hair was swaying slightly to the left with the wind. She was tall and had a wheat-colored complexion. Wearing a green tube top and denim shorts, she gave off a kind of vigorous, graceful and explosive sensation.

“As the Four Great Cornerstones, he actually attempts to live the life of an ordinary person. How foolish.” Another androgynous man with a heavy makeup exited the car, making an orchid finger gesture (TN: a Chinese term referring to a hand gesture where the middle-finger touches the thumb. It is considered a feminine sign;蘭花指) and fixing his gaze on the wooden house in front.

“The rest of the people, get off,” The woman spoke in a low voice.

All the car doors were opened at once, and waves of well-trained personnel dressed in black uniforms began evacuating the onlookers nearby. They quickly pulled the security department’s warning line across and completely cordoned off the few hundred meters area around into a restricted area.

“Here is Red Nation. Resolve it within ten minutes.” The woman strode to the wooden house and kicked aside the fence outside the wooden house.

If the intelligence was correct, Mind Reader should not be fully awakened at this time, which would make the capture absolutely easy.

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