Mystical Journey

Chapter 1205 - Suspicion 1

Chapter 1205: Suspicion 1

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A few days later…

Garen rinsed off the sweat on his body. He had just come back from the gym and was covered in sweat. Standing in the bathroom, he recalled the matters over these few days. There was a hint of uncertainty in his heart.

Night Water was still under his supervision at the headquarters of the Unrestricted Department. The Unrestricted Department was also known as the Saber Art Department, and there was a small number of men who were once his subordinates from his previous school’s department. Although their strengths were not exceptional, keeping guard of Night Water should not be a problem.

That person’s Soul Energy and strength had been temporarily obliterated by his Quake technique.

Coming out of the bathroom.

He flipped through the few documents that were placed on the table. All that had happened in the last few days were recorded in them.

Yuria had already met with the people he sent over and went to the Forest Capital together to look for his mother, Light Path. At the same time, it was also because he had learned that there was her sister, Yurijie’s trail over there.

‘Kong Xiaofei —— Strength 6.2, Agility 6.2, Vitality 6.1, Intelligence 6.5, Potential 0%. Soul Limit 55.’

‘Potential Quality – Void Pursuer’

‘Soul Ring — The Northern Trident Frost-Fire True Water Evil Technique (Blue), the Holy Phoenix Demonic Book (Black-Gold), the Hellfrost Peacock Mother Queen Soul Seed (White), Unknown (transparent)’

‘Unknown Saber Art +1 – Unnamed realm. Effect: all Saber Art moves +1 speed, strength, precision. Produces unknown changes.’

The new Soul Seed had basically been integrated into the Soul Ring, and it had also affected the Soul Limit, successfully improving the ultimate physical fitness by five points.

“It’s no wonder Slayer’s physical fitness is as strong as mine. It is probably because the Soul Limit is extremely terrific. Added with the constant nourishment of Soul Energy, the advancement could be this quick. So, how many are there who are like him? Do all of the Four Great Cornerstones have such a strong physical fitness?”

Garen could not tell. He casually flipped through the documents on the table. Among them were the interrogation reports of Night Water by the Transmigrators, which had been decrypted and could only be understood by him.

The document he picked up clearly recorded the details of the situation of the upper-level in this world.

‘Sacred Sigil Kings – Slayer, Sea God, Sword Master.’

The three were listed in the top three in the document. Among the Four Great Cornerstones, only Slayer could make it to the top three in the combat ability in the entire world.

According to the calculation of the data, the document mentioned that in this world, even the Four Great Cornerstones had to live for a long time to nourish the Soul Energy in order for their physical fitness to reach a very high level. By estimation, Slayer’s physical fitness should have reached the General-level of the Mother Stream System. It was the middle stage of the five levels of Guardian, Division, General, Army, and Demon Lord.

However, taking into consideration that he possessed the Soul Ring, it would equip him with an extremely terrifying development potential. The overall rating was S.

For Sea God, due to his enormous strength and body as well as the cultivation of the Sea-Mirage Breathing Technique, his body’s hardness and strength had reached an incredible level. However, the Soul Energy and the level of the Soul were not high, so one part was strong and another weak. The overall rating was also S-level.

Meanwhile, the Sword Master, who emerged as a powerful genius in less than a year, was of the Mother Stream System. The initial appraisal was that the physical fitness had reached the General-level, and in the battle with Slayer, his strength was even stronger than the other. The overall rating was S-level.

In the document, these three were said to be the top three strongest individuals in combat ability in this world, and an advice was given whereby if a person encountered anyone of them, one should choose to flee the first moment. They belonged to the level of unmatchable.

The second was the Black Federation’s Military Flag, Battle Flag, and the Vulture’s No. 1, No. 2 and so on. Their overall ranking was A-level.

“That’s interesting.” Garen had long accustomed to being in a high position. Regardless of whichever world he had transmigrated to and experienced, he was familiar with this kind of state of being in a high position.

“If I were to judge according to this data document, the ones who can be a threat to me would be Slayer and Sea God. Then, could Sea God be the backer of the White Crab Army?” He rubbed his chin and contemplated.

Putting down the document, he flipped through another one.

This was a detailed survey of the world’s high-level combat power. He himself was included in it. The techniques and Saber Art he had used before were recorded in it with extreme details. Even some subtle little habits he himself did not notice were also recorded in it.

Sea God’s and Slayer’s unique skills were recorded in it as well.

Garen looked through with appreciation. He did not read about Sea God first, focusing instead on Slayer. There was actually a record of him defeating a three-thousand-person mechanized army by himself. It was tremendously savage.

Three thousand people! Even if they were to stand side by side and not resist being slain, one would have to kill until both his arms were feeble. Slayer actually succeeded and was therefore named by each nation’s government as Slayer, becoming the anti-human’s wanted criminal.

The intelligence showed.

The last time Slayer was beleaguered by the three nations, he was injured and had gone missing. There was no news at all until now.

Garen’s mood, which had been relaxed for so long, was again revived with the discovery of the Soul Energy and Soul Seed. Since there were Soul Seeds to be absorbed, this meant that he also had the possibility of progressing even in this world of low-level combat, and so he could not be careless.

Settling down.

He pulled the drawer open. There was a white panel inside with a hundred names densely arranged on it. Some names were glowing, white while some were dark.

However, most of them were bright. In front were tiny ranking numbers.

Garen’s gaze fell straight on the top thirty ranking and was quickly fixed on a name.

He reached out and pressed the name.

“Double-Tailed Scorpion reports to you!” The voice of a woman suddenly traveled out from the name.

“For those who are ranked No. 80 and above, you’re free to choose any five to form a small team to investigate the whereabouts of Illusionist and Mind Reader. Remember to be secretive and try not to be discovered by the other agents from the other two nations. If it is inevitable, try to delay from being discovered as long as possible.”

Garen instructed.

As a Vulture’s higher-up, he had the right to mobilize any person ranked below No. 20 in the Vulture at any time, while there was a certain limit for those above No. 20. For those ranked within No. 10, there would be a need to request from the No. 1 Chief. However, now that No. 1 and No. 2 were not around, naturally he was the one in command.

“Understood. What are the execution time and the final goal?” The woman said decisively.

“One year. You’re required to locate at least the approximate area. Of course, you can choose not to accept this task,” Garen said in a low voice.

There was no immediate reply but a moment of silence. After that, there came the voice again.

“The task reward is?”

“Aren’t you always thinking of retiring? I will make a request to No. 1 and do my best to get you the approval. Of course, this depends on your performance in the task. In addition, another ten million liquidity as the task reward. Is it enough?”

“It is! I accept the task,” Double-Tailed Scorpion replied assertively. In fact, although her identity appeared to be a housewife, she was in effect a beautiful spy with exceptionally strong concealing and disguising ability who had once caused many major incidents one after another in the international arena. Although, no one realized that they were her doings. Her martial power was tremendously powerful. Her right arm, which had been mechanically modified, was nicknamed Kylin Arm. Coupled with the habit of smearing a self-made secret poison on the right arm, she was publicly recognized as the Double-Tailed Scorpion terrorist killer.

Regarding the ability of disguising and assassination, Garen could not beat her no matter how hard he strived to and how strong he was upfront. After all, each person was a master in their own specialized field.

“I’ll be counting on you then,” Garen officially said. His voice was low and filled with a sense of purpose.

Double-Tailed Scorpion instantly had a surge of emotions, and there was a kind of sentiment to serve the country and die for the country without any hesitation.

“I will do my best!”

The communication broke off.

Garen quietly closed the drawer. Yuria the Savior was the key to the Plot and could not be touched. If Slayer’s martial power went off the chart, even if he personally went into battle, it would still be a fifty-fifty chance. Furthermore, Slayer obviously did not exert his full effort that day, so the outcome would still be unknown.

However, the other two Great Cornerstones, who had always been low-key and mysterious, should also have Soul Rings. They could not blame him.

Garen had basically deduced that since Slayer could split the Soul Crystal and Soul Seed this generously, his Soul Energy was clearly far beyond the Soul Crystal. Even if he could not get the Soul Ring, at least it could be a huge replenishment for his Soul Energy, and perhaps he could even enter a higher level of Soul Seed-stage.

“Time to concentrate on more serious things…after playing for so long.” The ease on Garen’s face gradually disappeared, replacing it was a touch of calmness and soberness.

He thought for a moment and directly sent a general geographical scope to Double-Tailed Scorpion. That was the only place which was mentioned in the original Plot where Mind Reader lived. Some of the information regarding Mind Reader’s name, appearances, and features, and so on, were passed to Double-Tailed Scorpion.


In the midst of the sound of a purling brook, a black stream flowed slowly along the watercourse surrounded by trees and extended toward the distant jungle.

The river was not black, but the mud at the bottom of the river made the river appear to be black when one looked down from the top. The black surface also rippled with the reflection of the surrounding trees. There were a few large trees with their roots deep into the river, surrounded by some sashaying water plants.

The sunset cast its rays down upon the grayish yellow soil by the river.


A small cluster of green grass by the riverside was stamped upon by black leather boots. Yuria squatted down, scooped the river water with both hands and took a mouthful.

“Refreshing!” He shouted.

Two people came from behind. They were wearing tight-fitting white leather clothes, which was very conspicuous in the woods. Moreover, it was a pair of a man and a woman, not over the age of thirty.

“The water here is not polluted. It is absolutely pure mountain spring water, but drink less. Be mindful of stomachaches.” The man wore a white metal sleeve on one ear and had one eye covered with a black eye mask. He was a cyclops.

“I was supposed to go on a holiday to the Basara Island. If it wasn’t for an emergency mobilization order, no one would be willing to come over to assist a rookie like you.” The woman also squatted down and washed her hands with the water.

“Then I really should thank you all,” Yuria said with a glee and was not angry. The current him was no longer the youngster back then. The rich experiences he had garnered led him to understand what kind of attitude was needed under what circumstances and with whom.

Regarding the white man and woman, the male was Egret, while the female was Bat. Both had similarly strengthened the eye, but each had a different division of labor.

“After a day’s journey, how far is it to the destination of Forest Capital?” Egret asked.

Bat looked at the watch.

“About six thousand and four hundred kilometers. Even if our speed reaches the limit, it will still take at least three days to arrive.”

“Why don’t we go by plane?” asked Yuria.

“It’s useless. The route of the plane could be found out too easily, and it will simply expose your whereabouts. The first priority now is to protect you and ensure your safety. This is the task we received. Finding Yurijie is second to that.”

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