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Chapter 35: End of Hospital Arc - Sis, You're Quite Scary Yourself

Chapter 35: End of Hospital Arc - Sis, You're Quite Scary Yourself

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Xia Zhi noticed his sister's smile fading at the mention of Xi Mubai's name so he quickly changed the subject, "Chu Tianxin's computer doesn't have anything else worth looking at… Hmm, what's this, a book manuscript?"

"I believe so. Tianxin is a published author, she has a few books under her name," Xinghe explained.

Xia Zhi frowned disbelievingly, adding, "A woman like her could be a writer? I fear for our country's literary future."

Xia Zhi clicked open the manuscript and realized that it was a work-in-progress.

"Sis, do you think she has a back-up file? If not…" Xia Zhi sniggered wickedly.

Though Xinghe argued, "There're quite a few important files in her computer. It's not good for us to crash her computer."

Xia Zhi thought she wanted to pull out, so he said, "It is because it's important that we have to crash it. Sis, kindness must be given to those that deserve it and this woman definitely doesn't deserve it. We must teach her a lesson or else I won't be able to sleep peacefully tonight."

"You misunderstood what I said. Come, let me."

Xia Zhi was flabbergasted. His sister wanted to do it herself?

He scooted away as he passed Xinghe his laptop. It was fair to say that he was excited to see what his sister would cook up.

Xinghe set the laptop before her and with a few experienced clicks, she sent an explicit gif of a couple 'exercising' to all of Tianxin's online contacts.

Coincidentally, when this was happening, Tianxin was taking a break from chatting to have a drink. Suddenly, her computer came alive with message alerts.

Tianxin, what did you just send me???????? The friend that she was chatting with couldn't believe her eyes.

Tianxin herself was nonplussed staring at the animated picture that was automatically sent from her account.

What happened?

She realized with mounting horror as she went down her contact list. Every single one of them had received it.

Some of her contacts she shared a formal relationship with, and her carefully cultivated image would be ruined!

Tianxin instantly tried to retract the photo or at least explain herself but suddenly her screen went black.

She tried restarting her computer but it just wouldn't start.

Sitting beside Xinghe, Xia Zhi's face was red from trying to suppress his laughter.

He couldn't laugh out loud for fear of disturbing his father's rest.

Xinghe on the other hand, as the main culprit, had an expression that was as still as water.

"Sis, you're too good! How could you come up with such an idea," Xia Zhi bent over in laughter, "Help me, my stomach hurts from laughing too much…" Xia Zhi raised his thumb at her.

He didn't know his sister was such an evil genius.

Tianxin viewed her image as more important than her life and his sister had aimed straightly at her Achilles' heel. More laughs escaped his mouth from visualizing Tianxin's crumpled face.

"That'll really show her! Sis, you're quite scary yourself, aren't you?"

Xinghe replied in a calm voice, "She deserves it, don't you agree?"

"Of course, she does! By the way, do you think Mubai received this photo from her?"

Xinghe winked at him as if saying, he obviously did.

Little did they know, there was not only Mubai in Tianxin's contacts, there were Old Mr. and Mrs. Xi as well…

Mubai was working in his study when he received the message from Tianxin. The corner of his eye twitched violently when he opened it.

Everyone who received the message, Mubai's parents included, were shocked.

Why would Tianxin send such a picture message to them?

Most guessed her computer was infected by virus, but it still left them with the question, where did Tianxin's computer contract such virus. One normally only gets this type of virus from surfing adult websites, don't they?

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