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Chapter 36: A House That She Set Her Sights on

Chapter 36: A House That She Set Her Sights on

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One couldn't help but wonder, what kind of sites does Tianxin visit in her free time?

No matter how hard Tianxin tried to explain it, the way people viewed her had changed.

The image of innocence and purity she had tried so hard to maintain crumbled overnight.

This caused Tianxin to lock herself up in her home for an extended period of time, angry at the world.

She didn't even notice the manuscript that she had lost.

Xinghe didn't concern herself with what happened to Tianxin.

She had bigger fish to fry.

Chengwu made a speedy recovery; his conditions had stabilized just 2 days after his operation.

Xinghe and Xia Zhi who had been taking care of him sighed a breath of relief.

Xinghe didn't have time to take care of her own appearance during this period where she was completely focused on caring for her uncle.

Xia Zhi still got incensed thinking about how Tianxin had calumniated his sister.

He advised Xinghe, "Sis, dad's health has improved much so I can take care of him alone. Why don't you go to the store to buy yourself some new clothes, get anything you want, there's still the remaining 100000 RMB left in my card. Don't be afraid to spend it all, I'll be sure to earn some back soon."

"That can wait, we need to settle the issue of housing first," Xinghe rejected his offer.

Realization dawned for Xia Zhi and he agreed, "You're right, we can't stay at that apartment anymore, we need a new place to live. I'll go find us a nice place, so take this time to rest."

"I already have my eyes set on a place - but I need to handle this personally. You stay here and help me look after uncle, I'll be back soon," Xinghe said before turning to leave.

"Sis, where are you going?" A surprised Xia Zhi called after her but she was already far down the corridor. She didn't turn back.

Where was she going?

Needless to say, she was going to find them a place to live and the place she set her eyes on was… The Xia Family's old villa!

For some years, the place had been occupied by some undeserving and unlawful owners. It was time for them to leave.

Xinghe soon found herself at the gate of the Xia Family's villa.

She raised her head to take the whole place in, a resolute smile plastered on her face.

Xinghe pressed the doorbell and the door soon opened.

The woman who stood at the other end of the door was Xia Family's long-time maid, Mrs. Chan.

Mrs. Chan was startled when she saw the visitor. "You, you're Young Lady Xia?"

"Is Wu Rong home?" Xinghe asked directly.

Mrs. Chan didn't know why she was there so she answered hesitantly, "Madam is home…"

Xinghe nudged her aside and sauntered into the villa. Wu Rong, dressed up to the nines because she was on the way to an upscale ball, happened to come down the stairs.

"Mrs. Chan, who was that?" Wu Rong uttered in a slow drawl. Then, her eyes fell on Xinghe who was standing at the foot of the stairs.

Wu Rong was slightly taken aback. However, she quickly caught herself. She sized Xinghe up and contempt flashed in her eyes.

"Xia Xinghe?" Wu Rong almost choked on the condescension in her voice.

When was the last time I saw this little hussy?

It was two years ago. I remember it was that time Xia Chengwu came down with a serious fever. They had burnt through their savings and were surviving on debts. Out of options, Xinghe had the crazy idea that she could return to demand her inheritance. Needless to say, I chased her out, giving her not even one cent.

After two years of peace and quiet, this Xia Xinghe returns again.

All these thoughts were coursing through Wu Rong's mind. To be fair, she had been preparing for Xinghe's reappearance.

She figured one day Xinghe would return when she was homeless.

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