Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 761 - Protection Mission

Chapter 761: Protection Mission

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“Their advantage is only the treasures they have. At the same time, their weakness is apparent–they are unable to absorb the energy in this world. Thus, they have to depend on Deity crystals to regain energy after consuming them during battle. There might be some strange treasure which allows them to forcefully take in energy, but the rate is extremely slow. If they die in battle, they could refine another avatar out, but the price is higher too.” Pang Yi said, “And in contrast, we are the opposite, we have an endless amount of energy. Even if we die in battles, we could refine another avatar out. Besides, Bloodshed’s technique allows us to refine another avatar… improving the superiority we have in overall power. Thus, they rarely take the initiative to attack us in the war until now.”

Xue Ying nodded.

Bloodshed God-Emperor then said, “Other than this stone pillar, you should be able to carefully observe the other regions using the connection between the arrays.

“Oh?” Xue Ying thoroughly inspected. He was able to discover within moments that this black stone pillar beneath his legs had a grand power that contained many layers of arrays which extended out to 500 billion kilometers away. They had linked to other locations far away. With Xue Ying’s current sensing ability, he was able to discover those places swiftly.

“Two pillars, three, four, five…” Xue Ying soon discovered them.

Surrounding the base of Ancestor Mother Religion, in the world above and the ground below, in regions of differing distances, there were a total of ten black stone pillars currently interconnecting with one another, forming an incomparably colossal array. It contained a grand power. Every single stone pillar had massive amounts of shackles enveloping them. Those shackles were somehow restricting that base of Ancestor Mother Religion through the void.

“According to the “Myriad Catalog” which you provided me, I discovered an array within called the ’12 Primal Pillars’.” Bloodshed God-Emperor said, “I’ve relied on the materials we have to refine these 12 Primal Pillars. Even though the materials we have are slightly lacking, the array refined and other aspects are entirely the same. The power it contained should be about 50% that of the original version.”

12 Primal Pillars? There were apparently 10 stone pillars, yet the array was called the 12 Primal Pillars?

Xue Ying was bewildered.

“The array itself contains 12 Primal Pillars, but the array is extremely complex and planting every single Primal Pillar requires us to spend a huge amount of time.” Bloodshed God-Emperor mentioned, “The Ancestor Mother Religion is not foolish too. They will appear at critical moments to prevent us from constructing the pillar. Currently, we have constructed 10 Primal Pillars in total, and we could not plant the 11th… precisely because we lack manpower. The moment we finished planting the 12 Primal Pillars, it will completely trap the Ancestor Mother Religion, sealing that base of theirs. It will prevent them from coming out ever again. Being trapped within, they aren’t able to obtain any resources or energy and cannot cultivate. Neither can they come out, and it would represent their defeat.”

“Thus, they are doing their utmost to prevent our construction.”

“But before the 12 Primal Pillars have formed the complete array, every single Primal Pillar contain a slightly weaker power. It requires Rulers to protect it could we prevent the offense of Ancestor Mother Religion. Without a Ruler protecting it… the many Religious Leaders from the Ancestor Mother Religion will be able to destroy the arrays within a single Primal Pillar.” Bloodshed God-Emperor said, “Once a part is broken, we can only reconstruct it. Once we lose one of the most important Primal Pillars, it will be very troublesome to refine it again.”

“Thus, we have to have someone protecting it.”

“Currently, Purgatory, Monarch Green and Primal Master have two avatars each. They are defending a total of six Primal Pillars scattered around the place.” Bloodshed God-Emperor said, “Abyss Primogenitor has two avatars protecting a single Primal Pillar, and Pang Yi has two avatars protecting another pillar as well.”

“Temporal Island Lord and Myriad God Palace Head are both teaming together to protect another Primal Pillar.”

“The final tenth Primal Pillar will usually be protected by me.” Bloodshed God-Emperor said, “But since I have to construct the 11th Primal Pillar… my true body and avatars will have to move together. Furthermore, I still require Black Bird to aid me. Only then could we construct the array while under the attack of Ancestor Mother Religion. But at that time, we can only have Empress Qian He alone to defend this tenth Primal Pillar, yet she could not do so herself. Thus, we have been prevented from moving forward with the 11th Primal Pillar.”

Empress Qian He helplessly said, “The protectors of the Primal Pillars are required to fight directly, and have harsh requirements on the protector’s power. My frontal combat is ultimately too weak.”

“Both Temporal Island Lord and I have two avatars each, and we could only protect a single place with four avatars. Empress Qian He, this could not be blamed on you.” Myriad God Palace Master added.

Xue Ying completely understood after hearing it.

Bloodshed God-Emperor’s true body and avatar, adding Black Bird Fifth Uncle Master were required to work together in order to construct a new Primal Pillar…

And thus, it had to be other Rulers protecting the pillars!

Purgatory Ruler, Monarch Green and Primal Master were all very powerful. They could defend two pillars each.

Pang Yi and Abyss Primogenitor were slightly weaker and could only secure a single pillar each.

Temporal Island Lord and Myriad God Palace Head had to work together to defend a pillar.

Empress Qian He was not stronger than Temporal Island Lord and Myriad God Palace Head… thus, she was too lacking in terms of power to protect even a single pillar.

“I originally hoped for you to become a Ruler using the Dao of Slaughter. That way, our overall combat power will be much stronger.” Bloodshed God-Emperor said, “Even though you are a new Ruler, with you teaming with Empress Qian He, and adding the prowess of the Primal Pillar array… you will be able to defend a single pillar still. But now, you became a Ruler using the Dao of Mirage.”

The other Rulers felt slightly regretful too.

Using the Dao of Mirage to become a Ruler gave him powerful survival capabilities, but it was much weaker in terms of frontal combat.

Primal Master chuckled, “How about we try this? Ultimately, there is one more Ruler, and we might just construct the 11th stone pillar.”

“Dong Bo’s combat power is still slightly weaker. but he might succeed with the help of Empress Qian He.” Pang Yi added too, “We do not have to care about the energy inside our body. With the World energy providing us with energy, we can just attempt it anyway.”

“Let’s do it.” Bloodshed God-Emperor nodded too.

Xue Ying felt helpless.

He could feel that the Rulers present were not confident in Xue Ying. Nevertheless, it was pointless even if Xue Ying were to stubbornly declare about how powerful he was. It was better for him to prove his combat prowess through battle.

“When are we starting?” Xue Ying said.

“You seem to be looking forward to it.” Abyss Primogenitor mocked.

“He has quite a lot of fighting spirit.” Primal Master chuckled too.

“Don’t be in a rush. You should have a look at some of the scenes when Ancestor Mother Religion attacked us so that you are mentally prepared.” Bloodshed God-Emperor shook his head. He then waved his hand, causing a projection to appear in the sky.

That was the peak of an enormous Primal Pillar. The barefooted bald Monarch Green was wearing a loose golden robe. He was looking at a wooden warship appearing in front with extreme calm. The warship contained many twisted roots. This wooden warship was enormous, and it was able to let out a tremendous suppressive firing power…

All sorts of battle scenes were appearing.

It could be said that Xue Ying was gaining first-hand experience of the battles. The Ancestor Mother Religion was not willing to fight one-on-one with the cultivators. They were instead using the treasures which they accumulated during battles. Those power far outstripped the Ruler realm already. No wonder Bloodshed God-Emperor had even lost his avatars not just once in battle. This ‘Primal Pillar’ was considered extraordinary. Relying on the power of the Primal Pillar, with Monarch Green’s power, he was able to defend a region by himself.

Xue Ying had even asked inquisitively, “Don’t we still have a true body in the Lake Heart Island? If they come to protect the place, we should be able to succeed in setting the arrays quickly right?”

“No matter what! We must never allow our true bodies to participate in the battle!” Bloodshed God-Emperor said extremely strictly.

Pang Yi laughed too, “We do not know if the Ancestor Mother Religion still has some terrifying move. The moment we use our true bodies, we will die for real if both true bodies and avatars die! Previously, we have been so close to victory, only to discover that the Ancestor Mother Religion is alluring us… fortunately, we could prevent ourselves from falling into the allure and have never sent our true bodies out before. Thus, we will always stay in the upper hand. In the end, they will use up the treasures and energy. By then, it is certain they will lose.”

Xue Ying nodded.

The more they felt something was enticing, the more they should not gamble! Because the Cultivator Cosmos could not afford to lose!


On the peak of the towering Primal Pillar stood both Xue Ying and Empress Qian He.

“By then, you must definitely defend the pillar well. Use all your strength including your avatar too.” Bloodshed God-Emperor entrusted the task to him.

“Rest assured.” Xue Ying nodded. The other ‘red-robed Xue Ying’ was always with him in his Eden treasure. He could appear anytime.

“Mn. I will also do my best to finish setting this array as fast as possible. As long as you defend the array to the point that I finished constructing it, I can send my other avatar and Black Bird over to support you since I only need one avatar to defend the newly constructed Primal Pillar.” Bloodshed God-Emperor said, “Alright. I’ll begin.”

Xue Ying nodded.

He looked towards other directions. There was at least a Ruler on each Primal Pillar. Monarch green, Pang Yi, Purgatory Ruler, Primal Master and others were smiling at him.

This time, the critical pillar was where Xue Ying was since the Ancestor Mother Religion had not attempted to attack him before. They would definitely direct their offense over here.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, by then, we’ll depend on you. I’ll definitely do my best too.” Empress Qian He said.

“Just act however you see it, Empress Qian He.” Xue Ying looked at the surrounding starry sky.

“Be careful. The moment they discover Bloodshed constructing a new array, they will use the fastest speed to rush their way over.” Empress Qian He reminded him. At the same time, she was looking around her carefully. She was not entirely confident of Xue Ying, and naturally, had to do her best to win this fight.

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