Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 760 - Using Mirage Dao to become a Ruler?

Chapter 760: Using Mirage Dao to become a Ruler?

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There was an enormous black stone pillar planted amidst the dark starry sky. This black stone pillar had many shackles that extended in all directions surrounding it. Countless veined patterns were moving on those shackles. That enormous stone pillar contained many veined patterns that were similarly moving too, emitting a mighty grandeur that encompassed the nearby 500 billion kilometers.

This grandeur would startle even the Rulers. The peak of the black stone was more than 5,000 kilometers wide. Currently, there were two figures were seated on top of it. One was the crimson-robed Bloodshed God-Emperor, and the other was the graceful and luxurious-looking Empress Qian He.

“Sou.” A figure suddenly appeared. It was none other than the white-robed Xue Ying.

“Yi? This stone pillar array…” Xue Ying could feel many layers of energy stacking and suppressing down on him. He originally wanted to arrive right on the peak of that stone pillar to meet his teacher, but who would have thought that he would be obstructed from a far distance away.

“Haha, even your teacher I can’t force my way in and you are thinking of doing so?” Bloodshed God-Emperor stood up on the peak of the black stone pillar, looking at his disciple who shriveled and laughed, “Come on in. Don’t resist.”

Saying that, he controlled the array.

Energy enveloped Xue Ying and teleported him in.

Xue Ying appeared at the peak of the black stone pillar. He then laughed and bowed, “Greetings, teacher.”

“You don’t have to be too polite with me.” Bloodshed God-Emperor grinned. The path of cultivation was very lonely. And on this lonely path, both his disciples could follow his footsteps, making Bloodshed God-Emperor feel relatively satisfied.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying.” Empress Qian He walked over. Her voice was refreshing, “The first time I met you, you were still a little brat participating in the Myriad Flower Feast. In the blink of an eye, you are now a Ruler already.”

“It’s my luck.”

Xue Ying humbly replied.

“There is no luck involved in cultivation.” Bloodshed God-Emperor answered, “Oh right, which Dao did you break through to the Ruler realm in? Dao of Mirage? Dao of Slaughter?”

Empress Qian He was carefully listening from the side too.

“Dao of Mirage.” Xue Ying said.

Strictly speaking, he had broken through to the Ruler realm in two different systems. One was the ‘Dao of Mirage’ within the laws and profound mysteries system that reached the eternal perfection realm. The other was the Voidwalker system. Comparing the assistance it could bring to combat, the ‘Voidwalker system’ was the greatest. Being a cultivation system that had a harsh requirement, few cultivators were taking this path… and at least in the early stages, it brought the most significant advantages!

“Dao of Mirage?” Bloodshed God-Emperor was stunned, “Then what about the Dao of Slaughter?”

“I feel like I am breaking through soon. I just lack a little accumulation.” Xue Ying responded.

“Many apex Paragons are stuck at this bottleneck, and they felt like they lacked a little, yet they have been trapped for god knows how long.” Empress Qian He shook her head from the side.

Xue Ying frowned, “Empress Qian He, what are you implying with your words?”

How short had he cultivated for?

And how difficult was it to reach the Ruler realm using the laws and profound mysteries system? Being able to break through in the Dao of Mirage was due to the ‘Dream Cultivation’. It was reasonable for him not to break through in the Dao of Slaughter. So what was Empress Qian He implying with her words?

“Haha, Dong Bo Xue Ying, don’t be agitated. I am only lamenting about the fact that your Dao of Slaughter hasn’t broken through.” Empress Qian He added.

“What is there to lament about?” Xue Ying felt puzzled.

“I, too, wished that you had broken through in your Dao of Slaughter. It might be of greater assistance to our war with the Ancestor Mother Religion” Bloodshed God-Emperor explained.

Xue Ying began to understand it a little.

Dao of Mirage…

That was a Dao which specialized more in survival, hiding and illusory techniques. It was very weak in terms of frontal combat. But he had broken through in another more powerful cultivation system to the Ruler realm!

“Hua.” “Hua.” “Hua.” …

Suddenly, many figures appeared in the surrounding. They were none other than Monarch Green who was emitting an endless suppression, the simple-robed Primal Master and incarnations of other Rulers. Other than the traitor ‘Bloody Ruler’ Nile who died already, the other Rulers could be said to be gathered here. Naturally, most were just incarnations.

“Dong Bo, congratulations on becoming a Ruler.”

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, congratulations on becoming a Ruler.”

“For you to become a Ruler so quickly, you will have a greater hope of stepping into the Void God realm. Congratulations.”

Each and every one of them came congratulating him.

Xue Ying also smiled back in acknowledgment.

There were ten Rulers present including Xue Ying, and they were also the strongest ten existences in the Cultivator Cosmos.

“Oh right, Dong Bo Xue Ying, which Dao of yours have broken through to the Ruler realm?” Primal Master then aked.

Xue Ying felt helpless. You as the oldest Ruler, Primal Master, was also asking this?

“Dao of Mirage.” Xue Ying said without hiding it.

“Oh.” Primal Master nodded without adding anything.

“Dao of Mirage.” The other Rulers were slightly quiet. Some had even turned disappointed.

“Why, what exactly is going on?” Xue Ying asked.

Bloodshed God-Emperor explained, “They are concerned about which Dao you broke through in precisely because of the war with Ancestor Mother Religion.”

“What is the current situation now?” Xue Ying was very concerned too. Even though he had once asked his wife Jing Qiu about it, in reality, the current Paragons, ordinary powerful existences and a large number of World Deities and those geniuses worthy of being groomed had all been migrated into the Lake Heart Island historical remain. Like Jing Qiu and Paragon Huo Cheng, they did not participate in the war, but they still understood some fundamental information about the war. Those with lower statuses knew even lesser.

After all, it was impossible for Rulers to publicize any detailed information about the current situation.

One, there were still traitors hiding in the group that might reveal those secrets to the Ancestor Mother Religion. Two, there was no need to speak to those Paragons and powerful existences about the details.

Thus, Xue Ying knew very little about this war.

“Hahaha…” Bloodshed God-Emperor still laughed as he spoke about this, “The Ancestor Mother Religion is quite powerful when they first started the war with us. They even created a really huge disturbance, bring about the destruction of many regions from the collateral shockwaves and causing the death of many beings. But these couldn’t be avoided! In the end, during the most crucial moment, Ancestor Mother Religion has made used of Bloody Ruler Nile to scheme against us. We had then plotted to make use of this scheme, causing them to suffer greatly and lose a great deal! Thus, they lost their momentum in the war.”

“All the way until now!”

“Look over that side.”

Bloodshed God-Emperor pointed to the void on the left, “Just in that direction. Look carefully.”

Xue Ying looked over. His vision crossed through many of the spatial obstacles. Very soon, he could see a strange-looking spherical castle. The castle was simple and ash gray in color. There were some beautiful patterns on the surface, though the complexity and mysticalness of those patterns far lacked as compared to the black pillar beneath them at this moment.

“They could actually isolate me from checking on them?” Xue Ying was slightly astonished. His current vision could not permeate through that castle at all.

“Do you see it? That is the base of the Ancestor Mother Religion.” Bloodshed God-Emperor looked from afar, “They are currently trapped in their base. It’s a pity though that the base is too firm! We have tried many ways and even utilized some taboo moves of ours… yet we could not damage that castle at all.”

“They have too many treasures, or at least much more than us.” Primal Master added, “Fortunately, our cultivation system is overall stronger than theirs. There is also Bloodshed who personally directed everything that allows us to slowly force them into a corner.”

Monarch Green said, “I’ve heard that their cosmos has ended the final stage and is undergoing the final collapse. The entire cosmos might collapse very slowly, but many historical remains will also suffer from destruction. Thus, large amounts of treasures in the historical remains were discovered, allowing them to gather many more treasures than us.”

Xue Ying was enlightened.

Just like the Lake Heart Island historical remain, the Six Heavenly Wheel, and other historical remains, there were many treasures which they could not obtain.

But the moment the cosmos started collapsing, these historical remains would naturally collapse too, causing a large number of treasures to appear.

Furthermore, the Ancestor Mother Religion cosmos had experienced an even longer period of epochs than the Cultivator Cosmos. Thus, how many treasures would they have at now that the entire cosmos was collapsing apart?

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