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Chapter 1149 - A Dream-Like Illusion

Chapter 1149: A Dream-Like Illusion

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Ning Wan’ge looked at the blurry figure in the light. She herself was not clear as she shone with many different-colored lights. Her expression could not be clearly seen but one knew that she was serious.

Her counterpart said plainly, “Don’t you always want to know your past? Do you want to know what happened 4000 years before you forgot everything?”

The light near Ning Wan’ge’s eyes shone brightly as she stared at the blurry figure.

Wang Lin’s face betrayed a look of shock too as he turned his head to look at Ning Wan’ge.

With Ning Wan’ge’s mastery and her powerful soul, she should be able to know everything that she had experienced. Normally, she won’t think about them because she had no use for them. Once she had a use for them, she would be able to find all relevant information from the depths of her memory.

However, just like what the person had said, Ning Wan’ge did not have any memory of herself from more than 4000 years ago. 4000 years ago, there was a break in her memory. She could remember everything that had happened after the break, but nothing before it.

“Her soul was seriously injured in an irreparable fashion. That’s the only explanation for this result. however, the chance for that is minuscule,” thought Wang Lin.

Ning Wan’ge started her path as a Daoist through dreams. Without knowing, she could make others fall into a dream and she specialized in differentiating between reality and illusion. Her strongest ability was her soul. That was her advantage over other cultivators.

However, Wang Lin was shocked by the fact that even she could experience memory loss.

Ning Wan’ge then turned to look at Wang Lin suddenly. The lights surrounding her body flashed and a powerful mana started to spread. Her body became even more illusory and one could not even see her clearly. She was like a cloud or a bunch of fog.

Her missing memories from more than 4000 years ago were an absolute secret. No one should know about it.

Ning Wan’ge was the master in creating such types of dream-like realms. Her first reaction would be to check whether she had fallen into one of Wang Lin’s spells and like Wang Lin just now, had her most secret thoughts materialized and turned into that mysterious person. That was the only way the person would know her secrets.

After her check, Ning Wan’ge realized that it was futile.

She turned her head to look at the ball of light. If she was not in a dream, there could only be one explanation.

She had met with this person 4000 years ago. At the same time, this person paid special attention to her over all these years.

Ning Wan’ge was easy-going and she did not care about most things. However, this was her only exception. Her memories from more than 4000 years ago were the only things she truly cared about.

Who was she exactly? What was her past? Who did she know? What did she want to do? Why did she end up like this?

Too many questions bugged her.

Ning Wan’ge asked slowly, syllable by syllable, “Who exactly are you?”

Her opponent laughed softly but did not reply. She turned to leave. Wang Lin, who was by Ning Wan’ge’s side, suddenly thrust his palm out. A road slowly appeared in the light before them.

“It worked!” With Wang Lin’s move, the sleeping Tuo Kong Grand Sage fell into his hand. He brought him along too as he chased after his target.

Ning Wan’ge fell silent for a while and then flew after him. Leaving the illusion, she followed tightly behind Wang Lin.

On the way, Wang Lin turned to look at her and said, “You mentioned that my junior and the rest are still sleeping?”

Ning Wan’ge replied, “If no one tries to wake them up, with their cultivation, they should be sleeping.”

She immediately understood Wang Lin’s concerns. When Wang Lin saw her gaze, he nodded his head and said, “Can you communicate to my junior and the rest through their dreams? If you can locate them, it will help me in chasing that person down. After all, I don’t have a lot of information.”

Ning Wan’ge slowly closed her eyes and then shook her head, before saying, “I can’t sense them. They may be awake.”

She looked at Wang Lin and deliberately left out the second half of that sentence. The other possibility was that Yang Qing and the rest may be dead, which prevented her from entering their dreams.

Wang Lin nodded his head and said nothing. He continued flying ahead.

A light shone by the side of his left eye and in that light, one could see the shape of the Celestial Mountain Yingzhou.

Wang Lin did not rush to contact them. Instead, he pursued them alone as he chased down his enemy in the Ying Sea.

Ning Wan’ge was trying to cast a spell. In the Ying Sea, she was like a fish in water. In the entire Grand Celestial World, she was one of the few cultivators who did not fear the Ying Sea and its illusions. To other cultivators, this place was fraught with dangers. To her, it was like paradise.

Wisps of clouds flew from her hands and entered into the dense clouds of the Ying Sea. These wisps of clouds curled around the path the two of them were on, making it clearer and steadier than before.

As the two of them flew forward in a long pursuit, they were finally stopped by their target in the space above the sea.

The person who appeared before Wang Lin and Ning Wan’ge was an ordinary-looking man wearing gray robes. However, his face was clad with grey clouds and smoke and one could not see his face clearly.

Ning Wan’ge looked at the person and asked, “Who are you?”

The person smiled and replied, “You are fast indeed.”

Wang Lin said coldly, “Leave the people and the objects behind.”

The grey-robed man smiled and said, “That’s something I should be saying to you. If not, I can’t guarantee their lives. Don’t forget, they are in my hands.”

Wang Lin said calmly, “No one threatens me.”

The grey-robed man said nonchalantly, “Then, you have doomed them.”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “The impact of getting threatened by you is more severe. I will rather kill you to avenge my Fifth Junior and the rest.”

Of course, he cared deeply about the safety of Yang Qing and the rest. However, this would not cause him to lose his most basic calm and judgmental abilities. If he compromised, there was a chance that both he and those he wanted to rescue would be in mortal danger. If he did not compromise, then he could still seek revenge in the worst-case scenario.

Even if it would come at the expense of the lives of Yang Qing and the rest, he would ensure that the person responsible would pay for it.

Some people might hope for a miracle or be unwilling to make such huge sacrifices. They might also be unwilling to bear such a huge responsibility. To Wang Lin, however, none of these mattered.

He was more than capable of enduring suffering and pain, allowing him to take on darkness and responsibility than ordinary mortals were unable to take on.

In Wang Lin’s heart, there was no hope for a miracle and no chance for a compromise. He believed that the best way to ensure the safety of Yang Qing and the rest would be to obtain full control over the situation.

If you exposed your weaknesses to your enemies and revealed what you feared the most, then the enemy would behave more brazenly. He would then take special care to go after what you fear.

The grey-robed man said coldly, “Wang Lin, as the Third Disciple under Lin Feng, everyone said that you are cold and emotionless, taking delight in killing and violence. However, I know that you are not an emotionless person. You care a lot about your parents, your master, and your fellow disciples.”

“I have paid special attention to both Ning Wan’ge and you. I am not wrong. You care a lot about your junior and the other members of your sect,” said the grey-robed man. “The person with these considerations is ultimately you and not me. Even if I don’t take them hostage and kill them right in front of you, I am sure that I can shake you.”

“Hatred and rage will make you fiercer, but it will also cause you to lose your customary cool, especially in the moment right after the killings take place. To me, there’s still value in killing them.”

Wang Lin stared at him coldly and said nothing. His gaze turned even colder.

Just as the person was about to speak, his body started to shake. Halos of light started to spread from his body.

The surrounding heaven and earth started to change shape. However, looking to the distance, they were still in the same place in the Ying Sea from afar.

However, his surroundings near him became different. Wang Lin and Ning Wan’ge, who were standing opposite him, disappeared. Instead, they now were just inches away from him. Wang Lin stared at him coldly as he placed a palm on his chest. Black clouds started to shine from the center of his palm as they forcibly extracted two balls of gases from him.

In one of the balls of gas, one could see human figures. In the other, one could see a ring.

Ning Wan’ge stood by Wang Lin’s side with a calm expression as she said, “While this is far from the illusory realm I formerly lived in, I have been living in the Ying Sea for long. Even in other places within the Ying Sea, I can tap on the powers of the illusion. The illusory realm I previously lived in has been cultivated by me into one of my own powers.”

“Combining it with this illusory realm, I will be able to use the power of the Illusory Dream Fantasy World. There’s a clear difference in powers between me using it unconsciously and me using it now.”

“It’s admirable that you can sense it. But it’s too late.”

Lights appeared in Wang Lin’s hands, as he then pointed the light at the blurred face of the person. “Let me see who you really are.”

Where the light touched, the clouds slowly disappeared from the person’s face. A clear, elegant face of a woman appeared.

However, when Ning Wan’ge saw that face, her entire body shook as she stared at it in shock.

This powerful independent cultivator completely lost herself.

The five-colored light around of her body slowly faded as she reeled in shock. Her true form was revealed, and she turned out to be an elegant woman clad in white, palatial robes.

However, her facial features resembled those of the grey-robed woman exactly.

In Ning Wan’ge’s eyes, there was confusion. She opened her mouth to speak, but she could not say anything.

The grey-robed girl, who was supposed to be in trouble now, did not retaliate. She did not do anything or said anything. Her body froze over as if she was a wood sculpture. Then, she slowly disintegrated into the void and turned into nothing.

Ning Wan’ge was shocked. She turned her head and noticed that the void around her was slowly shattering.

Beyond the shattered space, another Wang Lin appeared. His expression was calm and emotionlessly as he sat cross-legged and stared at her.

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