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Chapter 1148 - Where Is Yang Qing?

Chapter 1148: Where Is Yang Qing?

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Faced with the cold Wang Lin, Ning Wan’ge looked shocked. “If not for the fact that you had left the dream, I can’t even sense you were coming, much less snatch your junior away. He should be where he was originally, but he could have fallen into a dream too.”

Wang Lin stepped forward and said slowly, “Just now, I enveloped my Fifth Junior and the rest with my mana. In my dream, they were taken away by the white-robed man. If that’s only a manifestation of what I was thinking, why aren’t they in the tiny world I created for them?”

Ning Wan’ge shook her head and said, “I am not clear where they went, but in this illusion, other than the Golden-Feathered Great Roc, no one else has entered.”

Wang Lin appeared confused. Since he ascended the Immortal Soul Stage, he had rarely shown this emotion.

After he stared at Ning Wan’ge for a while, his gaze turned to the Golden-Feathered Great Roc and observed his wounds.

This Golden-Feathered Great Roc was the Tuo Kong Grand Sage.

The wound was black like a black hole in space. It was like a deep canyon, that was also corrupted.

Black demonic powers appeared to be planted to in the Tuo Kong Grand Sage’s body. It seemed to have been with him since birth. It would not spread, but it would be difficult to eliminate, and it would follow him for life.

“A Turbid Wave Demonic Arrow. The demon who hurt him was the Zhujian Grand Sage,” thought Wang Lin. He remembered how his Great Satanic Avatar had encountered the Zhujian Grand Sage in the Ancient Desolate Galaxy.

This information also told him that the Zhujian Grand Sage was in the southern region of the Divine Lands. He probably entered the Divine Lands with the Sirius Grand Sage and was blocked by the Qin Emperor, Shi Yu.

Afterward, when Zhu Yi came to his assistance with the Higan Golden Bridge, the Zhujian Grand Sage and the Sirius Grand Sage left the Divine Lands.

As Zhu Yi and Shi Yu pursued them, the two demons continued to flee.

Looking at it now, the Zhujian Grand Sage appeared to have escaped. After the Golden Roc Grand Sage was defeated in the black hole, the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage decided to exterminate him. Hence, the demons under the Zhujian Grand Sage’s control were shifted to the entrance of the East Sea, as they attacked the Golden Roc Grand Sage’s followers.

The power of the Zhujian Grand Sage’s arrows was exceptionally powerful. Many of those struck by it would die. Even if they survived, they would be crippled forever.

Just now, the Tuo Kong Grand Sage was only able to escape from the arrows with the speed of the Golden-Feathered Great Rocs. While he was not struck by the arrow, it brushed past him. Hence, he still a breath of fight left in him. However, his injuries were likely to plague him forever.

Wang Lin turned to look at Ning Wan’ge and said in a low voice, “There should be Cardinal Tribulations Beginner Stage Zhujian with him, and an Undying Demon Soul Third Level Rotary Turtle.”

Ning Wan’ge shook her head and said, “When I woke up, all I saw were you and this Golden-Feathered Great Roc.”

Wang Lin looked at her and said nothing. After a long while, he turned his gaze away.

Ning Wan’ge guessed that he was not a trusting person.

In Wang Lin’s dream, he used his Three Life Stone to fight his enemies. Instead, a Buddhist light appeared and attacked him instead. Ning Wan’ge could not know about the origins of the swastika, but she knew that he was preparing against it.

If his opponent did not cause trouble, it would be fine. However, once there was trouble, he would resolve it instantly to prevent the Buddha from taking advantage of it. It would not affect his fight against his enemy.

In the hearts of the white-haired youth, he was guarded against most people. He would not easily trust them.

The swastika trap laid by the Buddha in his dream was a manifestation of this mentality.

Excluding Buddhist cultivators, Wang Lin’s understanding of Buddhism was rivaled by few in the world. Only Zhu Yi could match him.

Strictly speaking, the Buddha owed him a debt of gratitude for his meritorious deed, and hence, he would not repay with a vile deed. From Wang Lin’s perspective, this was not characteristic of the Buddha.

However, in the depths of Wang Lin’s heart, he was always guarded against everyone other than Lin Feng and a few others.

This manifested crudely in his dream.

When Wang Lin broke free from his dream, he realized how ridiculous it was on closer thought.

Even if the Buddha did lay a trap for him, it would not be so crude and simplistic. It definitely would not spring into place so quickly and without rhyme or reason.

The reason it was so crude was because he had not given much thought to it before he fell into a dream.

Like the many irrational actions of the white-robed man, this increased the suspicion in Wang Lin’s heart that he was in an illusion, and that it was all not real.

From this perspective, this was evidence that Ning Wan’ge did not create this dream. Its details could not have been planted by her, if not it would not be so simplistic and crude.

Of course, if Ning Wan’ge did it deliberately, then it was another method.

Wang Lin came before the sleeping Tuo Kong Grand Sage, but he did not wake him. Instead, he lightly tapped his head.

Controlled by Wang Lin’s mana, the Tuo Kong Grand Sage suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a ray of purple light. It was actually a ring-like object, filled with intricate engravings.

However, this was not a real object, but instead the shape the purple light chose to take.

The moment the ring appeared, the purple light became thicker and thicker. Soon, it filled the entire space around them.

“This is your place, you can do what you must,” said Wang Lin to Ning Wan’ge.

Ning Wan’ge said, “I am not interested in this demon or the ring. These belong to you. However, I do want to know who led you here and took away your companions.”

She looked at Wang Lin and said, “If, they were taken by someone.” While she appeared calm, she was no fool either.

Wang Lin’s face was cold, and he said nothing. He closed his palms together and a purple light started to shine within. Inside, there was a shadow of a human, which appeared unreal.

The light shadow gradually became clearer. One could see Wang Lin and the Tuo Kong Grand Sage with their eyes closed as if they were in a deep sleep. On the other side, someone else was sleeping. That was Ning Wan’ge.

Suddenly, a blurry shadow appeared. Reaching out, it grabbed a ball of clouds from Wang Lin and the Tuo Kong Grand Sage.

The ball of clouds he took from Wang Lin was blurry, but one could see a group of humans within it. On the other hand, there was a ring in the ball of clouds he took from the Tuo Kong Grand Sage. It was the actual ring.

Then, the person disappeared without a trace.

Ning Wan’ge’s face betrayed shock. “Someone was actually here.”

Wang Lin asked in a deep voice, “I can understand if they don’t attack you. They did not attack the Tuo Kong Grand Sage and I because we are asleep. However, will an attack in real life wake us up?”

Ning Wan’ge replied, “Correct, this is a dream space I created unintentionally. I don’t mean to hurt anyone. Hence, if you are attacked, you will wake up. However, if you die in your dreams, then you will die in real life. This is something I can’t control when I’m asleep.”

Wang Lin stared at the light shadow and said in a low voice, “I can’t see how he looks like…”

He performed a gesture with his hands and the light image disappeared. All that was left was the ring-shaped light. Wang Lin placed his fingers on top, and a straight light shot out from it and shone into the distance. It appeared to be pointing them in that direction.

Ning Wan’ge looked at him and nodded her head silently in approval. “In fights against others, his attacks are powerful and brutal. In other aspects, he is extraordinary too. I wonder how his master, the leader of the Celestial Sect, is like?”

Ning Wan’ge did not know what Wang Lin was thinking, but she could see from the contents of Wang Lin’s dreams, which reflected much of his thinking.

For example, when Lin Feng suddenly cut off communications, it meant that something like that had happened before and left a deep impression on his mind.

However, Wang Lin had never worried for Lin Feng’s safety. It was not because he was not concerned, but instead, it was because there was nothing to worry.

In his heart, his master, Lin Feng, was invincible. Even if he cut off communications now, he would return, sooner or later.

When this scene appeared in Wang Lin’s dream, it reflected another of his traits: independence.

He respected his master, but he did not want to remain under his protection forever. Instead, he hoped to resolve some issues himself to help alleviate his master’s burdens.

Hence, the reflection in his dream was that when an unexpected incident happened, he decided to help his master take care of it when his master could not do anything about it.

While he was wary of most people, Wang Lin trusted some people.

It was like how he relaxed immediately when he knew that Xiao Yan had reached Yingzhou. Even though his parents were there, he knew that with his Big Senior there, they would be safe.

He himself was faced with a greater threat, the middle-aged man in white robes with all those magic treasures.

Wang Lin believed in Xiao Yan. Yet, he was willing to face the stronger opponent. He was not scared of his strength.

“What an interesting person,” thought Ning Wan’ge as she watched Wang Lin perform his spells. Suddenly, they realized their paths ahead changed. There, an illusory realm appeared, and a shadow appeared to be shaking inside. A voice came from inside, “Oh, you have discovered me?”

The voice was unclear, and they could not tell if it were a man or woman. It was rough at times, and yet smooth.

Wang Lin said nothing as he continued to perform his spells. He located his opponent and then followed him.

The opponent was in no rush. Instead, he said to Ning Wan’ge, “Dream Holy Woman? So that’s all you got? Entering your dream is as easy as taking something from my pockets.”

Ning Wan’ge was not angered. Instead, she said quietly, “There are always better people out there. That’s no surprise. I never assume that my dreams are impenetrable.”

The person chuckled, “Your personality is mild, so are you concerned at all?”

When Ning Wan’ge heard that, her brows furrowed and she said, “What do you want?”

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