Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Chapter 040 – Wang Dong

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Perhaps, the seven-colored fog the crystal prism was releasing could increase the quality of beast cards?

Thinking of that possibility, Zhang Che grew incomparably excited.

If that was truly the case, then he really picked up a treasure!

As everyone knew, the difficulty of raising a beast card’s quality was almost ten times as hard as increasing its level.

As long as its potential wasn’t too bad, usually two or three out of ten subdued beasts will be able to increase their level by a tier.

Successfully raising a subdued beast’s quality, however, was very rare. There might not even be one out of a hundred. Even if it were those very experienced beast card cultivators, they could only guarantee a success rate of about ten percent at the most, even after researching carefully and preparing a cultivation solution.

If Zhang Che’s guess was true, and the seven-colored crystal prism could really raise the quality of beasts, then it’d be too horrifying.

This meant that in the future Zhang Che would be able to produce high-quality beasts endlessly. Not only would this greatly increase his combat potential, he could also sell them if needed to obtain huge amounts of money!

Of course, even if his estimate held true, Zhang Che would never choose to sell the beast cards that had their quality increased, unless he had no other choice.

It wouldn’t matter if it was only once or twice, but if he sold over a certain limit, he would definitely be noticed by others, and would be fraught with troubles. Perhaps, he might even lose his freedom.

“However, if my subdued beasts’ strengths could be increased greatly, it would be much easier to hunt and obtain beast cards in the future. There is no need to worry about money.”

Realizing that, Zhang Che revealed another gleeful smile.

Within his spiritual sea, the beast cards were still devouring the seven-colored fog as if they were on the brink of starvation. Even the Myriad Transformation Lizard card that was currently fused with Zhang Che’s head was doing the same, unwilling to be left behind.

Zhang Che thought, -Could it be that as long as the beast card is branded with my spiritual imprint, they would be able to absorb the seven-colored fog in my spiritual sea, regardless of the state they are in?-

Thinking of such, Zhang Che summoned the Fiery Scorpion and Wind Shadow Wolf with a thought, then focused on his internal state. As expected, he ‘saw’ waves upon waves of seven colored fog floating towards the two subdued beasts’ body along a mysterious path.

“It really can!”

Zhang Che’s lips curled into a smile again. With this, he could guarantee that no matter if the beast card was staying in his spiritual sea, or if it was summoned out to battle, they could continue devouring the seven-colored fog without interruption.

After confirming this speculation, Zhang Che summoned all four of his Original Combat Body-type beasts.

It was still early, and added to the fact that he had newly obtained the gold-ranked Mutated Puffersword card, Zhang Che was motivated to go hunt more exotic beasts. Naturally he wouldn’t return to the safety zone just like that!

Moreover, he wasn’t too far away from the safety zone. That horrifying ink-black flying beast was only an outlier; he didn’t have to worry about running into an overly powerful exotic beast.

If he didn’t even dare to take such small risks, why still bother being a beastmaster? He should just find an ordinary job and live out his life!

Changing his direction, Zhang Che got the Wind Shadow Wolf to lead the way once more, while the other three subdued beasts guarded at his sides, moving forward unhurriedly.


Wang Dong felt that his luck couldn’t get any worse.

A few days ago, he managed to purchase a decent defensive beast card and had rested up for two whole days before heading off excitedly to hunt the beasts he discovered before.

Who would’ve thought that after the battle started, the exotic beasts suddenly cried out and attracted a huge group of similar beasts over!

What the hell, what happened to the agreed fair fight, mano-e-mano?

Being caught unprepared, Wang Dong’s two subdued beasts suffered substantial injuries. He could only recall them, and by relying on the Maneater Leech-transformed-protective suit’s decent defense, he escaped from the group of exotic beasts’ pursuit just like that.

By the time he escaped, the combat gear he wore on top of the beast skin suit was already damaged beyond recognition.

“Luckily I was prepared. Otherwise, not only would my beast skin suit be damaged, even I would have suffered some injuries, probably?”

His Original Combat Body-type subdued beasts lost their combative strength, which also meant that Wang Dong no longer had any ability to hunt exotic beasts. Self-preservation might even be a little difficult. Left without any choice, he could only return the way he came from, walking back in the safety zone’s direction.

What’s more, just as he passed several short hills, Wang Dong tragically discovered that an exotic beast that was out hunting for food had set its eyes on him.

That exotic beast resembled a leopard, its body was over three meters long, with sharp claws and fangs. One look and he knew it wasn’t something to trifle with, almost causing Wang Dong’s heart to leap out of him in fear.

“Damn it, am I destined to die here today?”

Wang Dong was devastated. With the subconscious will to survive, he immediately sprinted in the direction of the safety zone.

His running away immediately caused the exotic beast behind him to let out a loud roar and give chase.

The distance between the two shrank rapidly. Wang Dong seemed to feel the exotic beast’s breathing behind him. His complexion turned pale white, his legs nearly giving out on him and falling to the ground.

“I’m finished, I’m finished. I’m really going to die today!”

As he lamented in his heart, Wang Dong suddenly noticed a young beastmaster walking in his direction in front. There were a total of four subdued beasts around him, indicating that this person was at the very least a Tier Three beastmaster!

-I’m saved!-

Wang Dong immediately tore his throat apart, yelling as if a gong was struck, “Help! Brother, save me!”

At this exact moment, Wang Dong felt a vicious wind blowing from behind him. In his hurry, he only managed to jump forward onto the grass patch ahead and rolled away, avoiding the exotic beast’s pounce.

Wang Dong, unable to stop the momentum of his roll, saw a ash-green silhouette pouncing his way from his peripheral vision and tangling itself with his pursuing exotic beast. To his astonishment, it actually turned out to be a ferocious large wolf.

Wang Dong realized that the other beastmaster didn’t leave him to die. He was finally safe!

The tension in his heart found relief, and Wang Dong instantly felt his entire body going limp, lying flat on the ground as he watched his pursuer falling into an encirclement of the three subdued beasts.

The battle started all suddenly, and ended just as quickly. Being ganged upon by the Wind Shadow Wolf, Fiery Scorpion, and Brown-Haired Boar, the exotic beast was covered in wounds in just a few breaths’ time. In the end, the Wind Shadow Wolf grasped the opportunity and ripped out its throat.

==[You Killed a Wind Chaser Leopard. Obtained 4 Points of Soul Force.]==

Zhang Che shook his head, feeling some slight regret. This Wind Chaser Leopard of two-star bronze-quality didn’t drop a beast card, only contributing a few measly points of soul force.

The man was saved; Zhang Che didn’t dally any longer and continued moving in the direction he chose earlier with his subdued beasts.

“Brother, thank you so much, really!”

Wang Dong, who had recovered some strength, hurriedly crawled to his feet and came running over to Zhang Che, saying gratefully, “Erm, can I trouble you on one matter? Can you send me back to the safety zone? My subdued beasts are all injured; I can’t summon them out for battle.”

Zhang Che stopped in place after hearing that. His gaze swept across Wang Dong’s face, slightly taken aback. -I actually bumped into this guy here! The fate between two people is really fascinating!-

However, although Zhang Che recognized that this guy was the one who bought his first-ever beast card, he was unwilling to escort him back to the safety zone. It was over ten km away; how much time would be wasted travelling back and forth?

“Brother, I know a place with a huge group of two-star exotic beasts. I’ll tell you where is it if you send me back to the safety zone.”

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