Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Chapter 041 – Hidden Paradise

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Wang Dong seemed to realize his request was a little too much and hurriedly said, “Brother, I know a place to find a huge group of two-star exotic beasts. I’ll tell you where it is if you send me back to the safety zone.”

A huge group of two-star exotic beasts?

Zhang Che was moved, yet his expression remain unchanged, saying evenly, “Do you reckon I’d care about some two-star exotic beasts?”

Wang Dong was stunned, thinking that perhaps this man wasn’t a Tier Three beastmaster, but a middle-tier beastmaster that was Tier Four or higher? Otherwise, there was no reason why he wouldn’t be interested in a huge group of two-star exotic beasts.

Mm, it must be that I didn’t speak clearly!

“Brother, I’m not bluffing you, really! That place definitely has many exotic beasts of the same species. In my estimation, there are at least a hundred of them. With your strength, I think you’ll be able to hunt them; your gains wouldn’t be little, surely!”

Actually, Wang Dong didn’t know exactly how many exotic beasts there were, either. In any case, when he first saw those beasts from afar, there were only a few of them. However, when he rushed there this morning, before he could even hunt a single beast, those shameless fellows actually started calling their friends, gathering a huge bunch of them from all directions.

Luckily he was paying attention from the start. It would be really hard to say if he could escape successfully otherwise.

Hopefully this would move the other party to accompany him back to the safety zone. There were still over ten km to cover. What if he encountered another strong exotic beast? He wouldn’t be lucky enough to find someone else to save him in time!

Zhang Che narrowed his eyes slightly, staring at Wang Dong for a while. After confirming that he wasn’t lying, Zhang Che felt very tempted by his offer.

A hundred exotic beasts of the same species… Even if the drop rate for beast cards was only one in five, he could obtain over twenty beast cards, at least!

With that, his fusion skill could gain a pretty sum of experience again, and even produce a bunch of three-star beast cards. No matter if he continued fusing them in the future, or chose to directly sell them, both were considerably valuable.

“Are you sure you’re not bluffing me?” Zhang Che asked, the corner of his lips curling up into a slight smile.

Seeing Zhang Che finally on the edge of agreeing, Wang Dong hurriedly nodded, swearing, “Brother, I wouldn’t dare lie to you. Not if I still wish to continue making my living here in Qian Wei City.”

The heavens had smiled upon him. This guy was finally moved. With such an expert guarding him now, there wouldn’t be any risk on the way back to the safety zone.

Zhang Che nodded, “Alright. Then you lead the way; we’re going now.”

“Thank you so much, really!” Wang Dong was nearly moved to tears as he turned around, prepared to head in the direction of the safety zone. In the next moment, his body froze on the spot, turning his head back towards Zhang Che with difficulty, asking in shock, “What, you’re saying, for me to lead the way?”

Zhang Che nodded again. “If you don’t lead the way, how am I supposed to find the place?”

Wang Dong grew very anxious. -I didn’t freaking mean it that way!-

However, looking at the faint smile on Zhang Che’s face, Wang Dong didn’t dare to ask Zhang Che to escort him back to the safety zone first. He could only force a smile, asking, “Then, what should I do after reaching the place? I have no usable subdued beasts right now. I’ll lose my life if I am attacked by those exotic beasts.”

Zhang Che smiled, reassuring him, “Don’t worry. I’m not the kind of person who burns the bridge after crossing it. I’ll look after your safety. If what you said was true, that there are really over a hundred exotic beasts there, perhaps I might even give you two beast cards as a reward.”

Zhang Che now totally has the capital to speak such words.

With the Mutated Puffersword that possessed the sonic wave technique in his arsenal, no matter how many low quality two-star exotic beasts there were, Zhang Che wouldn’t take them seriously.

After releasing a sonic wave attack, would they not fall instantly?

Moreover, Zhang Che still had the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly. As long as the exotic beasts weren’t higher than two-star bronze quality, that fellow’s wide-area technique was also very useful. Under the veil of hallucination-inducing powder, another batch of them would fall.

Even so, Wang Dong didn’t dare to believe in his words at all, thinking that this guy before him was harboring evil intentions.

Zhang Che noticed Wang Dong’s hesitation and complexion. His expression suddenly turned cold, humphing, “What, you think I’m lying to you?”

“I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare!” Wang Dong hurriedly shook his head after seeing the change in Zhang Che’s expression, afraid of angering this guy into killing him. Nothing else would matter at that point.

Zhang Che waved his hand, saying, “Then lead the way in front. My time is very precious.”


In a valley, Zhang Che asked the leading Wang Dong as they continued walking, “How much longer before we arrive?”

The two had walked for almost half an hour, and travelled past a bunch of small hills, entering the foot of a mountain range.

Wang Dong’s face looked as if he just lost his parents, answering dispiritedly, “We’ll reach it soon. It’s right ahead, after going through that little ravine.”

During their journey together, the two had encountered several one-star or two-star exotic beasts. Wang Dong observed carefully, and discovered that those three subdued beasts of Zhang Che weren’t all that powerful, feeling that they weren’t any stronger than two-star beasts.

As for that basket-sized butterfly with strange patterns all over it, it was only acting like a bystander from the start; it didn’t join the battles at all, causing Wang Dong to suspect if that thing was only there for show.

“I’m finished, I’m finished. This guy is only for show. He’s definitely a noob among the Tier Three beastmasters. He wants to kill a hundred two-star beasts with just these subdued beasts? It looks more like he’s delivering food to them!”

Wang Dong mourned inwardly, thinking of backing out in his heart. Alas, Zhang Che insisted on going to the place, and he could only continue leading the way. He decided inwardly, if anything went wrong later, he’d make a run for it immediately.

Obviously, Zhang Che could tell Wang Dong was suspicious of him, yet he didn’t say a word.

When they arrived at their destination, that would naturally be the time for him to be surprised.

Zhang Che wasn’t afraid of exposing his true strength in front of Wang Dong. In any case, he was using another identity right now. On the contrary, the stronger he seemed to be, the better.

The two walked out of the small valley, and officially entered the foot of the mountain range. Ravines were weaving together ahead, and the terrain around here was extremely complicated. Just the water streams flowing along the lowlands alone numbered half a dozen.

Under Wang Dong’s lead, the two continued moving, and crossed three streams. After making multiple turns, they suddenly entered a deep, narrow ravine.

Instead of describing it as a ravine, it was more apt to say that it was a slight gap between two cliffs.

It was dim within the gap. At the most narrow spot, it was barely wide enough for one person to squeeze through. Who knows how Wang Dong found this place?

This guy was only a noob-ish Tier Two beastmaster, and he actually dared to venture this far out of the safety zone. It had to be said that he was pretty brave.

Entering this deep into the beast world, and yet he still managed to return safely, despite experiencing a few close calls, his luck was similarly shocking.

Of course, if it wasn’t for Zhang Che saving him earlier, Wang Dong would have become a meal in that Wind Chaser Leopard’s stomach at this time.

After travelling for about ten-odd minutes in that narrow gap and making another turn, the place ahead suddenly grew wide.

Wang Dong extended his hand, pointing at a mountain plain without an end in sight, and said to Zhang Che, a heavy burden in his heart, “We’re here. This is the place.”

-Since I’m already freaking here, I’ll just let the heavens decide whether I live or die from here on!-

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