Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Chapter 036 – Fishing

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Zhang Che’s eyes were shining, as if he saw a gold-quality beast card waving at him.

Under his orders, the Fiery Scorpion and Brown-Haired Boar charged forward side by side.

As for the Wind Shadow Wolf that was originally the closest to the Mutated Puffersword, it swept past like a gale of wind and pounced onto the fish with its jaws, biting down on it!

The Wind Shadow Wolf sank its teeth deep into the Mutated Puffersword. Crimson blood immediately flowed out from the wound.

Enduring the tremendous pain, the Mutated Puffersword suddenly opened its mouth and let out a pulse of inaudible sound waves in all directions.

The frontmost Wind Shadow Wolf seemed like it suffered a heavy attack, loosening its bite and started rolling around in the grass.

The sound waves quickly spread out. Next was the Brown-Haired Boar, staggering and falling to the ground, rolling several times forward. It looked difficult for it to stand on its feet.

Meanwhile, the fluttering Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly was akin to a malfunctioning airplane. It spun around and crashed into the grass below, unmoving.

Looking at the changes occurring on his subdued beasts, before he could reveal an astonished look, Zhang Che suddenly felt a piercing pain in his brain, and a strong spell of dizziness and nausea struck him. The world before his eyes suddenly seemed to flip around.

He fell weakly to the ground. He nearly slipped into a coma, the piercing pain making him wish he could raise his fists to strike at his head.

“It got me!”

During his confused consciousness, Zhang Che remembered the attributes he saw for the Mutated Puffersword. There seemed to be a sound wave attack; so it was actually this powerful!

Even if weaknesses were present in a gold-quality exotic beast, they must absolutely not be underestimated!

Fortunately, the duration for the Mutated Puffersword’s sound wave attack wasn’t long; it only lasted about two seconds from the beginning to the end. Otherwise, he’d have died here in regret today.

After activating its skill and severely injuring the Wind Shadow Wolf, the Mutated Puffersword continue wiggling its body, writhing towards the pond. There was no longer anything in the way ahead.

Not right!

In the grasses that were over a foot tall, there was still a dark red silhouette charging forward!

Zhang Che didn’t see, but after the Mutated Puffersword launched its sound wave attack, although the Fiery Scorpion was affected to a certain degree, its body only stalled for a moment before continuing its charge at it as if nothing had happened.

That sound wave attack obviously didn’t have much effect on the Fiery Scorpion!

Just as the Mutated Puffersword was about to return to the pond, the Fiery Scorpion reached it in the nick of time, throwing its hook-like stinger forward and stabbing deeply into its body.

The Mutated Puffersword’s two-meter long body that was wriggling like a loach suddenly tensed up, then convulsed on the spot over a meter high and fell back onto the grass loudly.

It was a gold-quality exotic beast, after all. The Fiery Scorpion’s stinger that found success in every endeavor was actually unable to end the Mutated Puffersword’s life, only inflicting a certain degree of injury to it.

However, the Fiery Scorpion had more than just this attack; it still had its powerful pincers!

Under the circumstances of not being able to return to the water, the Mutated Puffersword that had exhausted its abilities could only be freely slaughtered by the Fiery Scorpion.

Huge pieces of flesh were torn from the Mutated Puffersword’s body by the Fiery Scorpion’s pincers, blood splashed in all directions, dying the grass with rose-colored dew.

In the end, the Mutated Puffersword’s spine was snapped sharply in half by the Fiery Scorpion. In addition to the large amount of fire toxin invading its body, the gold-quality exotic beast finally turned into a streak of light.

==[You Killed a Mutated Puffersword. Obtained 10 Points of Soul Force.]==

A mass of light about the size of his thumb separated from the streak of light and instantaneously entered Zhang Che’s body. After that, it turned into a warm current, flowing to his head.

Following the soul force entering Zhang Che’s head, he immediately felt the sense of nausea and dizziness easing up a little. He struggled to crawl back onto his feet with a complicated look, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

To be able to hunt a gold-quality exotic beast, the sense of pride and achievement was sufficient to overwhelm him.

However, it was extremely regrettable that he didn’t get a beast card out of it.

Moreover, the Mutated Puffersword’s sound wave attack not only caused substantial injuries to Zhang Che, it also caused his subdued beasts to lose most of their combat strength for a short period of time.

In particular, the Psychedelic Ghost-Patterned Butterfly that was only at black iron-quality had suffered severe injuries. It was likely that it had to be recalled into his spiritual sea to recuperate for a few days before it was in top condition again.

“I can’t take this; I paid such a heavy price and yet I gained nothing out of this!”

Zhang Che took deep breaths to further ease his nausea as he focused his gaze on that pond of unknown depth.

“I wonder if there are more Mutated Pufferswords in that pond…”

Just as this thought sprouted in his mind, Zhang Che couldn’t help but let out a self-mocking chuckle. He was thinking too much; how could it be possible for gold-quality exotic beasts to gather in groups like low-quality beasts, appearing by the dozens?

However, Zhang Che just couldn’t let it go without trying.

Thus, when the Wind Shadow Wolf gradually recovered, Zhang Che ordered it to approach the edge of the pond once more.

Meanwhile, the Fiery Scorpion lay in ambush about a dozen meters behind the Wind Shadow Wolf, quietly waiting.

The Wind Shadow Wolf came to the side of the pond, ready to dodge at any moment.

A minute passed. No signs of disturbance on the water surface.

Two minutes passed. The water surface was still as calm as ever.

“As expected, I thought too mu-”

As Zhang Che shook his head, about to give up, a sharp splash suddenly rang out from the originally calm water’s surface. A silhouette shot out from the water like a bolt of lightning, heading towards the Wind Shadow Wolf!

-It’s here!- Zhang Che was overjoyed, nearly cheering out loud.

The prepared Wind Shadow Wolf quickly dodged aside, narrowly avoiding the Mutated Puffersword’s attack. It hit nothing as it shot past, falling where the Fiery Scorpion was lying in ambush.

“Sting its mouth!”

Zhang Che was fearful of the Mutated Puffersword’s sound waves attack, and hurriedly gave a precise attack command to the Fiery Scorpion, unwilling to ‘enjoy’ that dreadful experience again.

The Fiery Scorpion quickly pounced forward after receiving the order, swinging its stinger forward like a bolt of lightning and pierced the lower jaw of the Mutated Puffersword with impeccable accuracy. Its entire mouth was punctured through, and its fire toxin started gushing out crazily.

After missing its attack, the Mutated Puffersword was about to make its way back to the pond when its body suddenly convulsed, dragging the Fiery Scorpion with it to a height of nearly a meter.

The Mutated Puffersword wanted to open its mouth for the sound waves attack. However, its mouth and throat were severely damaged by the fire toxin, and it was unable to act as it wished.

What followed after was simple.

As the saying goes, a dragon swimming in shallow waters would get played by shrimps, not to mention the Mutated Puffersword was no dragon to begin with. After leaving the water and being unable to use its skill, it could only be torn apart by the Fiery Scorpion and Wind Shadow Wolf. It held on for less than half a minute before it helplessly turned into a streak of light.

==[You Killed a Mutated Puffersword. Obtained 10 Points of Soul Force. Obtained Mutated Puffersword Card!]==

The notification in his brain chimed like the sounds of heaven, causing Zhang Che to roar out in laughter…

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