Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Chapter 037 – The Fusion Skill’s True Strength

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[Mutated Puffersword]

Level: One Star (Level 4)

Quality: Gold

Type: Weapon-Type

Characteristics: Sharp

Innate Attribute: Speed Blessing, Increases User’s Attack Speed by 10%

Skill: Sonic Wave, Emits Destructive Sound Waves, Attacks All Living Organisms Ahead within a 60-degree Cone, Attack Range 60m, Cooldown: 30 minutes

Potential: D Rank

Cultivating Directions: …


Looking at the golden shiny beast card in his palm, Zhang Che opened his mouth wide open and laughed heartily.

“Hahaha, it’s worthy of being a gold-quality beast card indeed; the attributes are insanely strong!”

The Mutated Puffersword being a weapon-type beast card was already a surprise to Zhang Che. He didn’t expect it to even have a innate attribute and skill. That was an absolutely pleasant surprise.

After branding the gold-quality beast card with his spiritual imprint, a sharp green sword with a blade about half a meter long appeared in his palm as he willed it.

The design of the sword hilt was unusual; it looked like a Mutated Puffersword that was many times smaller than its original size, able to fit just nicely into Zhang Che’s hand.

“Tsk tsk, putting the other aspects aside, I’ll give this design ninety points!”

Zhang Che let out a few clicks of his tongue and emotional sighs as he swept his gaze across the ground, and fixed his sights on a rock about the size of a fist. With a flick of his wrist, the Mutated Puffersword drew a green arc, swiping past the rock and let out a soft sound.

Looking at the rock once more, it was actually split into two. The surface was as smooth as jade, as if it was polished with a grinding wheel.

“Siii… it’s exactly this sharp!”

Zhang Che’s eyes opened wide, turning his head to look at the Mutated Puffersword. There wasn’t even a slight nick on the edge of the blade.

“What a treasure, indeed! With this, I have sufficient self-preservation strength. It’ll be even better if I can practice a decent sword art in the future.”

After testing the Mutated Puffersword’s sharpness, he pointed the blade towards the pond by his side and activated the sonic attack with his will.

From the underside of the Mutated Puffersword’s hilt, a wave of sound swept forward in a fan shape.

Zhang Che wasn’t sure if it was his imagination; he seemed to see layers of subtle ripples on the surface of the water. A moment later, many strange-looking water worms rose to the surface with their bellies up; they were actually killed by the sonic waves in an instant.

However, Zhang Che was a little dejected after seeing this.

It seemed like there were only those 2 Mutated Pufferswords in this pond.

-No… Perhaps the Mutated Puffersword themselves are immune to the sonic attacks?-

It’s very easy to prove this point; he would just get the Wind Shadow Wolf to continue baiting by the pond.

As expected, when the Wind Shadow Wolf continued wandering by the pond for another couple of minutes, another figure shot out of the water like lightning once more, flying straight towards it.

What came next was the joyful harvesting of the Mutated Puffersword’s life.

After the Fiery Scorpion stung the Mutated Puffersword’s throat, Zhang Che went up as well and did his part with a swipe of the sword in his hand, directly splitting the Mutated Puffersword into two, and ending its life right there.

==[You Killed a Mutated Puffersword. Obtained 10 Points of Soul Force!]==

Looking at the two halves of the Mutated Puffersword’s corpse turning into a streak of light and disappearing, Zhang Che couldn’t help but pout in regret; the drop rate really wasn’t high.

However, it seemed like the number of Mutated Pufferswords in the pond wasn’t low. It didn’t matter if this one didn’t drop a beast card. He’d just continue working at it.

Soon, the Wind Shadow Wolf wandering by the pond lured out another Mutated Puffersword, flying straight at it…


The greater part of an hour passed unknowingly. The sky turned almost completely dark.

A small tent was erected on the grass by the pond.

At this moment, Zhang Che was sitting in the tent, with a torchlight placed at the side, illuminating the entire tent.

In his hand were three gold beast cards placed side by side.

After nearly an hour of work, although Zhang Che didn’t know whether all the Mutated Pufferswords in the pond were killed off, he was fully satisfied with his gains.

There were a total of three gold-quality weapon-type beast cards. Wouldn’t people drop their jaws if he were to speak of this?

With the Mutated Puffersword’s exceptional attributes, Zhang Che estimated that they were worth a million Alliance dollars each, at the very least. With three Mutated Puffersword cards, he could fetch about four to five million dollars.

Of course, Zhang Che wasn’t so silly as to sell the gold-quality beast cards right away.

Despite him needing large amounts of money in the future to keep his mother’s illness in check, he could go hunt for more low-level exotic beasts to pay the expenditure.

“Now, let’s see what difference is there on a two-star gold-quality beast card.”

With a will, he activated the Fusion skill. The two Mutated Puffersword beast cards immediately turned into a mass of golden light, combining into a brand new beast card.

The new beast card was still shiny as before, but the hexagrams on the card had now increased to two, the mark of a two-star beast card.


[Mutated Puffersword]

Level: Two Star (Level 20)

Quality: Gold

Type: Weapon Type

Characteristics: Extremely Sharp, Cuts Metal Like Mud

Innate Attribute: Speed Blessing, Increases User’s Attack Speed by 15%

Skill: Sonic Wave, Emits Highly Destructive Sound Waves, Attacks All Living Organisms Ahead within a 60-degree Cone, Attack Range 90m, Cooldown: 20 minutes

Potential: D Rank: 12.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. (Level Upgradable 1 Time, Quality Upgradable 2 Times)

Cultivating Directions: …


Looking at this two-star Mutated Puffersword card, Zhang Che revealed an extremely gleeful smile on his face once more.

As expected, compared to a one-star Mutated Puffersword card, the two-star card was better in all aspects!

Its sharpness was increased, and reached the level where it sliced metal like mud; he could now cut a vehicle into two with just a casual swipe of his hand. It definitely was a godly weapon!

Not to mention the increased attack speed; this would make his sword slashes even sharper, while at the same time increased the number of attacks he could perform in a certain amount of time.

Lastly, the sonic wave attack’s destructive powers and range were both increased, and the cooldown was even shortened by ten minutes. This could save his life during key moments.

When Zhang Che erased his spiritual imprint from the one-star Mutated Puffersword card and equipped himself with the two-star variant, he realized that the blade length was about 15 cm longer than before, increasing his attack range.

All this was thanks to the Fusion skill!

Furthermore, after fusing the cards, Zhang Che discovered that regardless of their original level indicated on the beast cards, they would be at the max level of the next rank after fusion, increasing the attributes of the beast card to its maximum.

Taking the Mutated Puffersword, for example, it was originally only at level 4. Its level was rather low among one-star cards. Now that he had fused two of them into one, it directly reached level 20, the maximum level of two-star beast cards.

This was probably where the true power of Fusion lay!

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